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New Hampshire-Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, New Castle, Newington, North Hampton, Portsmouth, Rye, Seabrook and Stratham

Seacoast Food Pantry of New Hampshire
7 Junkins Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801
phone: 603-436-6161
phone: 603-436-0641

Monday: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
"The Red Hat Mamas are regular visitors with bags of goodies as are many other local individuals who support our shelves with whole grain bread, healthy snacks, personal care products and even pet food."
Thursday: 2:00PM - 6:00PM
Friday: 10:00AM - 2:00PM

New Hampshire-Conway-

Rozzie May Animal Alliance
175 Kancamagus Highway
Conway, NH
P.O. Box 38
Tamworth NH 03886

When times are hard for people, animals also suffer. When families lose their homes, their animals can also become homeless, ending up in crowded shelters, depressed and confused at their abandonment. Local food pantries are seeing greater need, greater numbers. And animals are among the needy.

The Rozzie May Animal Alliance "Keeping Families Together Pet Food Drive" started collecting and distributing pet food in late August 2008 working with local human food pantries, the goal being to keep companion animals in their homes and out of shelters.

Keeping Families Together pet food drive has collected 7,086 pounds of dry dog and cat food and 1,868 cans... plus assorted treats and toys (10/08 - 12/09)  All food has been distributed to the following food pantries: Bartlett/Jackson, Gibson Center for Senior Services and Vaughan Community Services, N. Conway, Conway Congregational Church, Madison Church, St. Andrews, Tamworth and the Freedom food pantry.

New Hampshire-statewide-

HarnessLink July 7, 2009

The second Annual Rockingham Park Pet Food Drive to benefit the New Hampshire Food Bank, held over the July 4th holiday weekend to help families in need keep their beloved companion animals from going hungry, exceeded all expectations and was an even bigger success than last year's stellar effort.

While the exact total won't be known until the New Hampshire Food Bank collects and weighs the donations on Tuesday (July 7), Rockingham Park officials estimate that more than 5,000 pounds of pet food was contributed by all segments of the community over the three-day weekend. Last year, 3,000 pounds of dog and cat food were donated to the effort on the same holiday weekend.

Food pantries in the Granite State and all over the country are experiencing a dramatic increase in demand for pet food while their supplies and donations continue to shrink. Not only are people have a difficult time feeding their families, but their pets are having to do without as well. The New Hampshire Food Bank is being besieged with requests for pet food at all of its outlets and the need is growing.

New Hampshire Food Bank
62 West Brook Street
Manchester NH 03101
Phone: 603-669-9725
Fax: 603-669-0270

If you are in new Hampshire and in need of pet food, you should be able to receive some through your local food pantry served by the New Hampshire Food Bank.

New Hampshire-Dover-

Cocheco Valley Humane Society
262 County Farm Road
Dover, NH 03820
(603) 749-5322

Pet Food Assistance Program

We understand that sometimes making ends meet means making a list of priorities. Often times, animals are forced to be low on that list.

CVHS offers a food assistance program for residents in our service area who are challenged to meet the nutritional needs of their dog or cat due to financial burden.

Trying times can be temporary and with a little assistance, a pet owner can often find a way to keep their pet in their home. Keeping pets in their homes benefits the owner, the animals and CVHS. The owner isn't forced to surrender its beloved pet, the animal doesn't have to go through a stressful transition, and there's more room left in our shelter for other animals in need.

Please call CVHS at (603) 749-5322, x105 to learn more.


Foster's Daily Democrat March 25, 2010

"The number of animals arriving at the doors of the Cocheco Valley Humane Society has greatly increased over the last few years due to the challenging economic times. Many owners have had to surrender their beloved pets because they can no longer afford to care for them. CVHS supports the human, animal bond and would love to see a family pet remain in their home; it benefits not only the pet but the family. If feeding your pet has become an expense you can no longer afford, we are pleased to offer an alternative to surrendering your pet, the Pet Food Assistance Program.

"After completing an application and being approved, CVHS can provide food for your dog or cat. You must verify your income and your animal(s) must be spayed or neutered. If the animal is not spayed or neutered, CVHS can offer assistance (Plan B, low cost altering locations). If you would like more information or an application, please call (603) 649-5322, ext. 105. Also, if you know someone who is homebound and has a pet that may need pet food assistance, please let us know."

New Hampshire-Laconia-

New Hampshire Humane Society
1305 Meredith Center Rd.
PO Box 572
Laconia, NH 03246
Telephone: (603) 524-3252
Fax: (603) 524-9539

Pet Food Pantry
For our Feline & Canine friends in need...

The Pet Food Pantry is an ongoing program created to provide dog and cat food to families and individuals in need of assistance.

Please contact: Darlene at to register.

Should you want to donate to our Pet Food Pantry please stop by with cat or dog KIBBLE.


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