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Title: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: Trudy on January 02, 2008, 05:46:45 PM
Does anyone know for sure when the pets started getting sick? I'm wondering if it was way before the recall. And i'm wondering for a reason. Before I say anything i wanted to see what everyone thought? thanks,

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: Mandycat on January 02, 2008, 05:59:15 PM
I seem to recall that some people thought that their pets were affected by food that was ultimately recalled as far back as Nov. or Dec. of 2006.  That's just my recall without looking anything up.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: Nabiya on January 02, 2008, 07:01:15 PM
Trudy, I think it may depend on the type of food as to when it all started.  I think Nutro Max Classics pouched was contaminated as long ago as July 2006.  I lost an 11 year old kitty then who developed renal failure overnight and within 3 days she was dead.  I had just given her the first Nutro pouched then.  And the way she died was not typical of either chonic or accute kidney disease, yet her kidneys shut down completely.  At the very end she was having such horrible seizures I could barely hold her body down with mine on top of it.  In March then when I first heard of the contaminated food and Nutro was one of them, I knew what had happened.  Fortunately my other two cats never ate it and were on dry food only.  My, how times have changed.  It disgusts me to think of what I've fed them over the years and the bull poo poo that was fed to me.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: MarySmith on January 02, 2008, 07:40:24 PM
I can't prove anything so what I say in the following is just IMO:

In Dec '05 a friend of mine lost a healthy 12 yr old kitty after only a 4 day illness. Kitty was fine one day - very sick the next - ER vet said that it looked like he has gotten into some anti-freeze which my friend knew had not happened because this kitty had been inside the house. Since I can't prove anything I'd rather not say the TREATS that this kitty was eating. Kitty was using these treats as about 1/2 of his total food intake. There was dry in bowls which other kitties in the home were eating and did not get sick. This cat was the only one to eat these treats. These treats have never been mentioned as having a problem and have never been recalled.

I will pm the treat name - but I just don't want it posted in public.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: Cathy on January 02, 2008, 09:28:43 PM
Trudy, the first time my guy showed RF was 2 months after we switched from Wellness to Nutro in 2004.  He was sick on and off after that until he died, and vets chalked it up to Lyme disease every time. Each time, after chicken and rice for several weeks and 6 weeks of antibiotics, he seemed to bounce back.  He was hospitalized twice and given IV fluids and antibiotics, tons of tests showed nothing. November 2006, he got sick again and I switched vets. He was diagnozed with CRF. Tons of tests, specialists, drugs, but by the time the recall came out, his kidneys were shot.  He died April 11.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: lesliek on January 02, 2008, 09:33:57 PM
My brothers cat Lucifer died a week after Thanksgiving 2006 from sudden blockage & kidney failure.We lost our cat Patches 7 1/2 yrs ago. She went thru 2 1/2 yrs of crystals & fluids & meds & rx diets.Had been totally healthy before that.Started noticing symptoms in all the dogs last Dec, & thats when the food pickiness started also. Both cats started getting funny about certain foods last summer.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: Carol on January 03, 2008, 05:22:37 AM
My two cats had eaten Special Kitty for many years without incident (and surprisingly were in great health for "old gals").  I purchased food every week and it wasn't until the beginning of Feb when we noticed Jessica was ill.  The best buy dates for what I was feeding then were all on the recall lists.  I thought I had a couple from before the recall but Menu went back further in the dates when they ammended the recall.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: catmom5 on January 03, 2008, 06:14:12 AM
CJ went into acute renal failure the week of Thanksgiving, 2006. (How long ago that seems now ~ and how much has happened.) The vet clinic vets swore that she had gotten into something toxic, but she is a totally indoor couch potato and I had nothing left in the house that could be toxic to cats (except for their high end food  :()

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: JanC on January 03, 2008, 07:04:05 AM
I mentioned this before but the dates are a bit sketchy.  My neighbors had a happy, healthy cat up until the summer of '06.  Cat was lethargic, drinking a lot of water & refusing to eat.  I "babysat" while they went away & I tried everything, including chicken & cottage cheese w/chicken broth but couldn't get the cat to eat.  I almost called them but decided to wait until they got home (they were only gone a couple of days)......they had one of those auto feeders & I had it piled a certain way in the bowl to see if it was never was.  He was on dry food with wet as a treat now & then.  The dry was not recalled.....ever.....but should've been......& the canned they were using was eventually recalled.  Anyway, cat diagnosed with some foolish thing......leukemia or something.....very very sick so put to sleep.

Neighbor gave the food to another neighbor who had just taken in a litter of feral kittens.  Don't have to tell you the outcome of that.

Once the recall hit, I immediately thought about this incident & questioned what the food was......I'm convinced beyond any doubt that the food killed the adult cat & the litter of kittens.  How very sad.

