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Tennessee-Chattanooga area-

McKamey Animal Care & Adoption Center
4500 N. Access Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37415
TEL: (423) 305-6500
FAX: (423) 305-6505

Chattanooga Times December 2, 2009

McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center’s pet food drive is in full swing, helping those in the community who may be struggling to feed their pets. According to Ann Ball, chairwoman of McKamey’s board, more animals than ever are being surrendered to McKamey and other animal shelters simply because people cannot afford to care for them with today’s economic struggles. I would imagine that’s one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner can make, so this food drive may help lessen the financial burden of pet ownership and reduce the number of pets being brought to centers.

Unopened food for adult dogs and cats, puppies and kittens will be accepted through Dec. 31 at McKamey, which is at 4500 North Access Road (across from Dupont). Food will be taken to local food pantries and homeless shelters for distribution, as well as given directly to those in need. For more information, call 305-6500.

Tennessee-Nashville-Davidson County-

Southern Alliance for Animal Welfare-SAAW
SAAW Nashville
P.O. Box 23535
Nashville, TN 37202

Serving homeless pet owners and those who live at or below the poverty level in Davidson County.

Already this year we have had 46 animals totally vetted (this always includes spaying or neutering), we have treated and saved the lives of 11 (one for a knife wound), we have had 32 surrendered to us and placed into rescue and continued on with our commitment to a better world for these animals. That number now includes Miller the rooster! In addition we have made sure that the pet owners we serve have access to pet food, cat litter and other necessities if they are unable to purchase these pet needs on their own. We have a very active pet food bank that now serves between 40-60 pets each month! In addition we treat each animal we serve with either Advantage Multi, Frontline or Panacur. And although these are not high numbers as some organizations count, they are significant because they are animals who no one would even know existed if it were not for SAAW.

Contact them for more information.

Tennessee-Ten Mile-

Luminary United Methodist Church
3401 River Road
Ten Mile, Tennessee 37880
Phone: 865-376-7040

The immediate vision of the Luminary United Methodist Church Pet Pantry is to provide low income families with pet food needed to ensure that their pets can stay in their homes, and continue to live happy and healthy lives.  In these hard economic times, the prices of goods and services are steadily increasing, making everyday expenses difficult.  Pets have become hidden victims.  As many people are being displaced from their homes, pets are sometimes left behind or placed in shelters, or they are disposed of along roadsides to fend for themselves.  It is the LUMC Pet Pantry's goal to assist during difficult times to keep a family companion fed and in their homes.  This vision can not be accomplished without your help.

If you have any questions, please contact Deb Krumnacher in the church office ( 865) 376-7040.

Tennessee-Johnson City area-

WCYB-November 2, 2009

New Food Pantry Helps Pet Owners

 "A Johnson City woman, Kathy McInturff, has started a food pantry to help animal owners feed their furry friends.  McInturff wants to help prevent pets from ending up in animal shelters.

"The new pantry is called Nibbles and Kibbles.

""We don't want to promote people getting pets knowing there is food out there. We want to help people who can't make ends meet right now," said McInturff.

"The pantry accepts dry food only.

Here's where you can drop off food or receive food:

Everything Under One Woof - 318 East Main St. Johnson City (423) 946-7376

Good Samaritan Ministries - (423) 928-0288

"You can also get pet food through your Meals on Wheels program if you are in the Johnson City area."

menusux: area, Davidson County, Tennessee--

"Food assistance: The Nashville Humane Association's pet food bank is open 1-4 p.m. Wednesday and Sunday.

"The pet food bank is available only to residents of Davidson County. Applicants' income levels, employment situations and whether they rely on government assistance are among the factors that determine eligibility.

"Call 615-352-1010 for more information.

"The Nashville Humane Association is looking for monetary and pet food donations, especially five-pound bags, to stock its pet food bank."


Nashville Humane Association's Community Pet Food Bank
213 Oceola Ave
(behind Sprints Furniture/White Bridge Rd)
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: (615) 352-1010<br>We%20Desperately%20Need<br>Towels%20and%20Can%20Dog%20Food
The Pet Food Bank desperately needs DRY DOG and DRY CAT FOOD at this time. The Shelter Animals desperately need TOWELS and CAN DOG FOOD.

In November 2008, NHA opened the Pet Food Bank to support the needs of our community. With the declining economy, many have been unable to care for their pet(s). NHA has seen families surrender their companion animals, because they cannot afford food for both their children and their pet(s).

In an effort to alleviate this situation, NHA created the Pet Food Bank. It has been a successful endeavor, so much so that we are having a difficult time keeping the shelves stocked. At this time, we need dry food for dogs, puppies, kittens, cats, and senior pets. In addition, we need cat litter and soft cat toys.

If you are interested in donating, please visit us at:
213 Oceola Avenue
Nashville, TN 37209

You may also mail a monetary or gift card (Target, Pet Smart, Kroger, etc.) donation to the address above, ATTN: Food Bank.


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