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Author Topic: FDA OASIS Refusals for November 2007--Pet Related Products  (Read 3660 times)
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« on: December 04, 2007, 12:01:21 PM »

As the post re: Stern's comments re: ChemNutra indicates, we have NO refusals of vegetable proteins on the OASIS List for November.  But we have a new source to be wary of--chews made in Thailand.  You'll see some of the people we know from past OASIS refusals and the Salmonella Detention List again for November.

United States                      235-8018025-7  1    1
    Nutro Products Inc
    City Of Industry, CA  91744                             NYK-DO
                        08-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

    United States                      235-8018025-7  2    1
    Nutro Products Inc
    City Of Industry, CA  91744                             NYK-DO
    72BFA05   PET FOOD
                        08-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

    United States                      235-8018026-5  1    1
    Nutro Products Inc
    City Of Industry, CA  91744                             NYK-DO
                        08-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

Nutro being returned from overseas.

Thailand                            110-0890796-7  17   1
    Khon Kaen Tanner Group Co. Ltd.    Phon Kaen , TH 40120                                    SEA-DO
    29-NOV-2007                        UNSAFE COL INCONSPICU
Thailand                            110-0890796-7  20   1
    Khon Kaen Tanner Group Co. Ltd.
    Phon Kaen , TH 40120                                    SEA-DO
     29-NOV-2007                        UNSAFE COL INCONSPICU

Thailand                            110-0890651-4  8    1
    Khon Kaen Tanner Group Co. Ltd.
    Phon Kaen , TH 40120                                    SEA-DO
    29-NOV-2007                        UNSAFE COL INCONSPICU

Who are these people?  Their website isn't working, but here's what Google cache came up with:

"Khon Kaen Tanner Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter of dog food and pet toys, including munchies, bones, rawhide, dog chews, etc. The company was established in Thailand in 1990 with the aim of becoming a market leader in the pet toy industry. Currently, the company's head office is located in Khon Kaen province, which is one of the best sources for high-quality raw materials.

"Khon Kaen Tanner exports only high-quality products to most regions of the world, including Europe and North America, and currently receives approximately 70% of its revenues from exports. Our Group has a high-standard production system and an excellent reputation among our prestigious clients around the world.

"Currently we employ a total of 120 employees including five quality assurance staff. With over ten years of experience, customers can be assured that Khon Kaen Tanner's production process and facilities are geared around quality production."

List of dogchews approved establishments for export to the European Community--Thailand.

Khon Kaen Tanner is #7 on Page 1.

China (Mainland)                   336-8124765-9  5    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    15-NOV-2007           UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  6    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    15-NOV-2007            UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  7    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
     15-NOV-2007     UNSAFE ADD

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  5    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    72CMY03   C292P Cockatiel Fruit'N Honey Bars (ECOTRITION)

These are treats for cockatiels sold by Eight in One:

Crispy Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Fruit n' Honey Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Nut n' Honey Honeybar- for Cockatiels,Berry Honeybar- for Cockatiels

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  1    1       B
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    72CMY03   A12833 Prem Parakeet Fruit Sticks, (Wild Harvest)
    30-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

Treats for parakeets--go to the Eight in One home page above and see their brand name Wild Harvest scroll by.

China (Mainland)                     336-8034849-0  4    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    72CYA03   ultra blend bites (parrot food)
    30-NOV-2007                        POISONOUS

Ultra-Blend Gourmet Diet- for Parrots,Ultra-Blend Gourmet Diet- for Parrots

Who is Jiang Su Peidi?

"The Peidi family is combined of four members: Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory, Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Peidi Brand Industry Park and Shanghai Peidi Brand Int'l Trade Co., Ltd. Altogether, we employ over 500 staff striving to supply over 10 categories of products with more than 600 items. However, with the introduction of Jiangsu Peidi, our facilities will cover 65,000 square meters, employ 1,200 staff, offer more than 1,000 items and expand our production capacity to 100 40-foot containers per month."

DBA Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products here at AliBaba.

Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co., Ltd.
unit 2002, Hengrui international plaza,620 Zhang yang Rd., shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Main Customer(s): Dingo Brand LLC., PetEdge, RedBarn, Penn-Plax, Armitage, VPG, Hagen, Wilkingson, Friskies, Pet Brand, Master Pet, SunRise

China (Mainland)                    525-0738015-3  15   1       B
    Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory
    Pingyang CN-33, CN NONE                                 CHI-DO
    72BGB05   Sticky Paws Dog Treats-Chews
    08-JUN-2007                        SALMONELLA

OASIS Refusals-June 2007.

