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Author Topic: Open Letter To PFI--Your Active Member, Eight In One/United Pets/Spectrum  (Read 5727 times)
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« on: January 02, 2008, 10:35:13 AM »

We've heard a lot from you about the National Pet Food Commission, and how it supposedly is to solve recall-related problems.  I see nothing anywhere on your website where this includes releasing pet food which has tested positive for melamine contaminants on it.

"Since 1957, PFI has served as the voice of the US pet food industry, an industry that is committed to providing consumers and their pets with products that meet the complex nutritional requirements of our companion animals."

"The Pet Food Institute (PFI) has received recommendations from the National Pet Food Commission (NPFC) and is in the process of developing a plan to implement them.

"The NPFC was established by PFI in April 2007 to conduct an independent review of the pet food recalls of 2007. The commission was comprised of recognized authorities in nutrition, toxicology, veterinary medicine and quality control. Its charge was to study the findings on the cause of the recall. From its study the NPFC recommended steps the industry and government can take to further build on the safety and quality standards already in place for pet food.

"PFI is a member of the Coalition for a Stronger FDA and is working with Congress, regulators and industry organizations toward a stronger public-private food safety partnership. It is through this partnership that U.S. pet food manufacturers will continue their role of helping pets living longer, healthier lives."

If the quality and safety standards you are so eager to tell us are working and will work even better, following the pronoumcements of your National Pet Food Commission, can you explain why your Active Member, Eight In One, released potentially toxic pet food items into the marketplace, knowing they had been detained for same and had not tendered to FDA any tests which would have legally released them?

Here's your Active Member, Eight In One:

Eight In One Pet Products, Inc
2100 Pacific Street
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: (516)232-1200

Here's the FDA Enforcement Report for December 26, 2007 with the Eight In One information on it:

FDA Enforcement Report December 26, 2007


a) Wild Harvest Fruit and Honey Cockatiel, Recall # V-021-2008;
b) Ecotrition Tropical Fruit and Honey Bars, Recall # V-022-2008;
c) Wild Harvest Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse & Rat Honey Cakes, Recall # V-023-2008


a) Lot: 07096 and Lot: 07108;
b) and c) Lot: 07096


United Pet Group Inc., Cincinnati, OH, by telephone and letter. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.


Pet treats were imported from China. LOS-DO sampled the treats and they were positive for melamine. The shipments were placed on hold for redelivery and was erroneously shipped into commerce.


54,178 units


AZ, CA, FL, MI, NJ, NY, TX, and WA

Don't bother sending Nancy Cook around with tales of her ten-foot long COOL Hershey bar wrappers, saying there's no connection to Eight In One and United Pet:

Who's United Pet Group, who owns Dingo, Eight In One, etc?

Spectrum Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. United Pet Group, a Spectrum Brands Company.

Owner of Dingo, Eight in One, Marineland Brand for Aquariums, Rayovac Batteries, Remington Shavers, etc. Check the "Brands" menu at top left.

And don't bother trying to say this is the Chinese supplier's "first offense":

Who is Jiang Su Peidi?

"The Peidi family is combined of four members: Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory, Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Peidi Brand Industry Park and Shanghai Peidi Brand Int'l Trade Co., Ltd. Altogether, we employ over 500 staff striving to supply over 10 categories of products with more than 600 items. However, with the introduction of Jiangsu Peidi, our facilities will cover 65,000 square meters, employ 1,200 staff, offer more than 1,000 items and expand our production capacity to 100 40-foot containers per month."

DBA Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products here at AliBaba.

Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co., Ltd.
unit 2002, Hengrui international plaza,620 Zhang yang Rd., shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Main Customer(s): Dingo Brand LLC., PetEdge, RedBarn, Penn-Plax, Armitage, VPG, Hagen, Wilkingson, Friskies, Pet Brand, Master Pet, SunRise

FDA Enforcement Report September 12, 2007


a) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for dogs, 3.5 ounce, 8 ounce and
    100 gram packages, Recall # V-069-2007;
b) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for cats, 1.5 ounce package,
    Recall # V-070-2007;
c) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for ferrets, 1.5 ounce package,
    Recall # V-071-2007


Recalling Firm: United Pet Group Inc., Cincinnati, OH, by press release and letter on March 30, 2007.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Peidi Brand Intl. Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China (Mainland). Firm initiated recall is ongoing.


