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Author Topic: The Annual Petco Awards-2007  (Read 2834 times)
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« on: January 14, 2008, 11:11:15 AM »

The link is from PetAge, October, 2007, but the awards were presented in August.  Without a subscription, you can view the older issues which are archived only.  When you think about the fact that the first recalls were not yet 6 months old, you have to say, "What were they thinking?"

Pet Age October 2007 (We'll take it apart as we go along)
Petco Honors Top Vendors and Employees

"Petco Animal Supplies Inc. (San Diego) honored dozens of its top vendors and outstanding stores and store managers during its annual trade show, held Aug. 13-17 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.
Winning vendors included:

•  Vendors of the year: Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. (Topeka, Kan.), for overall performance and cat consumables; 

(Recalled Hill's Feline M/D Dry & Science Diet made by Menu Foods)

Radio Systems Corp. (Knoxville, Tenn.), for services provided to; All-Glass Aquarium/Central Aquatics (Franklin, Wis.), for companion animal supplies; WorldWise Inc. (San Rafael, Calif.), for cat supplies; JW Pet Co. Inc. (Teterboro, N.J.), for dog supplies; and

Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. (Pacoima, Calif.), for dog consumables. It was Natural Balance’s third consecutive award in this category.

•  Strategic alliance vendor of the year: Natural Balance.

(Recalled NB wet & dry foods for cats & dogs--reason: melamine and/or cyanuric acid in the "rpc".  Recalled NB wet food for dogs--reason: possible botulism.)

•  Best new vendor partner: Castor & Pollux/Pet Appeal (Clackamas, Ore.).

(Recalled PF products--"rpc")

•  Supply chain award: Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

(See above)

•  Best in-store support: Nutro Products Inc. (City of Industry, Calif.). It was Nutro’s 16th award in this category.

(Easier to say what Nutro products weren't recalled than what was.)

•  Vendor representatives of the year: Chris Ortiz of United Pet Group (Cincinnati), in the companion animal category;

And who's United Pet Group, who owns Dingo, Eight In One, etc?

Spectrum Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. United Pet Group, a Spectrum Brands Company.

Owner of Dingo, Eight in One, Marineland Brand for Aquariums, Rayovac Batteries, Remington Shavers, etc. Check the "Brands" menu at top left.

FDA Enforcement Report December 26, 2007

a) Wild Harvest Fruit and Honey Cockatiel, Recall # V-021-2008;
b) Ecotrition Tropical Fruit and Honey Bars, Recall # V-022-2008;
c) Wild Harvest Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse & Rat Honey Cakes, Recall # V-023-2008
a) Lot: 07096 and Lot: 07108;
b) and c) Lot: 07096
United Pet Group Inc., Cincinnati, OH, by telephone and letter. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Pet treats were imported from China. LOS-DO sampled the treats and they were positive for melamine. The shipments were placed on hold for redelivery and was erroneously shipped into commerce.
54,178 units
AZ, CA, FL, MI, NJ, NY, TX, and WA

The stealth recall recently posted here and on the blog.

FDA Enforcement Report September 12, 2007

a) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for dogs, 3.5 ounce, 8 ounce and
    100 gram packages, Recall # V-069-2007;
b) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for cats, 1.5 ounce package,
    Recall # V-070-2007;
c) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for ferrets, 1.5 ounce package,
    Recall # V-071-2007
Recalling Firm: United Pet Group Inc., Cincinnati, OH, by press release and letter on March 30, 2007.
Manufacturer: Shanghai Peidi Brand Intl. Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China (Mainland). Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
The treats have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

FDA OASIS Refusals November 2007

China (Mainland)                   336-8124765-9  5    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    15-NOV-2007           UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  6    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    15-NOV-2007            UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  7    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
     15-NOV-2007     UNSAFE ADD

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  5    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    72CMY03   C292P Cockatiel Fruit'N Honey Bars (ECOTRITION)

These are treats for cockatiels sold by Eight in One:

Crispy Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Fruit n' Honey Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Nut n' Honey Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Berry Honeybar- for Cockatiels

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  1    1       B
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    72CMY03   A12833 Prem Parakeet Fruit Sticks, (Wild Harvest)
    30-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

Treats for parakeets--go to the Eight in One home page above and see their brand name Wild Harvest scroll by.