China (Mainland)                    336-8023909-5  1    1
    Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co. Ltd.
    Nanyan Town CN-33, CN 325406                            LOS-DO
    72CFY99   Birdie Goof Balls, 2 in 1 Chew Treat, Sm.
    18-SEP-2007                        POISONOUS

China (Mainland)                     336-8021394-2  3    1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    72CMY03   C12922P WH C/TIEL Frt'N Honey - Double (Wild Harvest)
    18-SEP-2007                UNSAFE ADD POISONOUS

China (Mainland)                    336-8021394-2  14   1
    Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    18-SEP-2007                        POISONOUS

OASIS Refusals-September 2007

China (Mainland)                    336-8124765-9  2    1
Jiang Su Peidi Brand Food Products Co., Ltd.
    Tai Zhou CN-32, CN 225324                               LOS-DO
    17-OCT-2007            UNSAFE ADD PESTICIDE

OASIS Refusals-October 2007.

Pingyang Pet Leather Manufacture Factory    12/28/01  Chicken Jerky
Dongmen Rd., NanyanTown         Dog Chew and  Chicken Jerky
Zhejiang Province,                    Bleached Pressed Bone Dog Chew
Pingyang, China                        72B[][]01/70M[][]99/     
FEI # 3003095890                     70Y[][]99/72B[][]05/ 72B[][]99

On Salmonella Detention List since December 28, 2001

FDA Enforcement Report September 12, 2007

a) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for dogs, 3.5 ounce, 8 ounce and
    100 gram packages, Recall # V-069-2007;
b) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for cats, 1.5 ounce package,
    Recall # V-070-2007;
c) Dingo brand CHICK'N JERKY for ferrets, 1.5 ounce package,
    Recall # V-071-2007
Recalling Firm: United Pet Group Inc., Cincinnati, OH,
by press release and letter on March 30, 2007.
Manufacturer: Shanghai Peidi Brand Intl. Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China (Mainland). Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
The treats have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

And who's United Pet Group, who owns Dingo, Eight In One, etc?

Spectrum Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. United Pet Group, a Spectrum Brands Company.

Owner of Dingo, Eight in One, Marineland Brand for Aquariums, Rayovac Batteries, Remington Shavers, etc. Check the "Brands" menu at top left.

China (Mainland)                     906-0149391-0  1    1
Xiamen Anjia Handcrafts Co., Ltd.
    Xiamen , CN                                             LOS-DO
     29-NOV-2007             NEEDS FCE NO PROCESS

Another chicken treat MIC to be watching for.

China (Mainland)                    FY1-0026841-3  2    1       A
    Fortune (China) Limited
    Wanchai, Hong Kong , HK                                 LOS-DO

There are many variations of names using "Fortune" at AliBaba and other trading sites, so we don't know exactly who this is--nor do we know what type of pet this product was intended for.

China (Mainland)                    231-3885693-8  2    1
    Shanghai Bestro Enterprises Inc
    Shanghai CN-31, CN 200137                               SEA-DO
    71AYB05   Chicken Jerky Strip 1lb.  DPC Item no. 083 04 0974
    13-NOV-2007                        SALMONELLA

China (Mainland)                    336-7514332-8  8    9
    Shanghai Bestro Enterprises Inc
    Shanghai CN-31, CN 200137                               NYK-DO
    05-NOV-2007                        SALMONELLA

Pingyang Pet Product Co. (Factory)   5/6/05    Chicken Jerky Strips
Xiazhai Rd., Xiaojiang        70Y[][]99  ***71A[][]01 ***71A[][]05
Pingyang, Zhejaing                ***71E[][]02   ***71E[][]99       
Zhejiang (Province), China          ***71Y[][]99  72B[][]02  72B[][]99
FEI# 3004331518                                 

Headquarters for the above factory:                   

Shanghai Bestro Enterprises Inc.       8/29/07   Chicken Jerky Strips
258 Gaozianghuan Road                       70Y[][]99 ***71A[][]01
Gaodong Industrial Zone, Pudong       ***71A[][]05  ***71E[][]02
Shanghai, China           ***71E[][]99    ***71Y[][]99   72B[][]02
FEI# 3005299066                  72B[][]99               
FEI# 3006238093                                 
I think everyone knows these people are also known as Pingyang Pet Products Co. Ltd., that trace amounts of melamine were found by Wal-Mart testing after removal of them from W-M shelves, and that W-M recently decided not to continue carrying their product.  The company hired a US Public Relations agency and through it, contacted Itchmo twice, with regard to their products being proven safe.  Their website at:

is still offline.  It was taken off the internet very quickly after the products were removed from Wal-Mart shelves and the melamine was found.  They are apparently somehow still doing business and have some way to try to ship products to the United States--otherwise we wouldn't see the 2 November refusals for salmonella contamination on the 5th and again on the 13th.  Something else to watch for, as we now know they are NOT out of business.
« Last Edit: December 04, 2007, 12:19:10 PM by menusux » Logged
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2007, 12:12:21 PM »

This just sends chills down my spine................
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Ripley with lei

« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2007, 12:44:07 PM »

Same here.  THANK YOU, MENUSUX!  I always read these when you post them.
You are much appreciated.

