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Author Topic: Nutro And GM Grains  (Read 3666 times)
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« on: October 09, 2007, 04:15:45 PM »

The key word is "unauthorized".  Fortunately for the EU, they have a ban on unapproved GM food--think of it as being similar to trying to bring non-FDA approved drugs into the US--because it's the same principle.

If the EU hasn't approved of the GM item, it becomes unauthorized AKA unapproved.

Unfortunately, no one here needs to tell us if what we and our pets are eating that's made from GM grain:

This is from Finland--the Finnish equivalent of FDA--note when they refer to maize, we call it corn here--what they call corn, we call wheat.

Genetically modified maize not approved by the EU found in cat food

22.05.2007 (May 22, 2007) - 17:27

Evira’s Feed Control found, on 2.5.2007(May 2, 2007), unapproved genetically modified maize DAS-59122-7 (Herculex®) in two marketing control samples taken as spot checks. The examined cat foods are Nutro Choice Adult Chicken (batch identifier: 00:42 03 E 06, CAPFD0024; best before date: 27.5.08)(May 27, 2008) and Nutro Choice Adult Indoor (batch identifier: 02:21 03 A 07 CAR, DAPFD0024; best before date 24.5.08)(May 24, 2008). The cat foods are manufactured in the US and the importer is Akvaario Piekkala Oy. In addition to the maize in question five genetically modified maize events approved by the EU were found, and one genetically modified soy variety. A marketing ban has been placed on the cat foods and Evira requires that they be withdrawn without delay.

Evira has informed the other member states and the EU Commission about the issue via the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF). So far, no other EU member states have reported having found the maize in question in pet food, except that the Netherlands have reported that 59122 maize has been found in maize gluten.

Genetically modified feed material that has been approved by the EU can be used in feeds if it is mentioned on the product information label. With the examined feeds there was no mention of genetic modification. Genetically modified material unauthorized by the EU is not permitted in the feeds. Feed Control is monitoring the situation on the market in accordance with the monitoring plan by taking samples for spot checking.

Maize feeds imported from the US are being monitored for 59122 maize

The genetically modified maize 59122 that is still not approved by the EU was grown in the US for the first time in 2006, so there is a risk that it may appear amongst ordinary maize. With every batch of maize gluten or distiller’s grains that has arrived in Europe from the US since 15.10.2006, a certificate has had to be attached that shows that the batch does not contain the maize variety in question. The matter was agreed upon between the Commission, the EU member states and the US maize processing industry. As to complete feeds such as pet foods, the manufacturer of the feed is responsible for fulfilling the requirements set by the legislation.

The EU approval is not completed
EU approval for the genetically modified 59122 maize has been sought for all food and feed purposes, for importing and processing but not for cultivation. The authorization process is not yet completed. The genetically modified maize in question has been developed to be resistant to certain coleopteran pests, e.g. the larvae of the western corn rootworm and to tolerate herbicides that contain glufosinate. In their opinion, the EFSA GMO Panel considers that this maize is, as to its effect on people, animals and the environment as safe as comparable common maize varieties. In field testing there have not either been any signs of unexpected changes in cultivation characteristics or phenotype. The 59122 maize is approved in e.g. the US, Australia and New Zealand and an application for authorization is being processed in several other countries.

And now you see Nutro has been using GM grains--this appears to be the Nutro Choice Adult Chicken (Dry):

Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor Adult

Chicken Meal, Ground Rice, Corn Gluten Meal

And there you see the maize/maize gluten meal.  Am not certain what the Nutro Choice Adult Chicken works out to, but I'd believe it's also dry food.  If that's so--meaning that both of these are dry food, Nutro can't put the blame on MF for it, because MF does only wet foods.  Have to believe this is the same stuff sold here but packaged according to EU requirements.  Some of the shipments we saw on FDA OASIS for July and again for September may be the EU returning items because of the ban placed on them from this May incident.

You can see they found 5 more instances of GM maize (corn) and 1 instance of GM soy--these strains ARE authorized by the EU and were apparently declared GM on the label, as they're stressing the fact that the "non-EU legal" strain of maize (corn) was found in the 2 varieties of cat food--nothing said about the EU approved GM items also in the food not being labeled in keeping with EU requirements-(notice of this being GM on the food label).

If you've read any of the non-pet FDA food recall information, you will see some of them referred to as being recalled for "undeclared" (not listed on the product label) items in them--sometimes in the US, we see this mostly because the non-listed ingredients may be hazardous to those who have severe allergies to them--sulfites (preservatives) and nuts are the most common ones which show up on the FDA recall list.

Harry & David Recalls Harry and David Hearthside Soups, Southwestern Chicken Chili Mix for an Undeclared Milk Ingredient

"People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to dairy products run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products."

In this case, it's the undeclared milk.

GMO information from EFSA.

More on the public comments regarding the unauthorized strain found in the Nutro cat food from Finland's Food & Drug Authority.

« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2007, 04:26:19 PM »

Yes, you are right, both are dry cat foods.  I know because I used to use them, before learning better.

Thanks for exposing yet again what a lying bunch they are.  It becomes more and more apparent that they did not care at all to be accurate about what was in their food.

I'll be interested to find out what else the EU finds in there.

« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2007, 06:23:42 PM »

Nutro has been on the hot seat before for unauthorized GM grains in their pet food.  Here's Evira (Finland's equivalent of FDA) once more, with their findings one year ago today:

Evira investigated presence of genetically modified rice in foods and feeds marketed in Finland

09.10.2006 - 13:14 (October 8, 2006)

"The studies that were conducted as random tests revealed six batches of rice designed for food production and one cat feed product that contained the unauthorised LL RICE 601 rice. The products had been imported from USA. The samples were analysed in the Customs Laboratory.


"Feed Control took nine random samples of feeds that contain rice, and one of the samples tested positive for genetically modified rice. The positive sample was Nutro Choice Adult Chicken cat feed imported by Akvaario Piekkala Oy. A sales and marketing ban has been imposed on the imported batch and the importer has been ordered to withdraw the feed from the market.


"The EU Commission was in August informed by the US authorities that genetically modified rice LL RICE 601 has possibly become mixed with commercial rice and thereby entered both the food chain and the feed chain. No authorisation has been applied for genetically modified rice LL RICE 601 in the EU or in the USA. Genetically modified foods and feeds may not be marketed in the European Community unless they have received an authorisation. Evira informed about the matter by a Press Release dated 25 August 2006.

"The Commission adopted on 23 August 2006 a decision (No. 2006/601/EC) concerning action taken with respect to genetically modified rice LL RICE 601 and supplemented the decision on 5 September 2006. Pursuant to the decision no rice products under suspicion may be allowed to enter the market unless the consignment is accompanied by a certificate assuring the absence of genetically modified rice LL RICE 601. In addition, Member States shall carry out controls on products already on the market, to ensure that they are free from genetically modified rice LL Rice 601. Rice products that are under suspicion include long grain rice of US origin."

The May 2007 testing did not turn up evidence of this GM rice in the Nutro cat food--instead the unauthorized GM corn strain was discovered.  Looks like Evira continues to go over Nutro products with a fine-tooth comb--and for good reason.

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« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2007, 08:49:24 PM »

menusux thx for the info on the gm grain in the Nutro. Used to use the Ultra Holistic by them-now wonder if the gm grain made for the loose, yellowy runny type stools and all the grass eating by my dog? No more grains here either just like Klondike. Not safe as it's probably all modified and not only in pet foods but what about what is fed to all the cows, etc-how much of their flesh is loaded with genetically modified feeds?

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« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2007, 05:48:03 AM »

Great find, menusux!  I used to feed Nutro, but it definitely makes my dogs sick in the last year, so I switched.  I agree with Klondike.   If the EU or anyone does not want gm grains, they have to test every batch.  That paper certificate isn't worth what it is printed on.

I like this from Nutro:

"Scientifically formulated for
 the unique needs of indoor cats"

 A ha, I never knew cats had such unique needs for Herculex.  I bet the EU is going to approve the Herculex as well from what I see in GMFreeIreland.  They can't get enough gm free grain to feed their livestock.  At least that's what some are claiming who are pushing for the approval.  What do you do in the middle of the game when the rules change?

Ireland: Creed slams government on GMs

Irish Farmers Journal, 11 October (dated 13 October) 2007. By Pat O'Keefe, News Editor.

Delays in the European approval for Genetically Modified (GM) crops is [sic] affecting feed prices, with pig and poultry farmers already feeling the effects. Fine Gael's new spokesman on agriculture, Michael Creed believes that it is time for Ireland to "get real" on the GM issue.

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« Reply #5 on: October 25, 2007, 09:18:25 AM »

An update on some of the GM corn products we were seeing as EU unauthorized, therefore refused:

All About Feed October 25, 2007

EU approves GM corn for feed and food

"The European Union Commission today announced that it has approved two biotech corn products for food, feed, import and processing jointly developed by DuPont and Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.

"Corn products containing the Herculex® RW Rootworm Protection trait (also known as 59122 maize) and the Herculex® I insect protection trait stacked with Roundup Ready® Corn 2 (also known as 1507xNK603 maize) are now permitted for import into the European Union (EU).

"These products have been deemed safe by the EU's own independent scientific authority, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and have already been approved in numerous other countries around the world."

All About Feed June 27, 2007

EU experts clash on approving GMO maize

"The maize, known commercially as Herculex RW and also by the code number 59122, is jointly made by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a subsidiary of DuPont Co. and Dow AgroSciences unit Mycogen Seeds.

"Herculex RW is designed to protect against larval stages of corn rootworm, which eats through plant roots and so reduces yield and nutrients. It also resists the active herbicide ingredient glusofinate ammonium. It is approved in the USA.

"Its requested use in the EU is in food, animal feed and also in industrial processing.

"Analysis of recent GMO voting patterns shows that the consistent blocking minority of EU governments may be eroding as some smaller countries are opting to abstain than reject an application outright -- so weakening the anti-GMO camp.

"Some countries, like Britain, Finland and the Netherlands, almost always vote in favour of approving new GMOs. They are offset by a group of GMO-sceptic states like Austria, Greece and Luxembourg, which vote against and force a stalemate.

"European consumers are well known for their wariness towards biotech foods, many of which have not been approved for sale in the EU. In April, Dutch authorities detected corn gluten feed derived from Herculex RW that was delivered to several animal feed companies in the Netherlands, and partially consumed."

So if a product were shipped into the EU today and one of the Herculex GM corn strains was in it, the product would no longer be considered unauthorized and allowed to enter, provided there were no other unauthorized GM grains in it.
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