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Author Topic: Were lab analyses manipulated by ingredients added by mfg  (Read 1429 times)
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« on: May 05, 2007, 02:06:48 PM »


Were lab analyses thus manipulated by ingredients added?

In other words, melamine was added to make the "real" protein lab analyses [for nitrogen?] appear higher? Melamine is not a protein, just another nitrogen containing material like proteins and many other compounds that contain nitrogen? 

Is melamine nondigestible [an ingredient to make plastics?] by pets?

If so, then all these affected pet foods had "less" real, available to the pet, protein than indicated?

Then pets got less nutritional food, if contaminated by melamine?

Is this then inappropriate and illegal [even criminal?] mislabeling labeling of an "adulterated" [can be a very technical term] food product shipped between states and even internationally and offered for sale to consumers as a food product?

If so, then who is responsible for proceeding with the ["criminal"?] case and when will it begin?  How will we know about it and reasonably able to follow its progress?

I only ask these questions in the hopes of getting appropriate answers from "reliable [neutral?] experts" in the field for the benefit of all involved.

Maybe these questions have been answered already, but I am not aware of it.

I am aware that many things in life are very complex, especially to those who are not experts in the field in question.  Therefore, I try to be very cautious in such matters.

FYI - I am a Ph.D. chemist [retired] with extensive experience [>20 years] in academe and industry [e.g., food in particular and quality control / assurance / manufacturing, etc.].

We have 3 dogs and 7 cats at home and my wife runs a substantial local no kill shelter.  We love our animals and are devoted to them like so many are.

Hope the above does some good in this very tragic situation.
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