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Title: When Presidents Lie, Pets Die: I'll be speaking a synd. radio show
Post by: anna_2007 on May 01, 2007, 03:33:26 PM
Here is my seething, raging blog, actually Mackie's (my cat's) blog and I will be speaking briefly on a Denver radio station... all your links are on the blog, and organizers (Pet Connection, PetsitUSa, Itchmo, etc. ) that made it possible to grassroots network...will be mentioned.

That anyone in a pet Food company (Natural Balance) would take a straight-forward, innocent letter from me and send it to their legal staff first, and lie to me and set me up so that Mackie might have died, is proof they're all in this Open Secret in their Industry. If they didn't know a 15 year Open Secret they're incompetent and are responsible, if they did, its criminal racketeering and moral insanity, and they are responsible.

For all of us who have held a sick and dying pet, whatever our differing backgrounds and beliefs, we know that without the creatures we'd all be lost. But to get into a pet food business and exploit these pets knowing they would die such horrific deaths is to be no different than an insane person who would microwave their own babies.