The treats have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

OASIS Refusals June 2007

China (Mainland)                     525-0738015-3  15   1       B
Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory
Pingyang CN-33, CN NONE                                 CHI-DO
72BGB05   Sticky Paws Dog Treats-Chews
08-JUN-2007                        SALMONELLA

Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory    12/28/01
Dongmen Rd., NanyanTown        Chicken Jerky Dog Chew and    Chicken Jerky Bleached Pressed Bone Dog Chew
Zhejiang Province,                   
Pingyang, China                        72B[][]01/70M[][]99/     
FEI # 3003095890                     70Y[][]99/72B[][]05/ 72B[][]99

On Salmonella Detention List since December 28, 2001

As Eight In One/United Pets/Spectrum Brands' Chinese supplier for what appears to be many pet food items, the Peidi "family", AKA Pingyang Pet Leather, has been shipping toxic small animal food items into the US since September 2007:
Oasis Refusals September 2007
China (Mainland)                    336-8023909-5  1    1
Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co. Ltd.
Nanyan Town CN-33, CN 325406                            LOS-DO
72CFY99   Birdie Goof Balls, 2 in 1 Chew Treat, Sm.
18-SEP-2007                        POISONOUS
Birdie Goof Balls
China (Mainland)                     336-8021394-2  3    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
72CMY03   C12922P WH C/TIEL Frt'N Honey - Double (Wild Harvest)
18-SEP-2007                UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

For cockatiels.

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  14   1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
18-SEP-2007                        POISONOUS

For hamsters and gerbils.

OASIS Refusals October 2007
China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  2    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
17-OCT-2007            UNSAFE ADD PESTICIDE

Hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats or rabbits.
FDA OASIS Refusals November 2007
China (Mainland)                   336-8124765-9  5    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
15-NOV-2007           UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  6    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
15-NOV-2007            UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

For cockatiels.

China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  7    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
15-NOV-2007     UNSAFE ADD

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  5    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
72CMY03   C292P Cockatiel Fruit'N Honey Bars (ECOTRITION)

These are treats for cockatiels sold by Eight in One:

Crispy Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Fruit n' Honey Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Nut n' Honey Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Berry Honeybar- for Cockatiels

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  1    1       B
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
72CMY03   A12833 Prem Parakeet Fruit Sticks, (Wild Harvest)
30-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

Treats for parakeets--go to the Eight in One home page above and see their brand name Wild Harvest scroll by.
China (Mainland)                     336-8034849-0  4    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
72CYA03   ultra blend bites (parrot food)
30-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

Ultra-Blend Gourmet Diet- for Parrots,Ultra-Blend Gourmet Diet- for Parrots

There appears to be no standards to which PFI members are held--they pay their membership and in return you pump out a lot of hot, meaningless air about the safety of pet food and how all your PFI members are doing their utmost to see that the food we purchase for our pets is the safetest possible.

If even a portion of that was true, we would not be seeing the United Pet/Spectrum Brands/Eight In One name on the FDA Enforcement Report for December 26, 2007.  We also would not be seeing the various aliases of their Chinese supplier on the FDA OASIS Refusal Lists nor the FDA Salmonella Detention List; Eight In One should have had enough character to break off with this supplier a long time ago.

Now, Mister Smith-Bucklin, my question is--what are you going to DO about the Eight In One situation?  You can SAY they're not representative of the rest of the PFI membership, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that Eight In One IS one--along with all the rest.

So, tell me--is this just "off the charts"?  The proof is right there in the URL links.

Unless something's done re: the Eight In One situation, it appears that once you pay your PFI membership, you have a license to do almost anything--and have a mouthpiece who's most willing to defend you at it--even if the defense is only silence about the matter.

Occurrences like this are why PFI and its members have no credibility with the educated purchasing public and no further business from that segment.  This stealth recall news tells us that the National Pet Food Commission doesn't mean a damn thing to anyone who pays for the products; if your PFI membership is paid, the sky's the limit.

Perhaps PFI's Nancy Cook, has the gift of clarvoyance and she has given us the answer, two months prior:

New Food Defense Policies Won't Stop At Pet Food

Cattle Network October 29, 2007

"We can't insult them. They're our largest growing supplier of ingredients in the world."

And PFI will keep its organizational mouth shut as its active member continues not to insult the Chinese while importing and placing toxic products on the market, proven by the FDA Enforcement Report recalls for their company.
« Last Edit: January 02, 2008, 11:01:23 AM by menusux » Logged
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2008, 11:00:53 AM » are beyond the BEST!!!!!!!  This is the most crystal clear connection of all parties involved that I have ever seen.  If I can understand it then for sure the "professional  Roll Eyes" FDA, PFI experts can get this...........

