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Author Topic: Fake Corn Gluten Reaches Europe - Switzerland  (Read 1715 times)
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« on: July 09, 2007, 03:09:01 PM »

Has everyone seen the Itchmo blog page today? - July 9th 
Fake Corn Gluten Reaches Europe  - Switzerland
Fake Chinese animal feed has been found in the US, Canada, South Africa and now it has reached Switzerland. Swiss officials inspected 63 samples of “corn gluten” and found that 11 of them weren’t corn gluten at all. They also found cyanuric acid and melamine (the same toxic ingredients found in US cat and dog food) in four of the 11 supplies. The same pattern of greed emerged as the illegal substances were used to boost the perceived protein content.

The samples came from 2,500 metric tonnes of products imported for use in animal feed over the last six months. It is not known if any of these made it to cat and dog food.

Just as in the US, the European officials did not see sufficient risk in corn gluten that was already fed to livestock.

Ironically, the article says Swiss used to import corn gluten from the US, but problems with genetically modified US products caused them to look elsewhere. Did price have anything to do with it?


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« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2007, 08:53:42 PM »

I wonder what all was in the 11 samples that were not corn gluten at all==besides the melamine and cyanuric acid.  Also, I'm surprised the Swiss didn't catch this sooner as I thought they were in charge of some of the inspection process for the EU.

I definitely don't blame them for not wanting our gmo's.  But it's getting hard to find good feed and food these days.

found it:

ALP officers took 63 corn gluten samples of which 11 samples did not contain corn gluten. These falsified products contained a mixture of grain by-products, mainly wheat, in which large amounts of urea were found.

It was in the article on Itchmo.
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