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I am posting this message to say that if anyone has had similar problems on Loyall Dog Food, manufactured by Cargill, I would very much appreciate hearing from them. Around the end of August of this year, I made the decision to by 2 - 15g bags of Loyall Dog Food at a local feed store. I had tried a couple of small sample bags, read good reviews about it, and since they had a 2 for 1 sale, I tried it. Anyway, to make a long story short, around the middle of October, I started to see some bad sores come out on the dogs, other symptoms/illnesses quickly followed. I have 30 dogs,(now 29) most very tiny poodles,(2 to 4lb), a few small minis, all live in the house with me. All but the 4 small minis were afflicted by the following 4 illnesses/symptoms.

1. 3 different types of sores, none of which could be identified by the vet
2. Kennel Cough which advanced to upper respiratory infection (pneumonia)
3. Severe vomiting of 3 different types:  a) a dark, thick brown liquid   b) a yellow custard type liquid  c) a foamy substance, it's assumed the foamy vomit was from the Kennel Cough, the vomiting is just subsiding in the last couple of days, yesterday and today had no vomit after 3 weeks of vomiting
4. Ear Infections

Last week, despite all efforts by my vet and myself, my heart broke while one of my tiny babies died a very painful death in my arms. While I was in the vet's office, I had 15 of my tiny ones in the van, as I did not know how long I would be, and cannot leave them unattended for long periods, so I had them with me. I picked two at random, could have been any two, as all were suffering from the symptoms, brought them in to the vet's office, who took blood samples on them and my baby boy before he passed.

My vet also took my little boy's body into the University for thorough Necropsy. The blood tests on the two dogs that I brought in from the van showed kidney damage, and the blood test on the little one that died showed liver damage. The necropsy on my little guy showed no known cause of death, he suffered from liver damage, pneumonia, and inflamed intestinal tract that showed an unknown infection, similar to Parvo, but not Parvo, they could not identify it.

I am currently leaving messages for Cargill, I would like all of my dogs tested now. I feel if I chose 2 at random, and one that was dying, all 3 showing kidney or liver damage, that the likelihood of all of them having damage is very high, since they all got sick at the same time and all with the same symptoms. I have not yet had a return call from Cargill, even though I stressed it was in their best interest also to know for certain if all the dogs had damaged liver and/or kidneys.

Those of you who are animal lovers will know how heartsick I am, not only to have poisoned my babies, but to hold my little guy and watch him die such a painful death is a memory that will stay with me for a long time.

If you know of anyone that has had problems with this or any other Cargill food, please let me know. I don't get a whole lot of computer time, my babies are not out of the woods yet, and still demand a lot of care, that is first and foremost for me at the moment, but I will be checking in whenever I get a chance. The dog food was stopped at the end of October, symptoms are slowly starting to improve this last week, one still has a bad upper respiratory infection from the Kennel Cough, vomit is subsiding, sores are clearing, ears seem to be on the mend. I am not breathing easy yet.

Welcome to itchmo, However, I wish that it had been under a more happier reason that you searched and found us.

I'm so sorry that you lost one of you little one's. If you would like to start a memorial thread here, you may:

You may also want to read this thread to see if you see anything in it that may be applied to your sick dogs.

Widespread Mold (Corn) Problems Spur Mycotoxin Worries

I'm sure that others here will be able to help you better than I can.



I am so sorry for your loss . Her are a few threads you should look at post # 3782 & & If you suspect liver damage ask your vet about using milk thistle for liver support. You may want to ask for subq fluids for all of them to help flush any possible toxins from their kidneys also. Will they eat wet food ? If so I suggest getting Hills ID cans or making chicken & rice homemade for them. Both would be very mild while they recover. If you do homemade please make sure to add calcium & necessary vitamins. There are many threads about this in the making your own petfood & home remedies section. If you search under fluids & milk thistle you will find previous discussions about them. I hope the rest of your dogs recover.

Welcome to Itchmo. Glad you did find your way here as there are so many helpful people on here. Just ask and someone will provide a link or be more than happy to help. Will say a prayer that you lil ones recover more and more everyday.


Very sorry for your loss.  Lots of bad food out there.

Just a reminder:  Be wary of food companies that decide to get into the pet food business.  Ask yourself, "Why would a food company want to make pet food?"

Another reminder:  Due to wet growing and harvesting conditions in the U.S.'s Midwest, there's lots of moldy grain this year.  Might be a good time to switch to a grain free food which is made by a pet food company that only sells pet food.



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