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Oregon-Lane County-


The Bearen Foundation
P.O. Box 10375
Eugene, OR 97440
MessageLine: 541-242-3827
FaxLine: 541-338-2986
Email: helpingpets@bearenfoundation.org

Please note that our voice-mailbox and e-mailbox are checked approximately 2-3 times per week, due to limited volunteer availability. Please allow ample time for a response. Thanks for your patience!


We believe that financial circumstances should not determine whether a beloved family member lives or dies.
We offer financial assistance to Lane County vet offices for qualified individuals who face veterinary expenses beyond their means.
We raise funds through the support of local businesses, veterinary clinics and individual donors.
We endeavor to provide options and alternatives when pets in our community need help.
We advocate for responsible, educated pet care.
We encourage recipients to become involved in community pet service.
We seek volunteer participation in the Foundation's activities and in the community.
We are a fully non-profit, all-volunteer corporation.


All funding is raised locally in Lane County, Oregon and all funding is dispersed locally. We are unable to help individuals outside of Lane County.

If you are a Lane County resident, please visit one of your local vets. The Bearen Foundation is willing to work with ANY Lane County vet.

We offer five levels of funding based on the estimated cost of treatment:

Level 1: $25 for estimates of $50 - $100
Level 2: $50 for estimates of $101 - $200
Level 3: $100 for estimates of $201 - $500
Level 4: $150 for estimates of $501 - $1000
Level 5: $200 for estimates over $1,000

We take all requests and recommendations directly from veterinarians:

Having evaluated the animal's treatment needs and the client's financial situation, the veterinarian can call The Bearen Foundation directly and recommend financial assistance for the client.

Attention veterinarians: Please refer to the "Client Eligibility Criteria" prior to contacting us with a referral. We rely solely upon the veterinarian's assessment for funding disbursement.


Client Eligibility information at link.

If funds are available, The Bearen Foundation will authorize direct payment to the veterinarian who can then notify the client that he/she has received this funding.

Attention clients: Once you have been notified that you will recieve funding, you must fill out the "Acceptance Agreement" and return it to The Bearen Foundation, in order for funds to be released. Please Note: The acceptance agreement is not an application.


Client Acceptance agreement link.


Note: this is for the homeless only.



PAW Team
3300 NW 185th Ave #125
Portland, OR 97229


3338 SE 17th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202

Usually have dog food available for people, occasionally have cat food. Provide access to local vet for free vaccination and spay/neuter services.

Stipulations: owner must be homeless, can get vaccinations if owner agrees to have animal spayed/neutered, owner must come to JOIN to set up appointment in person, no phone appointments.



PAW Team strives to make life a little bet better for these pets and their caregivers. At our free veterinary "street" clinics, we offer vaccinations and basic health care, pet food and supplies, and coupons for spay/neuter services. Local vet clinics assist with emergency services throughout the year.

Free vet clinics will be held the first Sunday of every month!

Sundays from 1-4 pm at 311 NW Broadway (The Outside In Tattoo Removal Clinic)

Feb 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

April 4, 2010

May 2, 2010

June 6, 2010

Oregon-Portland area-


Animal Aid
5335 SW 42nd Ave
Portland, OR 97221

Veterinary bills can be a challenge in the best of times. Animal Aid offers assistance to community members who cannot afford needed veterinary care.

Who gets this assistance? People going through bad times, seniors living alone, single parents. For some, the single source of emotional warmth in their life is their companion animal. These are people who care deeply for their friends. And when that friend is suffering, these people suffer right along with them -- all the more so because they don't have the resources to pay for needed care and are faced with the specter of having to put their best friend to sleep as the only way to ease their pain.

Before You Request Assistance Please Understand:
Our funds are limited and the number of requests is huge. Our budget generally dictates $100 per request.
Repayment is expected, but we have a lot of practice in working out realistic and individualized repayment schedules – every penny we are reimbursed goes to help other people. You will be, in point of fact, "paying it forward".

All clients receiving assistance are directed to use our Portland area pre-approved clinics only. Not only do we have confidence in their work, they are actively helping us keep costs down.

We provide assistance for unexpected medical emergencies, and cannot help with routine pet care such as vaccinations, worming or check ups.

We cannot offer assistance outside the Portland Metro Area or after a pet has already been treated.

There may be other requirements, based on the situation.


FAQ's for assistance at link.

If you feel your situation qualifies under these rules, please dial:

503-292-6628 Option 1

Leave a message with your contact information (please spell your first and last names) and briefly describe your pet’s medical issue. We will return your call ASAP within our normal business hours.

Oregon-Portland area-


Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

Northwest Hospital
1945 NW Pettygrove
Portland, Oregon 97209
(Preferred mailing address)
Phone: (503) 228-7281
Fax: (503) 228-0464

Southeast Hospital
Plaza 205
10564 SE Washington Street
Portland, Oregon 97215
Phone: (503) 262-7194

Open evenings and weekends only


The donor–supported Velvet Financial Assistance Fund reaches out to qualified low–income clients to help ease their burden, cushion their pain.

DoveLewis is proud to offer financial assistance to qualifying low–income clients to help cover the cost of medical treatment in an emergency. As you might imagine, the demand on this donor–funded program is enormous.

The Velvet Financial Assistance Fund has fewer donors yet gives out more money more often to local families than any other DoveLewis program. No one else in the region helps people with their pets’ medical bills more than DoveLewis.

How Does the Velvet Assistance Fund Work?
Not everyone who applies for help from the Velvet Fund will receive it.
Only DoveLewis staff determines who will receive help from the Velvet Fund.
Help is given on a case-by-case basis.
Before they may apply for help from the Velvet Fund, DoveLewis clients must first fill out a Care Credit application. If clients receive Care Credit, they must first use up that money before using any money from the Velvet Fund.
Cases being considered for Velvet Fund money must meet three criteria:
1. Must be an emergency
2. Patient must have a fair to good prognosis
3. Owner must have financial need

The Velvet Fund covers a maximum of $750 per case. Anything above that must be paid by the owner at the time of service. DoveLewis does not bill or set up payment plans.

Velvet Fund money recipients will never be asked to pay the money back.



Willamette Animal Guild Spay & Neuter Clinic
3045 Royal Ave
Eugene, OR  97402
(541) 345-3566

Spay and neuter clinic information at link.


Financial aid for spay and neuter at link.


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