Is there anyway that your research and information and can also be sent to the attorneys who are handling the class action lawsuits?  Added ammo in my opinion.

Also, any of the government officials who were trying to help?

I also think this should absolutely be brought to the media.......just based on the fact that the "sky's the limit" when you pay your PFI dues Angry Angry Angry

I am so angry....Spitting nails.....
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2008, 11:12:01 AM »


What's here can be sent to anyone--those are the links and that's what happened.  One would believe that an importer would get the picture after enough shipments are detained, but apparently the sky needs to fall on Eight In One/United Pets/Spectrum Brands, as they continue dealing with Pingyang Pet Leather/Peidi Brands.

However, those of us who do the purchasing, can elect to avoid products from Eight In One/United Pets, and the rest of the non-pet related brands of their parent company, Spectrum Brands:

Owner of Dingo, Eight in One, Marineland Brand for Aquariums, Rayovac Batteries, Remington Shavers, etc. Check the "Brands" menu at top left.

Just can't see how it can make good business sense, never mind ethics, to continue dealing with a supplier who's been burning them one way or another.
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2008, 11:52:42 AM »

Darn, darn, and double-darn!  Just in checking the list of products under this company umbrella, I find several that I use:  GardenSafe products, Tetra fish food, and Nature's Miracle (could not get by without that in my household!)  It is going to be difficult to boycott, since I have never found any fish foods that work for me as well as Tetra (the other fish foods are cr*p IMO), nor any pet-odor-removing product as good as Nature's Miracle.

I will send an email to the "contact us" address for each of these products expressing my concern and disapproval, after I get home from work today.  I will be including excerpts from your post, menusux.  And I'll point-blank ask if the Tetra fish foods division is involved in any of the same supply chains as Eight-In-One.
Hero Member
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« Reply #4 on: January 02, 2008, 12:28:17 PM »

have you tried Petastic instead of NM? apparently they have the original NM formula. they also make a laundry detergent for pets  Cheesy

white vinegar and water works too.
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2008, 12:34:20 PM »

Have not had good results with white vinegar and water--I can't smell it any longer after that, but the cats can, and behave accordingly (it's a long story). I have never seen Petastic but will look for it.  Thanks for the tip!
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2008, 12:45:46 PM »

The sound you hear is me standing up and cheering!!! Thank you for putting it all together for us and for them. Let's see if they care (silly me, I think I already know the answer to that . . .)
« Reply #7 on: January 02, 2008, 12:56:32 PM »

Those who don't care suddenly start to "rethink" their sentiments when they are cut off from enough "$ pipelines".  Grin
« Reply #8 on: January 02, 2008, 12:57:38 PM »

Good work, Menusux,

First it was dogs and cats.  Now they're going after pet fish, birds, gerbils, hamsters and rats.

It's disgusting.  

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« Reply #9 on: January 02, 2008, 09:42:20 PM »

Catbird- Out works great too & smells better than NM. I haven't checked who makes it or where though.

"the world's most inept extortionist"
« Reply #10 on: January 02, 2008, 09:47:52 PM »


Recalled chicken jerky...

Oh, but weren't we supposed to believe that pet jerky treats are irradiated to make them safe?? And when it is irradiated it isn't supposed to contain live bacteria like salmonella?

Now I don't know that this brand was irradiated... but inquiring minds like to ask the tough questions....
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« Reply #11 on: January 02, 2008, 10:22:35 PM »

Great detective work, Menusux!  A copy of this should go to the boards of all of the pet food companies letting them know that in addition to pet owners not tolerating the BS, they, too, should be held accountable as they are all members of this farce of an 'institute'.   If they want the public to believe that they actually care about pets, they need to stand up and do the right thing now - kick out Eight in One!  Why would they want to be associated with any company who pulls this kind crap?

...he will be our friend for always and always and always.
Rudyard Kipling
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« Reply #12 on: January 03, 2008, 07:56:50 AM »

Another impeccable job menusux.  Thank you.

Petastic is made by a company called Venus.  Yes, it is the original Nature's Miracle formula.  Nature's Miracle only owned the brand name.  When Venus and NM split NM had to come up with their own formula.

I use a 50/50 mixture of Witch Hazel and Listerine for cleaning. 
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