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Author Topic: Felidae  (Read 7355 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 30, 2007, 11:13:44 PM »

Eagle Pack Hollistic contains no corn gluten.  Their canned food is made at Menu.  Their official spokesperson says to trust the source of ingredients.  They have a list of where they import foods from.

One of my 3 cats will eat the Felidae (I've found they like it better if adding a tiny bit of Hot water, and heat in microwave to body temp - gives a gravy like flavor).  Am thinking of switching to Innova (they state US suppliers only - but where are the suppliers getting their stuff from?)  Have decision for tomorrow.  Feed the 2 boys 2/3 Hollistic canned to 1/3 felidae.

Hello 3 Bad Kitties!  Talked with vendors of Eagle Pack Hoklistic at Idaho Pet Expo this weekend, asked about the made by Menu Foods issue. The company spin is "..oh my, no, of course not, we have our own plant in Mishawaka, Indiana...all our Holistic Select pet foods have 'the best' ingredients, etc..." And of course they're "inspected." The pet food vendors at this expo all knew the company line and how to spin it, but only spout it if asked specifically about the recall. Their justification for using corn gluten meal is that, "..we use it to add a little protein without adding ash or magnisium.." ( quote from company brochure.) Okay, so when asked where do they get the corn gluten meal?  Seemed it was time to talk about something else...I am so frustrated with these vendors, not a one had ANYTHING about the recall issue. Perhaps when their bottom line is reflected in the next quarterly reports to their investors it may become an issue.  No doubt a private one. 

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