China (Mainland)                     336-8034849-0  4    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    72CYA03   ultra blend bites (parrot food)
    30-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

Ultra-Blend Gourmet Diet- for Parrots,Ultra-Blend Gourmet Diet- for Parrots

Who is Jiang Su Peidi?

"The Peidi family is combined of four members: Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory, Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Peidi Brand Industry Park and Shanghai Peidi Brand Int'l Trade Co., Ltd. Altogether, we employ over 500 staff striving to supply over 10 categories of products with more than 600 items. However, with the introduction of Jiangsu Peidi, our facilities will cover 65,000 square meters, employ 1,200 staff, offer more than 1,000 items and expand our production capacity to 100 40-foot containers per month."

DBA Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products here at AliBaba.

Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co., Ltd.
unit 2002, Hengrui international plaza,620 Zhang yang Rd., shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Main Customer(s): Dingo Brand LLC., PetEdge, RedBarn, Penn-Plax, Armitage, VPG, Hagen, Wilkingson, Friskies, Pet Brand, Master Pet, SunRise

OASIS Refusals-June 2007.

China (Mainland)                    525-0738015-3  15   1       B
    Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory
    Pingyang CN-33, CN NONE                                 CHI-DO
    72BGB05   Sticky Paws Dog Treats-Chews
    08-JUN-2007                        SALMONELLA

OASIS Refusals-September 2007

China (Mainland)                    336-8023909-5  1    1
    Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co. Ltd.
    Nanyan Town CN-33, CN 325406                            LOS-DO
    72CFY99   Birdie Goof Balls, 2 in 1 Chew Treat, Sm.
    18-SEP-2007                        POISONOUS

China (Mainland)                     336-8021394-2  3    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    72CMY03   C12922P WH C/TIEL Frt'N Honey - Double (Wild Harvest)
    18-SEP-2007                UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

For cockatiels.

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  14   1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    18-SEP-2007                        POISONOUS

For hamsters and gerbils.

OASIS Refusals-October 2007

China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  2    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    17-OCT-2007            UNSAFE ADD PESTICIDE

Hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats.

On Salmonella Detention List since December 28, 2001.

Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory    12/28/01   Chicken Jerky
Dongmen Rd., NanyanTown         Dog Chew and  Chicken Jerky
Zhejiang Province,                    Bleached Pressed Bone Dog Chew
Pingyang, China                        72B[][]01/70M[][]99/     
FEI # 3003095890                     70Y[][]99/72B[][]05/ 72B[][]99

"Daniel Hereford of Natural Balance, in the cat category;

(See above)

and Craig Wetnight of Hill’s Pet Nutrition, in the dog category.

(See Above)

•  Petco Foundation award: BrownTrout Publishers Inc. (San Francisco).
•  Best product innovation: Kaytee/Super Pet chew-proof bottles by Central Avian & Small Animal (Elk Grove Village, Ill.), in the companion animal category; Petlinks Iscratch System by WorldWise, in the cat category; and Loofa Dog toys by Multipet International Inc. (Moonachie, N.J.), in the dog category.
Stores that won national awards included:
•  District manager of the year: Ellen Davignon of District 72 in Boston.
•  Store of the year: Bangor, Maine, managed by Wanda Potter.
•  Store of the year—animal care: Colorado Springs West, Colo., managed by Andrea McIntyre.
•  Store of the year—customer engagement: Grand Forks, North Dakota, managed by Mark Mayer.
•  Store of the year—community involvement: Cleveland, managed by Stephan Epperson.

•  Store of the year—pet services: Carmel Mountain, Calif., managed by Charlie Schreck"

Choices like this seem to say--Hey, good job!  So you had some recalls.  There's no way the public's gonna know we gave you an award; we're safe and you're safe.  They'll just keep coming back to our stores and buying your brands.  Don't sweat the small stuff like the Chinese supplier, either--no way people are gonna know about the refusals and the salmonella.  Party on, dudes!

We DON'T have to buy these brands--and we DON'T have to do business with Petco either.
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2008, 12:25:01 PM »

lol...I will say I didnt have any Nutro trouble since my girls  have wheat allergies...

NB supposedly is bringing back edibles... Huh Huh if a human cannery cant get it right who can  Huh Huh
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