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Author Topic: NAFTA and Food Safety - Trade Lower Labor Costs for Health?  (Read 1498 times)
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« on: January 02, 2008, 06:46:29 PM »

The following data was compiled for the Congress by
the Congressional Research Service and submitted to
them in July of 2007.

When you read these tables, please remember which
countries were the primary beneficiaries of NAFTA.

Also, try and figure out which U.S. multinational
companies reaped the benefits.

Table 1. Leading Suppliers of U.S. Agricultural and
Seafood Imports, CY2006
(value in billion U.S. dollars)

WORLD TOTAL65.33313.14378.475

Source: USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), BICO Import Commodity Aggregations.

Table 2
Number of Import Refusals by Country (in order)
May 2006-April 2007

Mexico                        1,271
India                           1,109
China                           720
Dominican Republic         593
Vietnam                        335
Indonesia                      334
Japan                           295
Italy                            228
Thailand                       218
United Kingdom              206
Canada                        193

Source: FDA Import Refusal Reports for OASIS.

A couple of items are worth noting.

1. Canada, which is the largest exporter of foodstuffs to the U.S.
by a wide margin, ranks only 11th on import refusals, and one
of the best by percentage.

2. China is not the worst by total refusals. Mexico is.

3. When ranked as a PERCENTAGE, China is much worse
than Mexico.

The question remains................

Is FREE TRADE really "free"?

Who gained in this trade deal?

The answers are obvious, but I'll let you fill in the blanks.

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