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Author Topic: Chinese Government List- PF Manufacturers Wishing To Export to Europe 5/07  (Read 1529 times)
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« on: September 07, 2007, 11:18:10 AM »

Found this on a Google search the other day.  The link itself will download an Excel file. (Naturally I'm not gonna do that because I have no idea what else besides the list might be in it. Am not gonna expect any of you to do it either.  Grin ) If you have a look at the original URL for the page Google Cache will display at top, you'll see that it's ""--very official. The search gave me the option of viewing the cached page, and that's the link here.  Would suggest that you either save/print it if you want to keep it because as Google crawls the web, caching pages, when those pages change and the web crawler revisits it, the cached page will change also. 

Even though we're in the US, think it's a VERY safe bet that everyone on the list would like to export to the US too, if they aren't already doing so; seeing the list gives us the benefit of learning more PF manufacturers' names in China.

"The List" Link

BTW--if I've blown it and this isn't a good spot for the list, please feel free to move it wherever it may "fit" better.
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« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2007, 11:42:33 AM »


MMP     milk and milk products     Huh??
421    2    PAT    processed animal proteins    HuhHuhHuhHuh??
422    3    FFO    fishmeal and fish oil    Huh??
423    4    RF    rendered fat    HuhHuhHuh??
424    5    BPFFM    blood products for feed material    HuhHuhHuhHuh?
425    6    ABPMPP    animal by-products for the manufacture of processed petfood    HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh??
426    7    RP    raw petfood    Huh??
427    8    FI    flavouring innards    Huh?
428    9    PFD    petfood and dogchew    HuhHuhHuh??
429    10    GC    getatine and collagen    HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh
430    11    HP?DP?TP    hydrolysed protein,dicalcium phosphate,tricalcium phosphate    HuhHuhHuhHuh??    
431    12    EP    egg products    HuhHuhHuhHuh

flavoring innards?! their rendered animal by-products and blood products?! raw petfood?! do you see lots of opportunities to import strange illnesses and bacterias etc?!
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