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Author Topic: Kudos to Our Good Vets  (Read 3113 times)
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« on: September 19, 2007, 10:40:26 AM »

Let's talk about our Good Vets here.   A lot of vets are getting a bad rap.  There must be a lot of good ones, too.  Who has a good vet?  What do you like about him or her or them?  Vet names not necessary.

It is no secret that I want MrsP to clone her vet, Harvey  Grin

Are you working on that MrsP?   Wink

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« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2007, 01:58:16 PM »

I have a good vet. Dr. Downer at the animal hospital here has been looking after my dogs and cats for a few years. There are several vets at the clinic, but she is my favourite and a real sweet lady. Last summer, my old cat Strega finally needed to go to the rainbow bridge because of incurable cancer, and Dr. Downer took care of everything. She had a special little sitting room where we could all say goodbye to Strega, and she arranged for the cremation and the beautifully packaged return of the ashes. Got a nice card from the clinic and a donation to the veterinary school in Strega's memory.

She calls me from time to time, as we are working on a few things for Molly, who was rescued after Strega's passing. We are also planning some dentristy this month for Genji, my 17 year old cat.

Dr. Downer knows my pets well, and I hope we will be seeing her for a long time. She has quite a few dogs and cats (and other pets) of her own.

The vet techs (who also seem to have multi-pet households) all know us as well, and they are great to deal with.

The hospital is a little pricey but it is also a short walk from my house. The dogs even seem to know the route.
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« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2007, 02:10:04 PM »

My vet is not only the best in my eyes as he saved both my cats from the pet food nightmare and found the cancer in my pup --but about 2 years ago we had decided that our beloved golden Barkley could not suffer anymore from his incurable cancer so it was a Sunday that my husband called and he came to our house and allowed us to lay on the floor in our garage with Barkley (he was too weak to get up at that point) and we had classical music in the background as he administered the shot.....we were able to just lie and hold him and mourn there in the privacy of our home, in the place that he used to lie watching his "daddy" do his woodworking projects,,,,,,,,,,A week later we got a sympathy card from him as he knew that Barkley was our "kid" not our pet...............He is the best... Cry

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« Reply #3 on: September 20, 2007, 07:15:29 AM »

I have a wonderful vet that my cats have seen for over 15 years.  Yesterday evening I again had evidence of how good she is.  I arrived home from work to find that Phantom was unable to bear any weight on one of her front legs and was clearly in pain and distress.    Phantom is a high-jumper who is not always as cautious as she should be (at age 11 she still seems to think she is a kitten), and has injured herself in minor ways a few times before.  I had never seen Phantom in such bad shape.  I was convinced that she had broken or dislocated something, from her level of distress.

I called my vet’s office.  It was the end of her work day and she was seeing her last patient, ready to close the clinic in a few minutes.  The tech took the message and said that the vet would call me back as soon as she was done with this patient.  Within a few minutes, the vet called me back and told me to bring Phantom in and she would take a look at her.

The vet and her two techs stayed well after hours because my cat was in pain, doing x-rays, examining Phantom, and helping relieve the pain.  (Another thing I like about this vet is that besides traditional medicine she is also certified in homeopathic medicine—what she gave Phantom was arnica.)

Fortunately nothing appeared to be broken and the injury is apparently a sprain or severe strain.
Because of her compassion, this vet saved Phantom and me from a long, stressful, painful trip to the emergency clinic on the other side of the city.  She also copes very well with panicked pet parents!

When my older cats died, this vet and her partner in practice sent me cards and donated in the cats’ names to the companion animal fund of the local university vet school.  She also sends Christmas cards to me and the cats.  I appreciate that she has a cats-only practice, and has a quiet saying-goodbye room with comfortable chairs, etc. like shibadiva described above.  She also respects my decision not to over-vaccinate my cats and in fact encouraged me not to vaccinate Phantom again after Phantom had a reaction to rabies vaccine.  I’m not posting her name in a public place like this because I don’t have her permission, but I will continue to have her care for my cats as long as she is in practice.  And I want to say thanks.
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« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2007, 11:39:37 AM »

I have a wonderful vet.  I have been taking my cats to her for 20 years.  She has helped save the lives of two of my cats.  One from CRF and one from a vaccine associated fibrosarcoma.  She is wonderful to the cats - she has been known to give them kisses.  She even cried with my husband and I when we had to euthanize our baby Tao who had FIP.   Cry  She truly cares about my cats.  She even remembers the connection between my cats, my brother's cats, and my in-laws' cats who all go to her.  She will ask me about their cats and vice versa.

