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Author Topic: Labels I can understand wanted NOW  (Read 1709 times)
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« on: October 05, 2007, 09:22:25 AM »

I want to know exactly what I'm buying at the grocery store or discount store or pet food store or
retail establishment. I don't recall as a citizen of the United States ever surrendering to food producers,
importers, or retailers my right to have this information so I can make my own food purchasing choices and
vote with my food purchasing buck.

I want to know what countries every one of the ingredients or products came from, whether it be
meat, fruits, vegetables, or any other kind of processed packaged food.

I want to know whether the source of the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and calories listed on the
food label are entirely from a food source or some chemical additive put in there by the food
producer or importer and where that ingredient came from.

I want to know whether the food product has been inspected by any agency of the
United States government, whether it be the USDA, FDA, CPSC, and has been tested
or certified in any manner.

I want to know that any food producer, importer, or retailer of contaminated food will have the profits
from that contaminated product confiscated by the government and used entirely for the treatment and care
of the people or animals they have sickened.

I wouldn't want any of these things if the theory of agri-business "self-regulation" had not failed so miserably
with the pet food recall of 2007 and other massive recalls of contaminated food and drugs and supplements
and products in the United States of 2007.

I expected my elected representatives in Washington, D.C., to respond NOW and give me the right to
make an informed choice on all food purchases NOW and for whom to vote NOW before the elections of 2008.

Of all the critical issues facing the United States, none is more fundamental than the choice of what food to
feed your loved ones. No contaminated food once consumed can be recalled. Give me a clear food labeling
system NOW so I can stop playing Russian roulette with mislabeled food products at my local grocery store.

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3cat- Well said !

"the world's most inept extortionist"
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