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Title: Beautiful bengal kittens and cats
Post by: trudy1 on September 21, 2008, 01:37:18 PM
My friend raises and shows bengals, at least She did when i was. She has great cats.
He female got preg, by mistake, by Her daughters cat who was visiting. So, I would say the kits are 75% bengals. They look just like them. They are all so cute, black spotted.
She has a few older cats that are fixed that She's looking for a good home for also.
The reason I mentioned the kittens is that She is going north for Thanksgiving. she will be in Baltimore, then on to Conn, Mass, and New Hampshire, and finally to maine. I know most of You take great care of your cats, kittens, so if anyone is interested, please let Me know. she was going to charge, but I can talk Her out of that for a great home for any of them.
I don't have pictures yet, because of the computer, still giving Me a hard time.