Fancy Feast Feeders: Please read!

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Hi Everyone,
I might be able to give you some answers on this. It will be concise as 3 of my sisters 6 cats all crashed with CRF the same day, so I am pretty busy at the moment. She was feeding them correctly. It was caused by damage initiated by her previous food (before it was recalled), being toxic. OK, when Pixie was finally diagnosed with Diabetes, and it was determined that this caused her CRF, I had to educate myself on Diabetes in cats, as the vets had nothing to offer me except to watch her die. (Same thing I got when her CRF was diagnosed). I did my home work and within several weeks had garnered the information I needed to start to try and save her. I also found out a very interesting fact. Many CRF cats are undiagnosed diabetics. Anyway, among doing many things, I learned that anything with any type of grain or vegetables, etc, and high carbs is toxic to a D and/or CRF cat. OK, pet food sources around here are limited. This is where FF comes in. There are  types of FF that for reasons unknown, are made grain free, and are very low in carbs. The phosphorus/calcium ratio is fine. Pixie never needed any blockers, etc. I switched her off the Hill's K/D, and put her on two of these FF grain free foods. Within two weeks she was no longer insulin dependent and her CRF was markedly improved. No keytones present. It took a long time for everything to stabilize, but it did. My cats gets FF Turkey and Giblets Feast and Savory Salmon Feast. There are many types of T&G, but I only use this one. If in doubt, read the label. This one has no wheat or grains in it. I also use Savory Salmon Feast. Same deal as above. The others on the wheat free/grain free list did not do well with her for some reason, but I know many people who have cats that are doing extremely well. Remember, the disease is the same, but, every cat is an individual and has to be looked at in that way. Just because a certain flavor works for someone's kitty, does not mean it will work the same for your kitty. You have to find one that does what it should for your cat. I will post the list here. It is from the FDMB. Remember, just about every diabetic cat has CRF. So, the information and help I found there was invaluable to me. Now, the bad can of T&G that made the kitty sick. There was a batch, I have one can, but not in front of me at the moment, but it was dated March. I will post the info on the label here later. I opened it, and it was only half full, and just did not look right. So, I put it in the fridge. Now, we all do this. However, (And this has never happened to me before!), after 24 hours the food had started to grow a mold on it! I knew if I took Pixie off FF, she would not do well. We have to do what we have to do. I home cooked for her and fed her FF Savory Salmon until all new batches came out, and hopefully the cross contamination would be over. I started using the new T&G, as well as her home cooked, and she is doing fine. I have said it before, when you have a pet that is already ill with a terminal disease, you do not have the liberty of discarding a food that works.(Unless there is no other option of course) Except for the types on this list, all the others, containing wheat gluten, always made my kids sick. Until I learned what it was all about, I had no idea what wheat and grains could do to a cat. This is just my own experience. I still feed FF T&G, and FF SS. It works. I am not telling anyone else to do this. I am just relating my own experience, as more details were requested. Here is the chart of wheat and grain free FF. If you go to the FDMB board, there is a chart with the entire breakdown of protein, fat, carbs, phosphorous, and calcium, by %, not by weight. It does not copy well, or I would post it. The trick to feeding FF is to use only the grain free. And, to remember, it is still manufactured by an untrustworthy company. (If this is not appropriate to say, sorry, I have two dead Shelties thanks to this company. I have earned the right to call them untrustworthy!) Keep your eyes open and check every can you open. Here is the chart: Remember, they can change ingredients any time without notice. Always read the label to make sure they have not added any grains to it.
The following are Fancy Feast flavors contain NO wheat gluten and are below 10% carbs:
Tender Beef Feast (brown label color)
Tender Beef & Liver Feast (magenta)
Tender Beef & Chicken Feast (red)
Gourmet Chicken Feast (dark careful, this looks just like another chicken variety with gluten!)
Turkey & Giblets Feast (olive green)
Tender Liver & Chicken Feast (orange)
Chopped Grill Feast (kelly green)
Flaked Fish & Shrimp Feast (true blue)
Savory Salmon Feast (orange)(be careful! Other salmons with wheat have same colored label!)
Flaked Ocean Fish Feast (pink)
Tuna and Oceanfish Feast in Aspic (teal label)

Hope this provides a little more detailed info for you.
JustMe... I am getting to your PM. Please bear with me. On overload right now.


I can't remember which types/flavors as she did get a wide variety of them including the Medleys.


I am going to try and say this so as not to get a lawsuit dropped on me, but elegant medley APPEARS to be have been the MOST problematic cat food, followed closely by fancy feast seafood flavors, the turkey& giblets appears to be OK, but now turkey feast seems to create problems. The only other that has shown to be as problematic is special kitty.


When cats vomit, howl, froth, pant heavily & fall over on their side unable to get up, right after feeding a certain food, there is REALLY something VERY VERY WRONG with that food!   

Sounds like a drug reaction of some sort for it to be that quick & violent in symptoms.  How recent were these events?  After spending time looking at vet-related recalls (food & drugs), it doesn't seem to be uncommon for foods to get doses of drugs when they aren't supposed to.

If anyone has any of this food left, is there any way to get it tested?  Maybe take up donations for the cost? 

I also fed some elegant medleys earlier this year - can't remember the flavors, but one was dark green, the other crimson.  Of four cats, one girl licked all the sauce, one boy ate his, the two other boys walked away.  The boy vomited shortly thereafter, also a foamy mess and later drank lots of water from their bowl and from the faucet.  I'm so over Fancy Feast.  Interesting that they would rather spend money on advertising than on a quality product.  I'm so sick of this...

In August of last year, I bought a box of FF Tuna and Shrimp (real blue label).  I ued to feed this particular flavor "once in a blue moon" as a treat for the cats.  Well, I don't know what was wrong with the batch I bought that August, but my cats were very reluctant to eat any of it.  They would take a few licks or finish half their bowl and walk away. Needless to say, most of the cans were wasted.  That was the last time I bought FF.  However, there was no vomiting or frantic water-drinking.  But I could tell there was something the matter with that batch.  I thought then that maybe I bought an old batch that stayed too long in a hot warehouse.  who knows now?


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