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New Jersey-Camden area-


New Jersey Aid for Animals
P.O. Box 4
Cedarbrook, NJ 08004


In addition to transporting owned dogs and cats to get spayed and neutered to help stem the tide of over-reproduction, NJAFA has also been providing ancillary supplies and services for dogs and cats through PEP for the last five years.

PEP enriches the lives of dogs and cats after they get spayed or neutered. For example, pain medication - the low cost clinics do offer pain medication but the residents of Camden have to pay extra for it. Without the funds to pay for even a spay or neuter most residents do not have extra funds for pain meds. PEP pays for the pain meds.

PEP provides for much needed shots that will prevent PARVO, a very contagious sometimes fatal disease that dogs contract and can cost up to hundreds of dollars to treat.

Money donated to PEP also pays for flea treatment, a dog house, a bag of food or any extra component that will enhance the life of an animal after they are spayed or neutered and before they are returned to the owners. For more information email info@njafa.org


NJAFA is hosting shot clinics for dogs and cats in Camden City. These clinics provide much needed vaccinations for dogs that without the shot could acquire Parvo, a contagious and sometimes fatal disease. We also provide cat distemper shots, food for dogs and cats, flea treatment and collars and leashes.


President, Kathy McGuire, transports owned dogs and cats from the homes of Camden City residents to a clinic to get spayed or neutered for people who cannot afford it or do not have transportation. We pick up the animals in the morning, transport them to clinic and return them later same day.For more information email info@njafa.org

For eighteen months, NJAFA has been partnering with Atlantic Co. SPCA spaying and neutering feral cats to be released back into managed colonies.Recently, we hit our 500th mark and are going strong.

Contact them for more information about spay/neuter and their vaccination programs.

New Jersey-


Save US Pets

Based in New Jersey, the Save U.S. Pets Foundation will pay for life saving veterinary medical treatment costs for qualified pets. We encourage participating veterinarians to apply for grants to pay for medical treatment of ailing pets after all other options to pay for treatment have been exhausted by the pet owner. The Foundation acts within a structure of specific criteria and guidelines for the pet owner, participating veterinarians as well as the Foundation Board and is structured to act in emergency situations.


Listing of New Jersey vets who participate in the program.

New Jersey-Wayne-Wayne County-


Wayne Township Animal Control

Wayne Animal Control and Help Eliminate Lost Pets (HELP) have been successful in offering a Low Cost Microchip Clinic to our residents.  This form of permanent pet identification ensures the safe return of a lost pet if he /she is found and scanned for the microchip.  We run clinics concurrent with our free Rabies Clinics 4 times a year. Pre registration is required.  The total cost is 22.00.  For more details and to sign up please call Animal Control at 973-694-9295 or email us.

Wayne Township offers free Rabies Vaccinations to all dogs and cats.  There are three clinics in May and one clinic in November at the Town Garage on Dey Road.  Cat or Dog first rabies vaccinations are good for one year; subsequent shots are for a three-year duration.  Dogs and cats may be licensed once they have a current rabies vaccination that does not expire before November 1st of each licensing year.  Renewals for licenses are every January by mail or in person at the Town Hall 475 Valley Road. License renewals are mailed to pet owners automatically every January.

Information or applications for Low Cost Spay/Neuter programs are available through Animal Control.  There are definite health benefits besides cutting down on overpopulation to altering your pet.  Please call Animal Control at 973-694-9295 or email us for in depth information on the various programs available and health issues.

New Jersey-Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem Counties-


PetPALS of Southern New Jersey, Inc.
100 Essex Avenue, Suite #300
Bellmawr, NJ
Phone: 856-931-4399
Fax: 856-931-4463

PetPALS of Southern New Jersey is a non-profit New Jersey corporation organized to provide services to the animal companions of people living with terminal, chronic or debilitating illness, or financially needy senior citizens. PetPALS' services are limited based on established policies, including a geographic limitation restricting services to Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem counties.

Partner-veterinarians provide routine professional and emergency services at reduced rates to the organization for the benefit of our clients. More complex medical care is provided at the discretion of PetPALS. Short-term foster care and boarding opportunities are also offered, and permanent adoption can be arranged in extraordinary circumstances. Prospective volunteers are trained for service. PetPALS offers a unique opportunity for all friends of animals to provide a basic, caring service to neighbors living with serious or terminal illnesses, and their beloved animal companions,whether dogs or cats, birds, fish, large or small, domesticated or not.

Our assistance is available to pet-owning people who have a terminal illness, a chronic, debilitating illness, or a financially needy senior citizen, and who reside in Camdem, Gloucester, Salem or Burlington counties. In general, services are only limited by the availability of volunteers and resources, although certain programs are only available to those individuals demonstrating financial need.

Services Offered by PetPALS

In-home Pet Care- We provide volunteers who can walk your dog, clean bird cages and aquariums, exercise your cat and change its litterbox, or simply feed your pets.

Pet Food and Supplies- Assistance is available in obtaining pet food and supplies.

Veterinary Care- We can provide help in obtaining professional pet health care for a pet through our network of partner-veterinarians.

New Jersey-West Milford-


West Milford Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 72 - Lycosky Drive
West Milford, New Jersey 07480

Low cost spay and neuter certificates for cats available.


West Milford Messinger December 24, 2009

West Milford - The township council approved a trap-neuter-return policy for feral cats in West Milford. The policy attempts to ease the problems that over-populations of wild cats can cause in neighborhoods.

This ordinance names the West Milford Animal Shelter Society as a sponsor and gives it the responsibility to review and approve caregivers, those who feed, water and shelter the cats, of feral cat colonies. It also specifies that the shelter will bear any costs for caring for the cats.

Suggest you contact the shelter for more information about their programs for ferals.


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