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Author Topic: please help millie taken  (Read 2145 times)
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« on: September 05, 2009, 05:16:00 PM »

my daughters boyfriend bought his mom a pug. she didnt want it so he gave it to my daughter when she lived here. shortly after they moved out. the pug was born 6-22-08. i acquired the pug to my best knowledge was nov 2008. I told my daughter and her boyfriend that i would give them 300.00 for the pug. Even tho they didnt ask for money i offered, but they had to wait til after my divorce. Now from nov 2008 til now everything been fine. this monday he came over and said the pug needed its shot. i told him i got appt. friday for one will take her in also and told him to have her records faxed. he said the appt. was made and he be charged 50.00 dollars for canceling. I had no reason to not trust him so i said ok and gave him number for my vet so his vet could fax the records. he said he be back with her. after an hour an half my son called him and he told my son he wasnt bringing her back. I called the police the next day. He told the officer on the phone that i never paid him. The officier told him if that was the situation then bring her back and she will give you the money. He said no. He wanted her now. He admitted to the officer that he told me he was bringing her back. Now for almost a year I have cared for this pug. They paid for her spay and brought her right back to me never once asking for money and I tended to her and gave her meds for pain .I have fed and housed her for almost a year.. I have a neighbor even remembers talking to my daughter about the agreement. Even tho verbal. I have pics in the winter with her. They even that night sent me a text saying if you pay us the money we will bring her back. Which I still have. The officer even told him of it and he still said no. My question is do I have a chance. I have had her for almost a year. text message saying money for dog. He admitting he told me he was bringing her back. plus to the officer in the report. I got her papers evem tho she in his moms name still but in my possession. They gave them to me when I got the pug. Plus neighbors to testify on care for the pug plus one knowing the verbal conversation. I even offered them the money for her being spayed even tho not part of agreement and i cared for her just to settle out of court. also can I ask for boarding the pug for a year and food cost if I cant get her back which would be more than me paying for her. I dont want the money but he cant have it both ways. now they sent me a text saying pay for millie plus vet bill when she had, which was ok with me then said no, Cant handle no more
Thanks cats
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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2009, 06:27:39 PM »

Welcome cats. I'm sorry for the situation your daughter & bf have put you in,but don't know if anyone can help you now other than a lawyer. If it were me I would definitely seek legal help. It doesn't sound like they care about the dog or will take proper care of her,so you should act as soon as possible. If you check the legal aid listings in your area they should be able to help you find someone.

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« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2009, 06:45:52 PM »

Not trying to be glib or anything -- this is an awful situation, but I do watch a lot of Judge Judy and there have been many cases where people have either wanted their dog back or the money for care. It is a small claims court, so you might want to check into filing there. Any monetary award for the dog probably wouldn't go over 5,000 but you'd have to check on whether they could award you custody of the dog. In that case, I think a county sheriff would accompany you to get her. Good luck, I do hope you get her back.

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