She will spend as much time as needed with me during office visits and on the phone.  She never hurries you along.  She is also open to trying new/non-traditional treatments.

I love my vet because it's obvious she loves my cats and all her other clients.  It's obvious the animals come before the money.  She actually switched practices for that very reason.

There definitely are wonderful vets out there.
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« Reply #5 on: September 20, 2007, 11:59:20 AM »

Well...I had a bad vet who I thought was okay up until the point that my Newf. had cancer.  It took three weeks until I could get a biopsy done.  The results were to be back in two days.  After two weeks of calling and getting nothing other than "we put a note on your chart for her to call" I went in in person and demanded the results. It took two more weeks and more prodding on my part to get any treatment options. Rufus was older for a giant breed, so I had already decided that I wasn't going to put him through surgery but just manage pain as long as possible.  But if you say you are researching treatment options, then do it.... They were always busy and the staff seemed stressed out.  And since I had 4 large breed dogs and 5 cats up until a month ago when Rufus finally passed on, I had plenty of business for them and would have thought they'd try a bit harder to keep it.

So I switched vets. 

The new vet is great! 

1.He handles his own after hour emergency calls. Where I live, there are a bunch of vets that take turns being on call for emergencies.  He participates in the group, but, as he put it, there are some of those vets that he would hate to send people to, so if at all possible, he comes in himself to handle emergencies. 

2.He's got a lot more experience then the old vet and it shows in the advice that he gives for similar issues.

3.All my pets have been calm and relaxed around him.  He doesn't try to make to large dogs get up on a table like some vets do, rather he gets on the floor so he's at their level.

4.He looks out for the patient's bottom line as well as his own.  When I took Rufus to see him, he suggested a different pain pill because it was a third of the price and he had seen just as good if not better results than what Rufus was put on by the old vet.  He also volunteered to call in a prescription to an online pet pharmacy because it would be cheaper for me to get an antibiotic for long term use that way then to get a similar antibiotic that he had in stock directly from him.

5.They don't over schedule.  The waiting room is never jammed packed like at some vets I go to.  The first appointment I had there, they had an emergency call to take care of.  I had to wait 10 minutes and the entire staff apologized to me for the wait.

6.He actually takes time to answer questions. The first visit, I asked a ton of questions and he didn't seem at all rushed to answer them.  When I had to take my kitty in (the silly thing bit the inside of her own mouth when the dogs chased her...sigh) he actually got out a model of a cats jaw to show how it works and why the swelling was causing issues, but once it was down, ever thing would be fine.

7. Rufus decided it was time to go on a Sunday morning...he started slipping in and out of awareness.  My vet said to name a time and he would meet us.  He was great about handling the after hours call, told us to take however long we needed... didn't charge for the euthanasia...just made the whole process as stress free as he could....sent a card later in the week.
« Reply #6 on: September 21, 2007, 04:59:24 AM »

I have been taking my animals to the same Vet for 17 years.   He has always been helpful & I have no problems talking to him even when the clinic is closed as he can be paged & always returns calls within the hour.  He  saved the lives of two of my dogs in emergency situations.   One was on New Years Day morning when a dog was sick & swelled up from a spider bite.  He met us at the clinic & administered to my dog & all turned out well.   The other time, I called & rushed a dog in to have emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen which also turned out well.   He has always been there when needed.   He does not push the foods that his clinic sells nor does he push unneeded vaccinations.   Last the prices charge are reasonable too.   
« Reply #7 on: September 21, 2007, 08:19:57 PM »

In the last year I have visited 3 vets and the last was terrific. Obviously, the other two were not. The new clinic was able to see my cat on an emergency basis and based on that I arranged for all my medical files to be sent to them and schedule a regular visit. It has been a great experience. Small waiting room but lots of staff. Everything is run efficently, but not hurried, time to address questions and concerns. My cat does not readily take to strangers but he was a perfect gentleman, as they handled him gently and with dignity. An excellent experience. We will be with them as long as we live in the area. 

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