Low-Cost-Free Veterinary Care

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Holly's Place Animal Rescue
P. O. Box 455
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
(502) 859-5342


Feral cat program.


Spay/neuter application for dogs and cats.




Contact page at link.

Kentucky Humane Society



Spay and neuter clinic information at links.  Vaccinations, some lab tests, nail trims and microchipping available at clinic.


"Financial Fix” Program
If you are unable to afford our low-cost services, the S.N.I.P. Clinic offers financial assistance options to those who qualify. Please call 502-636-FIX1 (3491) to learn more about our “Financial Fix” program and how you can apply.


Free Pit Bull Surgeries
Because of the overpopulation of this breed in our area, no pit bull will be turned away as a S.N.I.P. Clinic client, regardless of the owner’s financial situation. KHS will reserve several surgery spots each day to perform free pit bull surgeries for those who cannot afford the low-cost rates. 

Please call 502-636-FIX1 (3491) to learn more about free spay/neuter surgeries at no cost.

Kentucky-Middlesboro-Bell County-


Friends of the Shelter
P.O. Box 2534
Middlesboro, Kentucky 40965

Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP):

Each client completes SNAP application.  The SNAP program is for individual pet owners who need assistance in getting their pets spayed or neutered.
The client pays as much as they can afford of the cost of the spay/neuter surgery. Friends of the Shelter will pay any remaining expense for the operation, keeping in mind that the more each client pays, the more people we can help.

In addition, each animal will receive current vaccinations costing between $9.00 and $16.00, and paid for by the client. This means that the client will pay at least $9.00/animal, and then as much of the remaining cost of surgery as they desire.


At least once each year the FOS hosts a free clinic for for pet owners who need financial assistance in getting their pet spayed or neutered. These clinics are for cats or dogs that are in good health who old enough for the spay/neuter surgery, and for pet owners who qualify for the financial assistance.
Each clinic will spay or neuter as many as 80 animals, providing basic health checkups on each along with some vaccinations. The clinics are funded through the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and are are limited to families earning no more than $15,000 a year, or to elderly or disabled individuals living on Social Security. Proof of income is required.

Contact Friends of the Shelter for more information on the next free spay/neuter clinic.

Kentucky-Mt. Washington-Bullitt County


HOPE for Pets, Inc.
218 Red Cardinal Drive
Mt. Washington, KY  40047


Please contact the one of the following people if you have questions or need additional information.  Or, call 955-3586 and a volunteer will contact you within 24 hours.


HOPE for Pets is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of stray, shelter and companion animals in Bullitt County, Ky.  Our programs are designed to eliminate pet overpopulation and provide assistance for pet care needs to the elderly, low-income and special need members of our community.


The Jordan Memorial Fund

Veterinarian Medical Assistance for Seniors with Senior Pets

There are proven benefits to owning a pet and our goal at HOPE for Pets is to help prevent any senior from having to give up their senior pet due to not being able to afford their pet's medical bills.

Kentucky-Richmond-Madison County-


Humane Society, A.L.L.
P.O. Box 2094
Richmond, Kentucky  40476
Voice Mail - (859) 626-5600


We can help curb the increase in number of unwanted animals through our Discount Spay/Neuter Program.  The program provides qualifying residents with the means to have their pets altered at a much reduced rate. 
This discount is offered through the cooperation of the Humane Society, A.L.L., Madison County area veterinarians, the Madison County Fiscal Court, and the City of Richmond for residents of Madison County only.  Authorization of this certificate is dependent on the availability of funds.  More than 80% of the funds used for this program must be raised by the Society.

If you have adequate income to have your pet spayed or neutered, please do not apply.  This program is intended for low-income individuals and/or individuals on governmental support (SSI, Disability, etc).

Application at link.


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