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Author Topic: ! Never Again ! No more pet foods mass slaughter!  (Read 1611 times)
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« on: December 29, 2007, 01:03:17 PM »

Absolutely... Never Again, no more pet food mass slaughter!

Tools necessary.

- COOL (Country of Origin Legislation) enforced immediately with full food ingredients country of origin on all food products.

- Cutting off all imports from any country who repeatedly and with malice ship tainted food to the United States. Logical countries to cut off immediately the worst offenders - Mexico and China.

- FDA power to require mandatory recalls from all food producing companies. Companies MUST comply with mandatory recall stipulations or the upper management and top stockholders can be held criminally liable and subject to substantial fines on a scale depending upon the true assets of the company (not the tax sheltered and illegal moneys).

- Immediate Court Appearances and soon to be scheduled trials of all pet food plaintiffs in Federal Court.

- Classifying pets as property but with the added stipulations from the US Congress that pets should have a protective status -- somewhere between property ownership and short of human rights. To give up our rights of ownership gives outside entities and the government the ability to dictate to us our treatment and care of our animal family members

Necessary United States Congress Legislation needs to be passed immediately. It should be grandfathered inclusive of the plaintiffs to the first pet poisoning recalls up to the day of bill passage. Upon appeal request (you know there will be many, money talks) quickly move to the Federal Appeals Court.

- Necessary -

The right of the owners to recover actual money expenditures, reimbursement of legal counsel if the plaintiffs prevail and the right to claim punitive damages.

The above IMNSHO only. It's amazing how fur (sad pun not intended) when the American people unite on one single cause can fly!
Safe foods for all family members.

Anyone interested in contributing to these shared resources... jump right in!

The Independent Centrist
Safe Foods
Boycott China
About Dogs

To spread the word... write all your direct elected representatives (local, state, federal) as well as hit the Congressional Committees (most important both Agriculture Committees) frequently.

Make your own:

- webpages
- start your own dog group on MSN and/or Yahoo (I have many!)
- stay involved in dog rescue
- start your own wiki
- make petitions
- sign petitions
- take any opening in conversations as a "teachable" moment with family, friends, and strangers.
- actively post to the groups and forums (many we hope) you are a member.


Share and share alike. Just properly cite the name of the page and its URL - Universal Resource Link (aka web address, jump link).
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