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Title: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: mgt on June 05, 2008, 06:56:04 PM
Hello everyone...  I just spoke to my neighbor and she said she may be wanting to give away her little doggie.  Let me give you a little bit of information on the situation. 
My neighbor is about 80 years old and has a husband that has parkinsons disease.  Her daughter gave her the little dog about a year ago because she didn't want him anymore.   :(  Anyway, she is having a lot of trouble with her husband as he is struggling with his disease and it is getting worse now.  She told me that she didn't want the little dog... she never wanted a dog but that her kids get them and then don't want them anymore then want to give them to her.  (I already took in a deaf boxer they had last chrismas (they didn't want him either and I didn't want him to end up in a bad place as he was deaf)  My parents took him in and now he has a great home  ;D ) Anyway...  I feel really bad for this little guy.  I really wish I could take him in myself, I would in a heartbeat if I could, but I can't.  I have Leeah and my 2 foster doggies that I am going to be adopting soon.  I have had the fosters for far too long, I don't think I could ever bear to let them go...  Well, let me tell you a little bit about Onyx.. you will get a better picture as to the main reason why they don't want him... He has a severe skin condition... his flanks are balding, his little legs are balding too... He is the cutest little guy though, He is a scottish terrier, pure-bread, about 2 years old (black).  If I can get a picture I will post it here... I have asked my neighbors to take him to the vet in case he has cushings because of his balding flanks.  They aren't the type that really care to spend money on "just a dog"...  :-X :-X  Anyway, if anyone knows of anyone looking for a darling scotty... very cute.. but unfortunatly needs some vet help...  please let me know...  He has these really sad eyes... so cute!!  I will post a picture when I can get one. 

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: mgt on June 06, 2008, 06:23:14 PM
Thank you for your relpy Klondike.. yes I guess location would help  ;)  I live in South Texas (Rio Grande Valley)  I hope it is just allergies too... I really hope so.  It could also be environmental allergies because it is very humid here.  I have bought him some digestive enzymes and some dietary enzymes too.  Also some fatty acid oil (that hemp seed oil)  He also is eating kumpi...  but he has had these "allergies" since he was born, I am thinking that it is getting worse now though... it is very sad.  As for the supplelments... I hope that they give them to him... I just ordered them and gave them to them.  I was hoping that it would help.  He "started" using thses about 2 months ago.  He is this lonley little dog... usually spends his time sleeping or looking out the gate all alone.  I feel so bad for him.  He is SUPER cute...  and is a very good little boy too, just not very appreciated.  You know I was thinking that he could also have a flea allergy... maybe he has fleas...?

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: carolo on June 06, 2008, 06:35:55 PM
Was just going to ask about flea allery or mites.  I don't know about Scotties and have not looked them up but just responding here first.  Is there possibly a breed rescue that could help with this?  Breaks my heart every time I hear a story like this, and in this particular instance it is hard to place blame on the current owners.  It would be helpful if this little boy could be evaluated by a vet in order to place him properly.  I'll see what I can turn up in the way of Scottie Rescue.  Some rescue organizations have a fairly good pipeline for transportation, too, so out of the area or out of state isn't necessarily impossible.

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: carolo on June 06, 2008, 06:50:00 PM
One of the following might be able to help right away: (
And out of your area of Texas but I bet they have contacts: ( (
And the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Houston (

And finally The Scottish Terrier Club of America Rescue (

Am sure you've done this yourself by this point, but just in case I think one of the above might be immediate help for this sweet and deserving dog.  He needs a forever home and a complete workup.  Often Rescue has the funds for the labs and exams and can then provide possible adoptive homes w/ excellent info so that he does not once again have to go begging for a family of his own.  Most breed rescue groups do extensive screening of adoption applicants.

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: mgt on June 06, 2008, 08:11:13 PM
Oh, thank you Carolo!!!  Thank you for your efforts, I already started contacting them...  Thank you so very much!!!  WOW!!!  I will let you guys know if any respond. 

I too wish I could take him in to the vet!!!  I was thinking to do just that, but I got a little set back with everything that started happening with my baby girl.

Oh, I wish you guys could see him he is so cute!!  It is sad to see him so lonley...  he listens to me too  :)  The other day I found him outside of the yard and I called him and he came to me and I got to put him in the gate.  I have lived here at this house going on 3 years this Sept. now and since moving here they have had 7 dogs... 3 have passed away (gotten out of the yard!!!) and 3 have found new homes (1 to my parents) and then there is Onyx.  I have put their dogs in their yard countless times and one of them I found down the street after he had been missing for a couple of days...  :'(  It was bad.  I felt so depressed when we moved here as it seems as if I have seen so many roaming doggies... I stopped walking my dogs in the neighborhood as there are too many dogs running free.  I walk them in the yard about 1hr a day or so... we carved a valley in the ground!!!  Anyway, I wanted to say thank you!!!  I will let you guys know what happens.