"Money may buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail." -Kinky Friedman
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2007, 05:22:56 PM »

What's getting me angry re: the bird products is that Eight in One/United Pet/Spectrum Brands, continues dealing with the Peidi "group" for these and their Dingo products.  The company has been on the salmonella detention list since the end of 2001 for problems with their chicken jerky treats, etc.

Those doing the purchasing have known the place has been troubled since then, yet they continue dealing with them.  The Dingo Chicken Jerky recall at the end of March of 2007 didn't seem to "teach" them anything either, because we have a dog product with salmonella (again!) in OASIS in June of this year, then the toxic items for birds, hamsters & gerbils in September.  I think the "birdie" goof balls are really Dingo goof balls for dogs, as that's the only product I saw at Eight in One with that type of name. 

In October, they send us toxic treats for hamsters, gerbils, rats or rabbits, and mice (H/G/R/M), and in November we're back to toxic bird products.

When we had birds, every item with perhaps the exception of millet sprays, was US-made and grown.

I used to buy Eight in One's Vitakraft treat sticks for my guy, but stopped when we got into the recalls because they have vegetable protein in them and they're made in Thailand.  He loved them, but I just wasn't comfortable with them anymore.

Re: the lack of vegetable proteins on OASIS, I have been seeing various news stories re: PF prices on the rise because of the cost of various grain products and just found this today in December's Pet Age.  (We can't read the article because we don't subscribe.)

Pet Age Contents December 2007

"Safety Drives Natural Market

"Americans looking for safer pet foods will help propel the market for natural pet products to $2.5 billion by 2012.

"The China Syndrome

"Some manufacturers and retailers are taking a harder look at Chinese imports."

If it's costing them more to test the imported grain products, then they no longer are the bargain they once were, plus--they (most, I think...)  realize everyone active at Itchmo didn't fall off the last turnip truck that rolled by.  Smiley  They are aware we post what we find and think and that others who might never post at all, do come here regularly to read what we have on Forums and the blogs.  Contrary to what PFI, Duane-o, and the "China Clipper", Nancy Cook ("We can't afford to insult these people" Cheesy ), are saying, those of us who buy their products are not willing to do it if Chinese ingredients are a part of them. 

Bottom line is none of them can stay in business unless they get our $, so they have to be willing to give the customer what he/she is willing to pay for or they're done, and they know it.

I was honestly more comfortable about China in the pre-Nixon visit days.  The threats they were making re: nuclear involvement were just that--threats.  Now they're over here with their toxic products killing all of us segments at a time.  It would seem that Big Business prevailed on Big Government so they could make more $ sourcing products--and outsourcing jobs--via China.

The government was certainly aware that the "gatekeepers" were not able to police these imports properly, but they opened the floodgates to let it all in. 

What else gets me is that all of it is slightly deceitful--because you have these well-known American/US brand names which you're purchased and trusted for years--but they either are no longer being made in the US or the ingredients which go into the product are no longer from the US.  Yet here's the all-American brand name...
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« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2007, 06:07:35 PM »

My daughters friend was going to Walmart today & I looked in the sale for her. Guess what;they still have Dingo products & they are on sale.
 For anyone with birds,buy american seeds & salt free nuts & make your own with local honey or organic peanut butter.
 I do think co's are watching this & other sites,I just don't think places like Walmart or Petsmart & the other big box stores give a damn. They can still sell to anyone who doesn't know better.

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« Reply #5 on: December 04, 2007, 08:19:29 PM »

In the Pet Supplies Plus I buy from they have organic bird food and treats and they had those 2 yrs ago in the store.

Menusux your exactly right about the gatekeepers - they are getting rid of more of them so if the floodgates are not at their widest point as in 'open' they now surely will be.

Too bad I didnt video the looks from store clerks I got when I mentioned that this food had this pesticide, genetically modified or cancer causing things in it and thats why I was not buying it. They also have no clue-most just go along to get along with their head buried up to their necks in the sand. Glad the people on here are fortunate to not have fallen off the turnip truck. We ridin' the big wagon with the clydesdales.

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Your blessings be more,
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