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Author Topic: CATS: What home-prepared meal did Meowmie fix for you this week?  (Read 107722 times)
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« Reply #315 on: April 26, 2008, 01:10:01 PM »

The inspiration for this recipe is my great freind, 5CatMom and her divine kitties, Tony and Cleo.

Tony and Cleo’s Simple and Pure Beef
(if ground is very, very fresh, you may serve raw, if not it has to be cooked)

1 kilo       Ground Beef Top Sirloin
50 grams      Ground beef liver (optional if you are giving Cod liver oil or Vit
                          A&D supplement)
100 grams   Mixed shredded or purred cooked vegetables (Omit this if kitty is IBD; Add if kitty
                          tends to constipation; do not cook if kitty is hyper-T  --- any three: broccolli,
                          cabbage, peas, carrots, squash, zucchini, kale, etc)
1-1/4  Tsp    Eggshell
1 –2       4oz Jar(s)Beechnut’s Beef and Beef Broth Babyfood
1000mg      Taurine
1 Cup                  Spring Water (or sufficient for porcessing)

1.  Lightly cook the ground beef and liver, do not brown
2.  Mix everything in a large bowl
3.  You may add supplements to each serving meal.  My suggestions:
(a) 1 drop from a Vit E 100U
(b) dash Vit B complex
(c) 200mg salmon oil
(d) pinch extra taurine
« Reply #316 on: April 26, 2008, 02:04:48 PM »

Kaffe, thanks so much.  That looks yummy, and easy, too!

« Reply #317 on: May 06, 2008, 12:29:02 AM »

Meomie thought I was having GI issues since I barfed my raw food three times last month... so, she made me a special batch of COOKED and mushed-up chicken which she said will be easy on my tummy.  At first I wasn't so sure about it, but now, after the third plate, I've decided I like it after all!  This is what's in it:

Easy-on-the-Tummy Recipe

1 kilo          Ground chicken (since this is a cooked recipe, you can use pre-ground chicken from the
150 g       Mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, squash)
50 g       Brown or white Rice
1-1/2 tsp       Eggshell powder (cal:phos = 1.5:1)
1/8 tsp       Potassium chloride or iodized salt
1-1/2 C      Spring/distilled water or chicken broth
1000mg      Taurine

1.  Cook the chicken in a little water until done.  Set side
2.  Boil and over-cook the rice.  Set aside.
3.  Cut up the brocolli and squash, grate the carrots.  Boil in a pot until tender.
4.  Using a blender or food processor, thoroughly blend together chicken, rice, vegetables and water.  You may have to do a bit at a time. 
5.  Add taurine, pottasium chloride or iodized salt and mix very well.

The consistency of this recipe should be rather fine and pasty, so blend well. 

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« Reply #318 on: May 06, 2008, 04:20:39 AM »

Yummmy.  You're a lucky boy!

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« Reply #319 on: May 06, 2008, 04:29:07 PM »

OK, Chef Kaffe--I think you may have addressed this already somewhere in in the bowels (haha) of this tread, but I'm too scared to hunt for it!

Do you have a simple cooked grainless recipe that is good for CRF kitties?  My little Tessa seems to be doing well on just watered down Wellness canned Turkey & Chicken for this past year, so if it resembles that formula in numbers, maybe it would work for her & the rest of the cat crew here. 

I'll still keep their breakfast canned meal - not sure if that will allow me to scrimp on adding supplements to their home-cooked meals.  Taurine (or organ meats), oil & eggshell would be OK with me - but would I need to add others?

Thanks, and purrs  Grin Grin Grin

« Reply #320 on: May 06, 2008, 04:51:05 PM »

Hi Petsalve!

A few months ago, I did tinkerwith the home-made version of Hill's K/D diet and came up with this:

This is a home-prepared version of a popular and vet-recommended prescription diet for CRF cats (think k/d protein-restricted diet):

454 grams   Chicken Liver (you can use beef or pork liver)
2 Cups      Boiled white rice
2 Lrg      Hard boiled eggs, finely chopped
1 Tbsp      Vegetable Oil
1 tsp      Calcium carbonate or ground eggshell
1/8 tsp      Salt substitute (potassium chloride)
      Water for processing

Method:  Dice and braise the meat in the vegetable oil and retain the fat. Combine all ingredients and mix well.  Add water as necessary to increase palatability. Keep extra food covered in refrigerator.  In addition, you must give a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to your cat plus 250mg of taurine each day. 

I have a BIG problem with this recipe.  The only “meat” is organ meat – liver.  Think of all that Vit A!  Ay!   The only other protein source is egg.  This surprises me because the humble egg yolk has one of the highest phosphorus values per 100 grams – higher than chicken or beef or turkey.  And too much phosphorus is supposed to be a “no-no” for CRF kitties.  All that grain too!  The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is also a little on the high side calcium-wise (according to NATS, this recipe has 1014 mg phosphorus and one teaspoon eggshell contains around 1800 mg calcium carbonate).  On the plus side, it mentions using ground eggshell as the calcium source.  Recent research has shown eggshells to be a viable oral phosphorus binder.  Now, I don’t have a CRF kitty (Praise the Lord).  But I can’t help tinkering with this recipe and make it more like something I would actually feed my own cats.  I would start by reducing the liver and using an animal protein source like pork or chicken instead of eggs.  I would also minimize or completely eliminate the rice and put mixed pureed veggies in its stead.  How’s this:

100 grams   Braised or raw organic chicken heart
100 grams   Braised or raw organic chicken gizzard
200 grams   Braised or raw organic chicken dark meat (thigh or drumstick)
50 grams                Braised or raw organic chicken liver
100 grams   Cooked and pureed mixed organic kitty veggies (any three of these:
                          carrots, zucchini, broccoli,  peas, squash, pumpkin, asparagus)
100-200 grams      Cooked organic grains like oats or barley flakes (no rice or wheat or corn
                          please and absolutely no rice bran as rice bran has been shown to "leech" taurine from cat's GI)

1 to 1-1/2 cups water for processing - make it a little "soupy"

2/3 tsp             Ground/powdered egg shell (Cal: Phos = 1.3: 1)

1/8 tsp        Potassium chloride salt substitute
1000mg           Taurine

add supplements like vit B, vit C, vit E, salmon/fish oil/freshly ground flaxseed (for the omegas but NO cod liver oil!)

Phosphorus from meats:  908mg
vit A: 8544IU

Now, if you have a CRF kitty, PLEASE consult yor vet or vet nutritionist before you try any diet.

I know you said "no grains."  If you absolutely cannot use any type of grains, then in yur shous, I would simply substitute with vegetables... peas is a good choice I think.

If you remove the gizzards from this recipe, you'll come up with an even lower phosphorus recipe.  Its just that gizzards are quite tasty to some cats  Cheesy

I am presently tinkering with another CRF/CRI recipe that has to be low fat as well as low phosphorus (for a freind)... hard juggling act... I will post as soon as I perfect the ratios...  oh, by the way... you can make the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio in a CRF recipe higher like 1.5 (cal):1 --- especially if you are using eggshell.
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« Reply #321 on: May 06, 2008, 05:05:20 PM »

Yummy - that one sounds good, and simple!  Thank you thank you!

I'm not too worred about P binding or potassium levels right now since she's been doing well on no treatment or meds for a year, other than the soupy Wellness diet.  The Wellness Turkey is the lowest, and if I remember right, it's right around 1 for phosphorous on a dry weight basis (can't remember the units for this one).

We're printing this one out!  (a few cats always oversee the paper feed on the printer)
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