Low-Cost-Free Veterinary Care

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Ohio-Plain City-Columbus area-

Note-this is for cats only.


Black and Orange Cat Foundation
PO Box 126 Plain City OH 43064
614-873-0880 ext. 209

Help with the cat overpopulation problem by providing spay/neuter services for stray and feral cats in our community.  We also provide vaccinations and medical care (as needed) for stray and feral cats.
Spay/neuter services, vaccinations, and medical care for cats belonging to low income residents in the Plain City area.

Ohio-Wellsville-Columbiana County-

Alley Cat Aid Brigade
601 Main Street,
Wellsville, Ohio 43968

The Lisbon Veterinary Clinic is now working with Alley Cat Aid Brigade
The Lisbon Veterinary Clinic is now working with Alley Cat Aid Brigade and will do low cost spaying and neutering for stray cats in Wellsville in conjunction with Alley Cat Aid Brigade. For information, please call 330-532-9064. But remember, you must go through Alley Cat Aid Brigade for this discounted offer.

Alley Cat Aid Brigade is also offering transportation to anyone who wants to have a cat or dog spayed or neutered but does not have transportation. We ask for a small donation of whatever amount the person can afford and only if they are able. This donation is to help with the cost of gas for transporting animals.

Suggest calling them for more information.

Ohio-Salem-Columbiana County-


Humane Society of Columbiana County 
2180 State Route 45 
Salem Ohio 44460 
(330) 332-2600 


Spay & Neuter 
If you are feeding a stray, or know of a homeless cat, call 330-332-2600 for information on how to help these creatures. Also, if you have recently “adopted” a neighborhood stray, let us help you with “fixing” it.

Ohio-Monroe-Butler County-



Catnip & Carrots Animal Bunch, Inc.
125 Sackett Drive
Monroe, OH 45050
(513) 360-0275

Note--there is also a Catnip and Carrots Animal Bunch branch in Huntington Beach, CA.  I will be listing that organization directly under the Ohio one.

If you lost your job or home and are considering relinquishing your pet
to the shelter, please reconsider! Help is available!!

If you need pet food (cat, rabbit, dog, guinea pig), litter, a dog license or assistance with spay and neuter, please contact us!! We are here for you!

Catnip and Carrots Animal Bunch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cats & rabbits (and the occasional canine)!  We specialize in animal welfare, spay/neuter/microchip education & referrals, lost & found services & on occasion,
as funds allow, we offer veterinary assistance to at-risk pets of low income senior or disabled families.


If you need help, ASK!

Whatever the circumstances, be it death of a spouse or partner, divorce, loss of job, veterinary emergency,  sudden illness, or natural disaster and you need pet food, cat litter, hay or veggies for your bun, please call us or any of the shelters or rescues listed below. Assistance is often a phone call away.

Have you finally realized you can't handle one more litter from Fluffy this coming spring? You know it's time to get her spayed but need help paying the bill or even that small co-pay? Ask for help.

There are many generous, caring people out there to help you.

Are you elderly and that 10lb bag of cat litter or cat food too heavy for you carry up the stairs? Ask for help. We know people who will deliver supplies to you free of charge.

Did Fluffy sneak out the door and get hit by a car? You are probably devastated. Maybe Fluffy simply has a broken leg that needs set but you can't afford the bill and are contemplating relinquishing your pet to the shelter or euthanasia. Now is a good time. Ask for help!

Don't let your pet suffer. Make the call.

If you are a very low income senior (62+) or or have a disabled family member living in your household, you may qualify for veterinary assistance. Proof of residency and low income status is required. We offer this program on a limited basis, so long as funds are available.

It is not meant to pay all of your vet bills, but only those deemed lifesaving to save an otherwise healthy pet from being turned into a shelter or from being euthanized.
Proof of residency includes one of the following:
Copy of lease or mortgage payment, tax bill, utility bill, Section 8 (must be in your name)

Proof of income includes one of the following:
MediCal (California), Medicaid (Ohio), Social Security, SSI, Disability, Workers Comp, WIC

Income Criteria Table at the link.

We also can assist you with Spay/Neuter co-pays in connection with other low cost programs offered in your surrounding community. Please fill out our Assistance Form.

In Ohio, veterinary assistance is normally handled as a refund upon proof of veterinary services performed.

In California, veterinary services can be billed directly from our veterinarians, Beach Blvd Pet Hospital in Huntington Beach, but services MUST be performed at their facility.

All services MUST have prior written authorization from us that your assistance is being covered. Do not schedule any procedure with Beach Blvd without this consent.


Assistance application link.

Fax the form to: 513-360-0275
Email the form to: mail@catnipandcarrots.org
Mail the form to: Catnip & Carrots, c/o Treasurer, 125 Sackett Dr., Monroe, OH 45050

If you have any questions, please call us at 714-290-9104 (CA) or 513-360-0275 (OH)



Stop The Overpopulation of Pets Inc.
1152 Lexington Ave.
Mansfield, OH 44907
Phone: 419 774-1738, afternoons or eves.

We are a non-profit organization that offers low cost spay and neuter for cats.  We continue to hold our low cost spay/neuter clincs for cats by appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, always in the afternoon.

An appointment to neuter a male cat is $26, spaying a female cat is $41. You will need to pay for your appt. in advance.

Your cat needs to be over 3 months' old and 3 lbs. and friendly. We don't do wild ones. We don't do declawed ones. Optional vaccines are available at the time of surgery or at the vaccine clinic. For more information, please contact a volunteer for S.T.O.P., 419 774-1738.

Vaccinations for your cats and dogs are now available at low cost on Saturday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. A parvo shot for a dog is $10. Rabies vaccination is $6. For cats, the distemper is $9. Leukemia shot would be $11


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