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Author Topic: two stories about the difference good food makes  (Read 1448 times)
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« on: December 28, 2007, 12:51:12 PM »

Recently I have heard two stories about pet feeding that I thought might be of interest here:

A short while back, I got into a conversation with a woman in a pet food store.  She told me that she'd had a small dog that got very sick at age 11 (did not say what of), had taken him to the vet, and been advised to euthanize him.  She and her husband were not willing to accept that, so went to a different vet.  The new vet told her to feed the dog only on home-prepared cooked chicken and rice and make sure he drank plenty of water for awhile.  Within 2 weeks, the dog had recovered!  According to this woman, they were so pleased with the results that they kept on feeding the dog one meal of dog food and one meal of chicken and rice each day for the rest of his life.  The dog lived to be almost 18, in excellent health.

Second story--A woman my husband knows said the final good-by to her beloved Siamese a couple of months ago.  This cat had a documented age of 27 (would have been 28 soon), and was the oldest cat in her vet's large practice.  Twice in the past few years, the cat had gotten sick and they thought the end was near.  But the woman and her family nursed him back to health.  I have been after my husband to find out what this cat was fed and what the treatments were that brought him back from death's door twice.  I finally found out:  She fed her cat the same good foods I feed mine (mainly Wellness and some others.)  She used herbal treatments including parsley juice (how she got the cat to take that, I'll never know) to supplement regular vet care when he was sick. They also did some home-cooking for him when he was ill.

Good food does make a difference.
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