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Author Topic: Who sets standards and sources test materiel/equiment/processes  (Read 2617 times)
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« on: September 16, 2007, 11:09:46 PM »

This connects with research I did on Chemical Testing for law enforcement labs, or labs of note where the test results are admitted in courts of law... this is wider than pet food testing for specific contaminants but includes the same... remember the hullabaloo on bogus LE tests - they make mistakes all the time...

In most controlled businesses which rely on complex procedures and specific expert knowledge such as chemical testing, we find that the origin of the generally accepted test procedures, and agents, and equipment and standards are set by scientific organizations, and very few companies are indeed the suppliers of origin of these materials...

Analogy:  It's like taurine... go find taurine that is made in the US. It isn't, though there are a load of brands, all taurine is made in China and imported into the US in large bags of powder. And when you research who holds the taurine patent you begin to realize it's just less than a handful of sources of origin factories that control taurine production worldwide...

Another analogy: if you do a chemical test that needs hydrochloric acid, you're not going to make the HCl - you're going to buy it from some source. And that source of yours likely gets it from the same one or two places that sources most everyone else in the US.

Who has done an analysis of the US labs involved with pet food testing, and who has traced where they source their test infrastructure... wouldn't it be interesting if all these independent labs - dedicated to doing the most scrupulous tests for us - source all their requirements ULTIMATELY from one master source. All that means is single or close to a single point of failure.

The reason I ask is from my exchange with NB - they said UC Davis tested and it came back clear.... in listing the possibilities here, I am also listing the possiblity the "testing mechanisms" were flawed for a period of time. For whatever reason...  ha ha I said, what if the <Chinese> were supplying the melamine test reagents too! (that was a joke, but to make a point).

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