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Author Topic: Pet Postcard Project Helps Feed Shelter Animals  (Read 2741 times)
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« on: September 15, 2010, 02:18:52 PM »

""Pet Postcards" for this project are homemade and handmade postcards featuring your own pets that you make and then snail mail into The Pet Postcard Project. Each card you send earns food for shelter dogs. So far, this project has earned 92,000 pounds of food and $18,000 for shelter animals, and has received thousands of funny, weird, sad, cute, and profound cards, all filled with LOVE for a beloved pet.

1. "Your Postcards must be original and created by you and MUST HAVE THE IMAGE OF A DOG OR CAT ON IT (OR PART OF A DOG OR CAT), ideally a photo, to be considered for the contest. By sending in your Postcards you assert that you are the owner of or have permission to use all of the images or words on the Postcards.

2. "Categories: There are four categories for the cards: Confessions, advice, wishes, and "you know you love your dog/cat when."

"CONFESSIONS: Your True Dog Confessions and True Cat Confessions must be a real "confession" (a secret) from either the dog(s) or the human. Remember, secrets are rarely mundane.

"ADVICE: Your Dogvice or Catvice must be advice from dogs and/or cats to other dogs and cats. Dogvice and Catvice can be practical, philosophical, funny, weird, or thoughtful. Here’s what’s considered Dogvice or Catvice:
--Advice from a dog/cat to dogs/cats in general
--Advice from a dog/cat to humans in general
--Advice from a dog/cat to a specific dog/cat
--Advice from a dog/cat to a specific human
--Advice from a dog/cat to the world at large
--Advice from several dogs/cats to whomever
--Dog or Cat wisdom or insight
--Smart, original, witty, and/or deep or inspirational quotes from dogs and cats

"WISHES: Your dog or cat wishes must start with "I wish" or have some wish somewhere on the card. Can be deep or funny.

"YOU KNOW YOU LOVE YOUR DOG/CAT WHEN: "You know you love dogs/cats when" or "Your know you love your dog/cat when" cards should start with either of the above statements (choose either dog or cat).

"If it's not any of the above it's probably just a caption, and WILL NOT appear on the site and won't be eligible for an award.

"The Pet Postcard Project reserves the right to award a card in another category than stated in the contest list. In other words, if no acceptable cards come in for a particular award, another card will be awarded the prize, even if it doesn't fit in that category.

3. "You may submit multiple Postcards cards each month. The more the merrier! (and the more chances you have to win). Postcards cards will not be returned. Each card must be original - in other words, if you send 10 of the same exact card, it will only count 1 time.

4. "This contest is open to all ages.

5. "Postcards must arrive by snail mail (not email) on a 4” x 6” (give or take) postcard or postcard-sized piece of paper. Be creative.

6. "Eligible Postcards must arrive between the first day of the month and the last day of the month. If you mail your Postcards for one particular month and it arrives in the next month, it will be eligible for the month in which it was received. PPP is not responsible for lost or damaged cards.

7. "You MUST include your full name, snail mail address, an email address and a phone number on the back of EACH card (lack of this information may result in our inability to contact you and award your prize). IF IT IS NOT EASY FOR ME TO FIND ALL OF YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION, YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR AN AWARD.

"EXCEPTIONS: If you are submitting more than 10 cards, simply write your name legibly on the back of all of them (or put address stickers on them) and send in another card that has your name, your full address, email, and phone # on it. If you have won prizes before and know that we already have all of your contact info, you can just put your full name on the back of your cards.

"All Postcards cards that include contact information will be considered for judging. Postcards that arrive without the proper contact info are eligible to be posted on the site, but not for the contest. We need this information so that the sponsors can send you your awards - your info goes no further than that.

"PPP has no obligation to post any cards received (but I try to post them all!).

"NOTE: Mailing address MUST be a street address, not a PO Box.


9. "If you want acknowledgment of receipt, send a blank, stamped, self-addressed postcard.

10. "PPP reserves the right to substitute prizes with others of equal or greater value if a prize becomes unavailable. Provision of custom prizes are at the responsibility of sponsors, and PPP not responsible for the quality of those prizes or when and how they arrive. PPP reserves the right to not award a prize in a given month if no acceptable cards arrive appropriate for that award.

11. "Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are given as-is. An individual (the human) can win up to four prizes in any given month. Some prizes can not be won in consecutive months. Some prizes can only be won by the same person three or four months apart.

12. "PPP is not liable for any loss, damage, or injury associated with accepting or using the prizes.

13. "At the discretion of PPP, any entry that is considered lewd or depicts cruelty to animals will be disqualified. We do have a sense of humor, but not when it comes to mistreating animals.

14. "The Pet Postcard Project reserves the right to alter these rules.

15. "All Postcards received become property and copyright of You hereby agree to hold The Pet Postcard Project and its affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees, sponsors and assigns harmless from and against, and hereby waive any right to pursue, any claims of any nature arising in connection with the inclusion in, publication via or display on any Postcards site, or any other use authorized under these terms, of any Postcards or information submitted to us by you. (blah, blah, blah).

16. "The winning Postcards cards may or may not be posted on the site. The winner will be notified in the month after they were considered for the contest. Payment of any taxes is the sole responsibility of the winner.

17. "CANADIAN ENTRIES are eligible to count toward the food goal, but can no longer win awards (sorry!). Most of the sponsors will not ship to Canada. But we still love you, Canada!

"After contact, winner must provide an address for the prizes within 30 days. After that, winner forfeits all prizes.

"See monthly winners here. It’s recommended that you put your Postcards in an envelope to protect them, and you can put more than one in an envelope. Use paper, photos, and arts and crafts supplies -- anything you need to get creative. Help your dog with the scissors and glue stick please. Send postcards to:

The Pet Postcard Project
676A Ninth Ave.
New York, NY 10036

How Postcards Turn Into Pet Food
1. "A pet food company agrees to pledge a certain amount of food per postcard that comes in. Sometimes it's a "meal" (1/3 of a pound), sometimes a pound, sometimes much more - once we had a 128 pound per postcard pledge!
2. "Next, Spokesdogs or Spokescats, or several animals who want to form a team, sometimes even a high school or college club or school district, or even a pet-loving company, "adopt" The Pet Postcard Project for one month (sometimes two months), choose a shelter to be the recipient of the food, and drive cards into my mailbox through their social networks and friends and family.
3. "At the end of the month, cards are tallied and the shelter is sent the food. Often there's a card goal - every Spokesdog/cat has always met the goal and every shelter has gotten the food. "
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