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Title: Nature's Logic Dry (post by gizmosmom from Cat food Experience By Brand
Post by: JustMe on August 06, 2007, 04:04:09 PM
Partial post still on Cat Food Experience by Brand board at;msg20062#msg20062

Cats sometimes eat this food too quickly and barf it up. I called the CEO to ask about ingredients (was worried about the 'animal plasma') and he said that the barfing was the main complaint with the food.

I feed my cat the Rabbit Dinner, have been doing it for a year, and am convinced that she would not be alive today without it. She had health problems, including a heart murmur, that seem to have disappeared; she was overweight and is now her proper weight, frisky and playful.

And yes, she occasionally eats it a little too fast and barfs. She did it last week. Then ate the barf (yek, but that's a cat for you.)

No, I don't work for them.

yes, I tried every premium variety out there, including one Natural Balance food. THAT time, she barfed immediately and it was a good thing too since the food was recalled two weeks later.

This is excellent food. I recommend it to everyone.