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Tennessee-Blount County-

Blount County Humane Society - Pet Food Bank
PO Box 5446
Maryville, TN 37802
Phone: (865) 742-3070

Description: Blount County Humane Society's new Pet Food Bank is a program offered to people who call us wanting to surrender their pets because they can no longer afford to feed them. We are currently accepting food donations. Hopefully this will allow more pets to stay in their current home instead of ending up in a shelter.


Blount Today February 1, 2010

"This Valentine’s Day, the Blount County Humane Society is participating in two events that will give patrons the opportunity to welcome a new love into their lives - either the furry kind with a wet nose or the purring kind that demands a lap for sitting.

“Have a Heart for Animals” is a special adoption event from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 13, at All Creatures Thrift Store, 1005 E. Broadway Ave.

"Another initiative that evolved at the store was the dog and cat food pantry. “It was another idea to help the public. The store is now a place for the less fortunate to come once a month and get food for their dogs or cats,” she said. “We would like to keep as many animals in their homes as possible. One way to do that is to provide food for animals. That is something easy we can do to help.”

"Assistant manager Amy Maurino said people in the community often donate dog and cat food to the thrift store’s pet food pantry. “We get donations of dog and cat food, and people who have low income or no income can come to us. ”"

Tennessee-Knoxville-Knox County-

Young - Williams Animal Center
3201 Division Street
Knoxville, TN 37919

Pet Food Pantry for Knox County Residents

Young-Williams Animal Center’s Pet Food Assistance program is a special way to help pet owners in Knox County temporarily meet the needs of their pets during today’s difficult times.  Below are the details about our program.

Pet food is only available on the second Saturday of the month between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00 am.

Only ONE member of a household may apply for and receive pet food.

Pet food will be provided for no more than three (3) pets.

Owners must have had their pets for at least three (3) months to receive food for them.

Owners must show proof that their pets are spayed or neutered OR be willing to have ALL of their dogs and cats altered on the Animal Center’s Spay Shuttle.

Owners may not add ANY pets to their household while they are receiving food from the pet pantry.

After the first receipt of pet food, participants must do at least three (3) hours of community service to receive food again.  Consider contacting local churches, food kitchens and other non-profit agencies to volunteer your time. Proof of this service should be provided on the day pet food is requested.  Proof of service should be in the form of a letter on official letterhead.  Information should include the date(s) of service, tasks performed and contact information for your supervisor.  Community service may be waived if the applicant is physically unable to do so.

Applicants must reapply to the program EVERY January and July.

Young-Williams Animal Center has a right to deny a pet food request at any time for any reason.

For more information, contact program administrator

Beth  at 215-6661

Tennessee-Rossville-Fayette County-

Fayette County Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 44, Rossville, TN  38066
Phone: (901) 854-2565
Fax: (901) 854-2202

Home Assistance Program

Designed to help owners that are in financial bind to properly take care of their pets. We provide dog houses, bowls, food and medical attention.


Chattanooga, Tennessee-

Chattanooga Times Free Press March 20, 2009
Feed the Animals program helping out in tough times

"With the economy and home foreclosures making it harder for people to care for their animals, the Humane Educational Society’s Feed the Animals program can be critical for people and pets in the community.

"Created by David Hutton, Humane Educational Society animal protection services manager, the program helps prevent pet owners with financial issues from having to surrender their pets into shelters.

"In the last year and a half, the shelter has given out thousands of dollars worth of food, shelter, free alteration and other critical surgeries to help people who have lost their jobs or have some other serious reason that they cannot give their animals the care they desperately need, according to a recent HES newsletter.

“I am proud of the amount of animals the program has been able to help and only hope that people continue to give to help those less fortunate,” Mr. Hutton said.

"Donations to the program can be made by calling the shelter at 624-5302, ext. 222, or visiting

Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga
212 N. Highland Park Ave.
Chattanooga, TN 37404
Phone: 423-624-5302
Fax: 423-624-5017

Feed the Animals™ is a program through the Humane Educational Society that assists the people and their pets in our community. The program was created by HES Animal Protection Services Manager David Hutton to help residents down on their luck and keep more pets from being surrendered into shelters. The economy and the significant increase in foreclosures have made it even harder for people to care for their animals.

Contact them for more information.


Leaf Chronicle Clarksville, Tennessee-

Clarksville Humane Society

"The organization accepts donations, runs a pet food bank for needy pets and offers low-cost spaying and neutering and other programs.

"For information, call 648-8042 or visit:

Clarksville Humane Society website.


The Leaf Chronicle November 25, 2009

"Find him through the Clarksville Humane Society. Adoption fees include spaying or neutering, deworming and standard vaccinations and testing. The organization accepts donations, runs a pet food bank for needy pets and offers low-cost spaying and neutering and other programs. For information, call 648-8042."

Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery Co.
Mailing: P.O. Box 571
Admin Office: 223 N. 2nd St., Suite 2
(please, no mail at this address)
Clarksville, TN 37041
Phone: (931) 648-8042

I find nothing on the society's website detailing the Pet Food Bank, but since we've posting information about them, it's always mentioned in the local news stories about the organization.  Suggest contacting them to learn more about their Pet Food Bank.


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