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Author Topic: Pet Data Inc. - Big Brother from College Station TX...  (Read 5499 times)
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« on: September 10, 2007, 03:06:20 PM »

I'll cut to the chase, I am sure many on this forum already know of Pet Data, Inc. ostensibly of Dallas/Irvine, TX... a private company charged with collecting private information on you and your pet, in collusion with lawmakers to ...

  • make it mandatory for you to license your dog (soon cats too, OK so nothing wrong with that?),
    and vaccinate your dogs and cats (depending on your location)
  • make it mandatory for counties across the US to enter into agreement with PET DATA, INC.
    made it mandatory to transfer YOUR and YOUR PETS' private, identifying and in some cases,
  • financial information to PET DATA.
    make it mandatory for your vet to pass this information along, for which PetData collects a fee...

This has the stamp of a practice that has run rampant in this Adminstration - a disgusting perversion of the US legal system to enrich White House cronies - their public-private partnerships model which is: a public mandate (often good ones), a very private slush company connected with the White House, interlocking ties with legislatures and Foundations - a deadly organizational cocktail that sucks away our privacy, providing we the people with zero transparency, no accountability or way to trace anything... including what they do with our data... which is extremely disturbing, because a little digging will show you the short hop there is between PETDATA and the big, nasty chemical companies so dear to the Bush family, of College Station TX - and the Humane Society of the United States, "the largest, wealthiest animal extremist organization in the country--one that is dedicated to eliminating pet ownership-- which already using PetData as a mouthpiece."

They do it by outsourcing a public mandate to a private Bush family crony company, get US States to pass laws that end up serving up our private data to private companies literally their backyard, a hop skip and jump away from the same people who own the same chemical companies passing out mandatory chemicals from the toxic genocidal ilk of the "Son of Ig Farbens" such as pet and human vaccines...

PetData Inc is the private company serving a public mandate. There is zero oversight. They have as moutpiece the Humane Society. Start counting the interlocking directorates that end up at Bush's Crawford front door (College Station, TX)

OI Corporation -  "O.I. Corporation, dba O.I. Analytical, provides innovative products used for chemical analysis. The Company develops, manufactures, sells, and services analytical instrumentation that detects, measures, analyzes, and monitors chemicals in liquids, solids, and gases. The Company also provides products used to digest, extract, and separate components of chemical mixtures. The Company provides application-specific solutions for the environmental, defense, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, petrochemical, chemical, semiconductor, power generation, and HVAC industries. Headquartered in College Station, the Company's products are sold worldwide by direct sales, independent sales representatives, and distributors."

Check out their share holders and directors, and insiders, esp. who is FARNUM STREET CAPITAL (another name for PETDATA) which received a 'GIFT' of shares from OI Corporation... where he is the #1 man...

Check out THAT financial interlock with  Newcastle  Capital  Management/Partners, a closed private equity fund, which contains some heavy hitters in Europe and China...

... so PETDATA isn't just a little database that can do - your data is in the hands of some of the most powerful corporate people on the planet, some of whom I can personally can vouch for as financial terrorists.  Many of which ALSO wrote the script for this subprime mortgage disaster, which is merely S&L v2....
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« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2007, 08:32:35 PM »

I agree that this is big brother/nanny state/discrimination stuff but I’m sorry, I just don’t see a connection to the white house here. Nothing to do with the Patriot Act at all.

Take a look at who has an interest in this data collection and you’ll find that HSUS is behind this. It says they are “partners” right on the website. Why?  Breed specific and mandatory spay/neuter laws have been unsuccessful without hard data. They have found a loophole that allows them to collect the data they need, specifically the breeds and reproductive status of every dog in the US and Canada, one rabies shot at a time, one jurisdiction at a time, and they are collecting a fee to do it. It genius. They can even sell this private information to the insurance industry, itching to cancel your home owner’s policy or charge you a premium for having a breed on their “potentially dangerous” list.   
Houston has already challenged this. Hopefully others will wise up before it’s too late.
Because PetData is not a "governmental entity," Harris County Animal Control is prohibited from disclosing to PetData any "nformation contained in a rabies vaccination certificate or in any record compiled from the information contained in one or more certificates that identifies or tends to identify an owner or an address, telephone number, or other personally identifying information of an owner of a vaccinated animal is confidential and not subject to disclosure under Chapter 552, Government Code."

Quote from: Klondike
Found that searching for Petdata.  Lane County, Oregon, was considering a special sales tax to support animal control like the 'sin taxes' that are so popular and corrupting placed upon tobacco and booze...(they even mention those taxes in the document), upon the sale of PET FOOD!!!

1.   Why should we pay a sin tax for owning pets? 
A couple of reasons, If you can’t kill something by banning it, you make it politically incorrect and tax it to death. Make no mistake about it, the animal rights movement seeks to end pet ownership. Petdata is a huge step to that end.  The shelters are the propaganda they use to gain public support and sympathy. Let’s not forget that HSUS has the cloak of tax exempt status, yet they have no animal shelters. Plenty of high paid lawyers and lobbyists that seek to change our laws are on the payroll though. Now they have found additional power and revenue as the pet tax collector.     

I will not vaccinate in a Petdata jurisdiction.
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2007, 12:55:59 PM »

Looks like Japan is not the only country experiencing a plague of leeches.  Pretty soon pet owners will be as bad off as parents of human children dealing with the public school system, only we might end up paying a special tax for the privilege. (see page 35)

Found that searching for Petdata.  Lane County, Oregon, was considering a special sales tax to support animal control like the 'sin taxes' that are so popular and corrupting placed upon tobacco and booze...(they even mention those taxes in the document), upon the sale of PET FOOD!!!

1. Why should we pay a sin tax for owning pets?  Do people pay an additional sales tax on school supplies to pay for the school system?

2. Can you even begin to imagine how much more political power that would give to the pet food companies if counties or states were directly dependent on a sales tax like that?

I wonder if the pet owner/sinner tax went through?


I forgot to add that from OI - a shell forrmerly known as Oceanography International, hence, OI,  they stuffed a large chemical company into -  and that's a story that begins in CHINA and involves some scientists from NASA way back- you get to GalxoSmithKline and Chinese big Pharma in a heartbeat...

In OI you have not only Petdata and links to Glaxo, but others ... cross directorships ... not just the Humane Society - once a good thing, as Martha would say.... many key organizations formed to uphold a standard of decency in America have been as infiltrated as the DOJ has been...foundations and organizations everywhere, from EPIC (Privacy watchdog) to the subprime mortgate architects of doom at the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and even the once "liberal media" such as public radio have been - the journalists, the agents, the good people in intel. and justice all have the same horror stories which began end of 2004... and they all tow that line of Big Brother's... soon, if you want to breathe O2, Big Pharma is going to find a way to make you pay...

PS The connection to the NWO cabal in Crawford (through College Station, TX) is  undisputed by every single serious researcher, and least of all by strategic elements of the cabal itself - they once told me me, "you could have joined us..."  - personally I might have, but I replied there is this little thing of murdering 3,000 civilians (6 years ago to the day), and then setting out to massacre over a million others "in their name" (but for their own long-planned ends)  - I couldn't wouldn't buy into that... I could tell you loads more about who's watching this board... but I will continue that privately...
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