IMO, the food was toxic long before any of these slime bags will admit.  This is why the true number of animals killed by their food will never be known.  And why I believe most of our babies have been damaged.....except those who have been fed home cooking for a while.  I think this is beyond tragedy, it's criminal. :(

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: catbird on January 03, 2008, 07:11:50 AM
I think there were deaths due to poisoned food for years, but they were more widely spread out and were covered up.  For example, my cat Mac died in September 2004 of a sudden mysterious illness that now looks to me as though it may have been food-related (see my reply #14 on this thread ).

Cameo suddenly began refusing Nutro Max Cat cans in February or March 2006, which she had formerly eaten with gusto.  She is very sensitive to anything "odd", and I believe that contaminants may have been the reason.

Phantom got sick lasting about 3 days after eating Nutro cuts-and-gravy packets around Thanksgiving 2006.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: Trudy on January 03, 2008, 11:25:15 AM
Thanks so much for all the info. you provided. And Catbird, I'm going to look over those links you provided.
The whole reason i asked was because I had no idea about things going on so early.
I woke up one morning in 2006-2007- and found My beautiful bengal NutMeg] on the couch very sick. She could hardly lift Her head, couldn't walk or anything. i guess couldn't figure it out. then She started crying like she was in pain. i called the vet and said i was on My way [they weren't open yet]. She was drooling and looked kind of yellow.
I rushed Her to the vets, which is only a few minutes from here. the minute i got there, she went into a seizure. The vet checked Her all over and put in an IV line, Etc. She must have done blood too, i was so upset i don't remember. I stayed a while and then came home. went back and She was the same but in more pain. I left again, and when I came back she had had another seizure. I didn't know what to think and neither did the vet. This cat was in terrible pain, but i thought We could save Her. I went back again and all was the same. the next morning the vet called and said she was dead.
I was in total shock. this cat had never been sick. I had showed Her as a HHP [house hold pet] for years. She was a cinnamon, and unexcepted color for show bengals. She had been all over the S.E. and even went with a friend to Kenn. and showed with Her. She had also given blood at the state vets hospital to help save Her brother. I'm sure they checked Her out good too.
She was the sweetest most loving cat. she has a whole wall full of ribbons, trophys, etc. Because to be a good HHP You have to be in perfect shape and extra loving and excepting of everything and everyone. She was ninth best in the S.E. and won an award for best of [can't remember the number] in the world.
Anyway, The vet asked if I wanted a nexcropsy and I said Yes.
She  called and told Me the cat died of kidney failure. She only  had one kidney she found out. So, we figured that was that. But I had never ever had a cat with kidney problems in all the years i had been rescuing and breeding.
If I had only known I  would have put Her down, I just had no idea and i'll have to live with that.
So when the poisoned food first came out, it did make Me wonder, but i thought it was too early for Her to be in it. Now, i know that had to be it. It was so quick, and then it was over. And just before that, She had been so healthy.
I'm still so very upset over this. she went with Me so much and We did so many things together. and she was so Healthy!! With showing her, I had Her at the vets all the time to make sure she was covered for everything.
They never took the food i was feeding off the market, but that doesn't make it any different to Me.
Once in a while I did feed Nutro when i could, i just know what the other foods i had always fed. And they are still out there.
I hope this makes sence. Now My head has totally exploded.
NutMeg- Born -July 31, 1999-Died in 2006 or 2007, i'll have to check.
I have put Her picture up on show the family so everyone can see what she looked like.
Now, Does this sound like the food to you?
thanks all, trudy

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: catbird on January 03, 2008, 11:51:38 AM
Trudy, I am so sorry about NutMeg.  I looked at her pictures and she was beautiful!

From what you have described, it certainly sounds like a food-related problem is possible--what you described sounds like what we have heard from many other people whose pets ate poisoned food.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: catwoods on January 03, 2008, 01:33:32 PM
I'm so sorry you lost Nutmeg, Trudy. I saw the pictures and she was gorgeous. Sudden kidney failure in an otherwise healthy cat does raise suspicions about the safety of the food.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: JanC on January 03, 2008, 02:13:17 PM
catbird said "I think there were deaths due to poisoned food for years, but they were more widely spread out and were covered up."

You said it.  I agree with you 100% & then some.  IMO, they have been adding more & more garbage to the pet food & animals were getting sick & dying & nobody would have ever suspected the food......until they got ultra greedy & added that one (or two) extra ingredients that put the food into the super poisonous category.

