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Author Topic: Wellness Dry/Merrick  (Read 3789 times)
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« on: October 05, 2007, 12:08:33 AM »

Hi - it's been a while since I have been back to this Itchmo site...was just checking in to see if there was any additional info on the MERRICK'S can food when I saw the Wellness topic.

Our story - back in late March one of my English Setters developed chronic liquid stools. I was feeding Merrick Homestyle Dry Kibble with a touch of their great canned food varietys...always chicken based...GrammyPotPie was the favorite.  When the young ES started with his problem I thought it was just him!  I have another ES (girl) who was off of her regular kibble diet due to anorexic behavior from a False I had no way to compare their reaction to this food.  I stopped the Merrick Canned Food after reading MANY posts about the Merricks - special gravy formula and where it MAY come from...that's all it took for me and I stopped all of the Merrick food here for my pups.  I also want to mention that my girl...came out of the FP just about the time of the recalls...and the same timeframe my young boy pup was starting with his liquid stools.  SO...I DID HAVE A COMPARISON CONFIRMATION girl had ONE MEAL of the Merrick mixed with their HomeStyle Cans and came down with liquid stools as well.  I gave such a small amount that I did not think that was the problem..........Have to admit some of the posts on this site about the Merrick plant in Texas tied in with the Dead animal processing on the same site sort of turned my stomach.  I saw no way that They couldguarantee that some ofthe garbage mix was not getting into their pure ORGANIC mixture that brought me to use them.  Sad day for my two ES as they loved those Homestyle meals. 

I checked out just about every post on Wellness , Merrick and some of the other well known holistic/natural diets and decided that Wellness Kibble..Chicken Super 5 mix was best for us.  Similar ingredients as other diet...wonderful response from Wellness about my concerns on formula, packing plants etc...and the smaller amount of food required to meet my 6o lb dog nutritional requirements since they are NOT big eaters.

I WAS ELATED that both of my dogs took to this new kibble immediately...and that is not how things happen here usually.  I was debating on choosing Innova or Wellness...

I have to report that it has been some 6 months and both of my ES are doing very well.  Poop so solid  that it can be scooped (yey!)...and very regular am and pm samples..........thats a good thing.  A GREAT THING.  I admit that my dogs get something added to their kibble..I tried the canned Wellness regular and they would not eat it........(remember they were used to Merrick Homestyle so not unusual IMO to reject plain old dog food)....the would not touch the EVO or the Wellness 95% (core can) food either.  I tried several of the first the Chicken was accepted..but after a week...they rejected it.  Some of it repulsed me, the smell, yuk! I am looking for a canned food that I can use a tad to mix in with the WONDERFUL WELLNESS SUPER MIX CHICKEN..and not destroy the balance of the food too much.  I had started to add cottage cheese and chicken when they refused just the dry food, but those things really offset the nutritional balance of any food.

I picked up a few cans of the Merrick Homestyle Grammy PotPie just yesterday since my girl had spay surgery and I wanted something to entice her to eat.  I keep having FLASHBACKS to the reports I read on Merrick on this site and cant believe I have succumbed to this..............<sigh>....I also got one can of Eagle Pak Can Food that has exactly the same ingredients as the Merrick Cans...I am going to try it first..if they eat the Eagle Pak then the Merrick Cans will be returned....

So...after this long winded reply..........does anyone know of any REAL problems with the Merrick Organic Diets....they used to be the top of the line and I admit its hard to believe that they may be doing something underhanded with their formula.  (They never replied to my emails which adds to the suspicion.)....

MY VERY PICKY GIRL LUVS THE WELLNESS DRY way would I consider switchings..and so far I am happy to read nothing negative about the formula.  I think the dogs who have shown some reactions may just have digestive issues..but on a whole...WELLNESS is a great diet with my two.
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« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2007, 02:25:04 AM »

Hi olegirl,

Welcome back.

I moved your post from the Brand board since it seemed to be more about several different foods and you were asking questions.  You will likely get more input here.  We try to keep the brand boards on topic just discussing one particular brand in each thread.  So, if you want to break up your posts to put the Merrick information on the Merrick thread and the Wellness information on the Wellness thread that would be fine. 



