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Title: "A Night At the Opera" will now star petfood czar
Post by: anna_2007 on May 02, 2007, 09:29:48 AM
There's a classic bed- switching scene in "A Night at the Opera" in which Groucho and his friends end up rushing between hotel bedrooms so frantically that everything eventually becomes a blur of slamming doors and bodies streaking down hallways. That scene is as good as any to explain how it has come to pass that thousands of pets have died, tens of thousand of pets are sick and dying, humans have been sickened, and every single stakeholder involved in the Open Secret behind all this, suddenly has no clue, no accountability, no responsibility, and are getting away with that.

And now, a new actor on scene: a pet food czar. Just remember the blueprint these ghouls use. The 9/11 health czar ended up shutting down most lawsuits from firefighters, police officers, emergency rescue workers and residents and got the courts to NOT ACCEPT ANY NEW LAWSUITS. That's how they "manage a crisis", same as in Katrina etc. To stop this pattern, add him to the class action lawsuit immediately. There's legal reason to and I could write the legalese too and here's why:

My kitty's kibble comes from Eagle Pack Pet Foods, Inc.. I like their transparency, but did you know this?

..."sources most of its approximately 100 ingredients domestically. ... In our supplements, U.S. vitamin maker BASF sources some vitamins from China. Taurine and Glucosamine are also sourced from China by BASF. In most cases, human and pet food brands and supplements source these 3 items from China. Some pet food makers seem unaware of this. Again, know your sources, and we do. ...

Know your Sources - Know your Stakeholders. That's great advice, but end-to-end, those bastards at all the Pet Food Companies knew their stakeholders, including those abroad, and are playing the bed switching scene in "A Night at the Opera".

Natural Balance said RPC had been added without permission to my kitty's can. Whose permission? Whose due diligence? That's a child's excuse: "I didn't know because they didn't tell me. " One hundred million dollars of 2007 profit means NB doesn't get away with a child's excuse. When Mack immediately started symptoms again, I communicated with Natural Balance and they lied to me. In writing, they said, we use no RPC and "our products were tested at UC Davis and came back OK." Had I believed them, Mack would be dead. But two bites were enough to set him back in his already weakened condition from the Science Diet formulations that nearly killed him in February.

BTW I see UC Davis is offering to test your pet food for $100 plus. DON'T.