Author Topic: Anyone interested in chipping in a little to fund vet care for an ailing kitty?  (Read 47380 times)

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This cat belongs to an online friend of my daughter's. Schrodinger is a little under a year old, and over the past week has become ill and lethargic, reason not known at this time. The vet care needed (including possible transfusion) is not affordable for the family, so I said I'd post a link here, in case anyone would be interested in chipping in a bit to their GoFundMe. They will donate whatever they do not use to an organization that helps fund vet care for low-income families. (More details at the link) They have I think 2 other cats, but Schrodinger/Ding is the only one who is ill.
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Happy to help !
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Aww what a cute kitty. I hope he'll be alright.
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Awww, I hope they can figure out whats going on with the lil guy.  I'll pitch in what I can.   :-*


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I don't do online donations, but could mail a check directly to their vet. If you want to message me with the necessary information, I will send something to help. That's a precious little girl cat.