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« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2007, 04:25:34 AM »

    olegirl, A good place to start to get info would be on the dog food experiences thread. Also, I do not believe that anything in the Merricks is Organic. They do promote their food as being "holistic". If your dogs had problems on the Merrick previously, I would not even consider feeding it again. It may take some time to find a another quality canned food they will like and do well on. Home cooking would be an excellent way to supplement the kibble.
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2007, 05:33:31 AM »

I have two dogs, an adult & one senior who I am feeding Merrick canned, Canidae canned & a mixture of premium kibbles of which Turducken is included.   I have had no problems at all with the Merrick canned.   I mix a can of the Merrick with two cans of distilled water & use it as a sauce over the kibble.   They are fed that as an evening meal.   They get Canidae canned with their morning meal.   No problems with loose stools here at all.   However, I have never used the Grammy's Potpie canned.    Some dogs can eat almost anything & won't be bothered.   Others are problematic as far as food choice goes & you must find something that works for them & stick to it.   
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2007, 05:56:56 AM »

Olegirl:  Cottage cheese & chicken mixed in with the dry is wonderful for your will not upset any nutritional balance.  That's something the big pf companies want us to believe so that we will use their garbage & not supplement it with fresh food.

I have had problems with loose stools for a year & have tried a lot of dry foods (many I used before March & some had recalls of the canned which freaked me out).  I never used canned because I always supplemented with chicken, burger, cottage cheese, carrots or green beans.....switching around so she wouldn't get bored.

Recently I have tried both Wellness Core & Natures Variety Instinct (dry) & Evangers Super Premium canned.....all of these seem to have the least amount of fluff that you find in just about any pet food.  Because of my fear of ANY pet food, I feed a little dry, a little canned & the rest home cooked.  Hannah is doing the best she's ever done on this diet.....perfect poopies, beautiful coat (people always ask me what I feed her) & lots of energy.  I guess I finally hit on the right diet for her.  I switch flavors of the canned so she gets variety there & I change my home-cooked proteins and veggies so she does get something different every few days.  I also give her a little non-fat plain yogurt for dessert in the morn & all-natural applesauce in the evening.  If I happen to be in another room when she finishes her meal, she'll come get me so I'll give her dessert.  Spoiled?HuhHuh??

She's doing super on this but it may not be perfect for every dog.  I believe variety is really good for them......I certainly wouldn't like to have the same flavor cardboard pellets twice a day every day for the rest of my life so I try to do the right thing for my pooch. Wink

Please let us know what you decide to do & how it works out for you...... Grin
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« Reply #5 on: October 05, 2007, 10:33:45 AM »

Hi there and welcome back.  It's GR8 to find a feeding plan that works for you.  Glad to hear your "kids" are thriving.  We've settled on home cooking for half of our dog's diet, mixed in w/ his kibble.  For him, it seems just the right thing.  We make our own chicken stock by cooking down bones, then removing the chicken bones from the broth.  To this we add cooked chicken dark meat, various veggies.  He likes carrots, green beans, asparagus, summer squash, zuchinni, spinach, brocolli, cauliflower.  We sometimes add cooked sweet potato, sometimes yukon gold or new red potatoes (w/ skin on the Yukons and reds, but be careful to peel if any little bit of green at all)  Parsley grows in pots in our herb garden, so some of that usually goes in as well.  Grains do not seem to bother our Jake, so when not potatoes, we use brown and/or white rice, barley, and he absolutely loves it when we add baby oats.  Farmers' market has been terrific this summer, so the veggies have been fresh, locally grown.  I don't have to worry about visions of rendering plants and what REALLY went into his food bowl w/ the home cooking.  Still reading books on canine nutrition.  We give some chicken liver and heart twice a week.  Going to try "PatsBeef" ground beef, heart, liver one of these days soon.  We live in the same state.  They'll ship.  We'll make little patties out of the PatsBeef and freeze in weekly portions to feed a couple of times a week instead of the chicken heart and liver.  I think PatsBeef is considering having bone ground, and if so...then that will handle calcium needs for the home cooked.  Meanwhile, it's working to wash egg shells and grind them. 

I can't recommend our style of home cooking (no degree and only know what I've read this year) , but I do think w/ some study and care a person can do it well enough to at least be part of a dog's diet.  Even just making chicken broth by boiling bones and vegetable trimmings (no onion at all, and I wouldn't use garlic) and then straining out everything so they just get the liquid makes a very enticing addition warmed to room temp and served over the dry kibble.  I refrigerate overnight, skim the fat off, and you could freeze individual portions.  Be sure not to let kibble soaked in broth sit too long.  Any bacteria could grow rapidly, but our dog won't let kibble linger in his bowl when we feed this way!  AAR, the home cooking part is just a suggestion if you don't find canned that works well for you or if you get visions of rendering plants dancing in your head.  (Obviously kibble may have the same rendering plant stuff, but like you we've found a premium brand that is giving us good results.)

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« Reply #6 on: October 06, 2007, 10:32:35 PM »

olegirl you might try the Evangers canned which also has organic dog food now too in cans.

Carolo pm me which dry kibble you found that seems to be working good - still have not found another one for my precious girl. Was on Karma like you used to use. Still searching.

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