Makes me so angry, I could scream obscenities......I think I will...... ;D

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: catmom5 on January 03, 2008, 03:52:20 PM
What a beautiful cat. I'm so sorry you lost her too soon ~ surely does sound suspiciously like the poisoned food.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: my4meezers on January 04, 2008, 09:21:19 AM
Trudy, in my heart I honestly believe cats were being poisoned by foods way before the recalls started.  I have a 10 year old with kidney failure and recently lost a 7 year old to kidney failure.  IMO food must play a role in all the young, otherwise healthy cats who have been diagnosed with kidney disease over the last few years.

I am so sorry about NutMeg.  She was absolutely gorgeous.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: mainecoonpeg on January 04, 2008, 01:17:33 PM
Trudy, I too am sorry about Nutmeg, she was a beauty for sure!!

I was at the vet's office yesterday and I asked him your question and he fired up his computer.  Trudy, he said he had 5 times the amount of "blocked" cats back in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec of 2006 than he had in prior "years"!!!!!  He never thought to equate it to poisonous food.  He even saw many blockages Jan-March '07 and needless to say the "poop" hit the fan after then.  He was particularly confused by the fact that there were so many blocked females.  Now, of course, my vet now knows to be suspicious, although there is still a big push for those prescription diets.

Interesting too, is the comment my vet made about how pet food producers go out of their way to "woo" the vets.  My guy said that the little he learned of nutrition he "learned" from the pet food makers.  I just sort of rolled my eyes and hissed at him, but he was honest and said it was never something taught in vet school.  And according to him, it's still not a "course" or topic in their studies!!!

Thud thud......the sound of me banging my head against the wall..................
Good nutrition minus poisons makes for good health????
thud thud thud

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: straybaby on January 04, 2008, 01:49:45 PM
"He was particularly confused by the fact that there were so many blocked females"

wow. one of the reason's i prefer females health wise, they aren't supposed to block. i have a dalmatian that is genetically programmed to form stones and crystals. it's what you get with the breed. but females blocking are very rare. you still need to feed both cats and blocking breeds (and all animals!) right not to cause issues down the road (kidney failure), but blocking is generally a male issue.

thnaks to your vet for firing up the computer and checking! we should all get our vets to do that . . .    :o

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: kittylyda on January 04, 2008, 03:33:06 PM
Trudy, I am truly sorry for your loss.

I think I remember reading that even the FDA thought that the food may have contained poison even in early 2006.  I don't have e link or anything to support that, but I do remember being shocked that they thought it may have been going on so long.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: Trudy on January 04, 2008, 05:07:48 PM
Thanks everyone. and yes, let's ask our vets when they had high instances of things going on. i'll find exactually when i lost Her. Then I'll have a date.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: catbird on January 04, 2008, 05:47:10 PM
Regarding the issue of "blocked" females:

A spayed female cat belonging to a person I know had to be euthanized in 2004 at the age of only 6.  (This cat was my cat Phantom's kitten; she was born in the very room where I am now typing and I raised her to the age of 13 weeks, so naturally I was very sad about this.  She was the cutest little torti-and-white with a Himmie-style coat that you would ever want to see.)  This 6-year-old, Jezebelle, was in end-stage kidney and liver failure after repeated blocking with "crystals".  She'd first had an episode of UTI and crystals (my guess is struvite) about a year and a half earlier, and their vet had put her on a well-known prescription diet.  It apparently did not help, and this young cat reportedly got worse and worse on the prescription food, blocked several more times, until finally she went into complete kidney and liver failure.  I was quite surprised as I had never heard of that happening to a female cat, but then, I am no vet.

About a year ago, when Phantom had a routine physical and her urine was concentrated (not a big surprise since she is the dry food addict), I mentioned to my vet what had happened to Phantom's daughter, thinking it might be relevant to Phantom's health.  The vet looked at me very oddly, and said that she had never heard of blockages happening to a female to that extent.  (This is a cat specialist who has been in practice for close to 20 years.)

After the recalls started coming out, I really began to think that Jezebelle might have been an early victim of poisoned food.  What mainecoonpeg's vet says makes me think this even more strongly.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: Trudy on January 04, 2008, 06:39:32 PM
This does sound strange. Maybe We can get it all peiced together one of these days. I have never heard of it either, never saw it when i worked for the vet, either.

Title: Re: Poisoned food first happened?
Post by: GoingNUTZoverthis on January 11, 2008, 11:07:29 AM
Geisha and Topaz both had issues with IAMS indoor formula mixed with the IAMS Hairball both dry,this was April/May 2006.

Topaz constant unexplainable vomitting after blood work etc, was told she had sensitvie stomach because she was over 7 years.

Geisha had crystals and bloody stool, and loose stools, said to be caused by some large batch of unfounded bacteria, (IN FOOD MAYBE) not thought of at time this is hindsight

Switch to Eukanuba both were fine till my March  with my FF ordeal.