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: ChelsAndPhoebs on June 18, 2008, 03:33:33 PM
You can post your own classified ads in Petfinder.  Might be worth a try.  Good Luck

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: mgt on June 20, 2008, 08:06:02 PM
Thank you all for your replies, I actually contacted and had a response from one of the rescues that Carolo gave me and they are willing to take him in and get him some much needed vet care, but wouldn't you know it...  the son of my neighbor asked me: "Have you been talking to my mom?"  I said yes... he said, because we are going to keep him... I thought NOOOOO...  so he is still there... poor little baby...  He got out the other day and came into my yard... I picked him up and was looking at him.  He has "puss" scabs all over his body.  BAD!  I think I am going to give the Wellness Core a try to see if it might clear anything up, just in case he is allergic to any grains.  Other than that, I gave them some digestive and dietary enzymes, fatty acid oil, olive leaf tincture for the infections, ear wash, apple cider vinegar, and some little mix I made of olive oil and lavender oil.  I don't know if they use it or give it to him, but I hope so!!!  I am going to go pick up a small bag of food tomorrow so that they can do the transition thing slowly.  I pleaded with him to take him to the vet... I honestly would take him myself but I am a bit tight on cash right now... (VERY tight.... as we only get paid once a month and this month was very slow) so we will see.  I will keep you posted, if any one has any suggestions, please let me know!!  Also what does anyone think of the food?  I think this is the only grain free I can find in my area since now they are selling it at PetCo...  other than that I will have to order it and it will be to pricey for me.  Thanks everyone!!

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: mgt on June 20, 2008, 08:12:43 PM
Oh no!! I was just able to read the PetCo contamination topic!!! now I am at a loss...???

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: lesliek on June 20, 2008, 09:24:31 PM
mgt- How about a little homemade chicken with just some carrots & gr beans ? Can you get a picture ? I have someone I am working on about taking him. She's a senior with a 6 yr old yorkie. Lives in a condo ,but does take hers out for exercise. Only problem for her or rescue is getting them to give him up. Maybe next time he gets out you could "lose him". I don't know if any of your grocery stores have it,but there is a refridgerated food here called Freshpet. Comes in beef or chicken. Its meat,brown rice & veg & you just cut it up & feed it. If its available & you want to try it I have $2 off coupons. Send me a pm with your address & name & I'll mail them.It's usually $3.99 a lb so with coupon $2 a lb.It would be the easiest for his current owners though. Do you have any pet food or feed stores that might have Natures Logic or Natures Variety Instinct ?NL is not grain free,but only has flaxseed meal & the mont.clay like NV.

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: catmom5 on June 21, 2008, 04:23:26 AM
That little guy needs to be yanked from that family and put into a good home. Puss on his skin means he's not getting the medical care he needs ~ i.e. abuse/neglect, IMHO. What happens if he wanders into the road or gets attacked by another animal or someone puts out poison that he gets into? Perhaps animal control could be persuaded to help you persuade the family to let him go?  If you approached it that you have a friend who would love to have him, good home, etc. These people either are clueless, or worse, and don't have any business keeping this dogger.

Keep us posted.

That's how I felt when I found Linus' people ~ poor little kitten full of fleas and so undernourished. No way he was going back to them!  My baby boys, Jonas and Sampson, were in worse shape when they wandered into my yard and I called the cruelty officer at the local humane society to try and get the other three littermates taken away from the girl who thought it would be fun to have kittens.  AAAARRRGH

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: ChelsAndPhoebs on June 21, 2008, 02:56:23 PM
Catmom is right, not providing  needed medical care is against the law.  Have you thought of calling your local SPCA so that they can come out and insist medical care be given or take the dog away?

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: mgt on June 21, 2008, 04:14:45 PM
I agree with you guys... you see, there is no SPCA here... the only thing that I can do is call animal control.. I really don't want to do that though.  This area is in desperate need of pet education... there is an SPCA in another city near by though..  I used to be normal, but when I moved here, I have turned into this strange fearful person full of anxiety all of the time.  See, there is too many people with the mentality that pets can fend for themselves... they don't need a fenced yard, they live tied up to a tree with out shade, they don't need a special diet...  it makes me very sad.  I literally do have anxiety attacks when I see a doggie running down the street.  I have seen more animals on the side of the road than I EVER have anywhere else.  I moved here about 5 years ago...  I noticed the "don't" care attitude immediatly.  The type of mentality that people raise puppies for income and sell them out on the parking lot, now just at the border line of the city limits, just the other day this lady was selling baby Tiger cubs (the white ones) ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!!  Of course she got arrested and the cubs are now at the zoo.  Oh well I don't mean to rant on... 

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: ChelsAndPhoebs on June 22, 2008, 10:56:14 AM
mgt - I know that the Houston SPCA services surrounding cities.  You may want to give the closest SPCA a call and see if they can do anything.  My heart is breaking for that little one.  Some people just don't care about their pets....makes you wonder why they bother to bring an animal into their homes.  I'm glad to hear the tiger cubs are now in good hands.  Good luck.

Title: Re: Onyx, a little boy may need a home soon...
Post by: Scratch on September 19, 2008, 06:53:27 AM
Maybe there is a senior group that could help??  Even if not local, somewhere there must be a state or national humane or senior group that helps seniors with these situations.  These people need help, not court.