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Title: Checking In
Post by: catmom5 on April 21, 2019, 10:17:45 AM
Hello to Everyone,
It has been way too long since I have actually checked in, although I have been popping in from time to time.

We've had some changes in our lives, some good, some not-so-good. I have sold my home and moved into an apartment and will be going into senior apartments when one becomes available. It's an independent living for seniors 55+ so no assisted living or nursing care needed. But it has hit me hard that I am at this point in my life.

I still have 3 cats. I think you all were aware that Rascal contracted FIP, and died within a couple of weeks of diagnosis. It was a dreadful experience, and I wish I had had the understanding to let her go sooner. I miss her terribly.

Cassie, Rascal's littermate, is almost 16 and in hospice for lymphoma and sarcoma. She also developed diabetes, which is controlled with insulin shots twice a day. Right now she looks like a skeleton with fur, but continues to be interested in life, eating pretty well, and remains a momma's girl. Fortunately, when it's time, the hospice vet will come here.

Gracie, Cassie and Rascal's littermate, is doing well. She has always been the shy one, and remains that way with folks she doesn't know. She's had a bit of a challenge learning to live in an apartment with outside-type noise she's not been used to. Other than being a little on the plump side, she's good.

Cody is the "neighbor throwaway" who adopted me years ago. As she aged, I moved her from outdoors to indoors only (my apartment is zoned because she is a scrapper). She will be 20 in June, has arthritis so is slowing down considerable, but still is a spunky, sassy old lady. She will leave this earth when and how she decides.

Spartycats and I are in constant touch and I get to visit with her boys (+2) from time to time. They continue to be amazing, easy-going, loving cats. I haven't been in touch with Sassy's owner for several years.

Now I will need to catch up with all of you. I would love if you would post something on this thread. Think of you all and your families and critters. I'm sure some have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, but I'm also guessing you have "new to me" friends, also.

Easter Blessings

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: Mandycat on April 23, 2019, 05:24:20 PM
It is so good to hear from you and get an update on your kitty family.  I had always looked forward to reading about the adventures in your house!  I will never forget Sassy and her kittens.  I am happy to hear that the "boys" are doing well.  We miss hearing from Spartycats too.  I do not have any kitties.  After Mandy passed away, I made the decision to not have another kitty due to our age.  It was a big change after 44 years of always having at least one kitty to care for.  It did allow a little more freedom to travel, though, since my children live in different states.  I never liked having to board the cats to travel.  I have remained a member here, though, and still enjoy hearing from the other members about their kitties.  The membership has decreased, though, and I am unsure of how long Itchmo will be able to continue.  Welcome back!   

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: NedF on April 23, 2019, 09:52:56 PM
Good to hear from you catmom5. Say Hi to Spartycats for me! Nothing new to report from me. Still have the same 3 cats - young troublemaker and two older cats that want nothing to do with him. It's hard to believe Stormy will be 10 this year.

Mandycat I'm so glad you are still posting even though you don't have a kitty now. Your advice has always been helpful in putting a worried cat owner's mind at ease when a problem crops up.

I have to say I miss all the posters that aren't here anymore. Catbird always had such good advice and it was always nice to chat with a fellow knitter. I wonder about BW and Caylee (who used to post everyday but stopped abruptly. I PMd her but no answer). I hope everyone is alright.

Anyway, I hope we get a few more replies to liven things up!

I had a good day today. Cooked myself a nice breakfast. Got all my errands done this morning in only an hour and a half. Then I repaired my toilet which suddenly decided it didn't want to flush anymore. Yuck! Then I did a painting (I haven't painted in a while so I really needed that!). Feels good being productive!  :D

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: shadowmice on April 24, 2019, 10:07:28 AM
Hi all!

I try to pop in a couple of times a day if I get the chance to see if everything is up and running - I don't always manage to catch the latest news but I think of my Itchmo friends always. Miss hearing from so many but happy to see the regulars who are still here.

The three kitties have been getting along quite well ever since one of them decided to open the locked door to the rest of the house (;msg254407#msg254407 (;msg254407#msg254407)) although there are often little spats or standoffs where Trevor is typically involved at some level if not the actual instigator - basically he's a little stinker.  Bear is on twice-daily thyroid med and Junior is on twice-daily heart med for his heart murmur - otherwise they are all pretty playful and doing well overall so far. 

I post fairly regularly on my Instagram and Facebook so if any members want to connect with me there, send me a PM. I'm working on a personal website (oh so slowly) as a home for my photography and digital art but for now I just post stuff on my social media accounts.

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: Fizzy1 on April 24, 2019, 02:20:19 PM
Catmom5, it's good to hear from you!  Downsizing your home is a huge decision and change, good for you for realizing it was time.  There are times I really don't like having so much to take care of around the house...yard, snow, 2 floors, etc.  Maybe it is a bittersweet relief for you.

We're doing fine.  Steve is retired now and I'm staying busy with the camera.  I find that photography keeps my mind off of the distressing current events.   ::)  I really enjoy the photography forums I belong to.  They remind me of old Itchmo.  It is hard to watch our Itchmo friends stop posting, I'm rather guilty of that myself.  I do check in regularly but just don't have much to say!  lol  Kozy has stolen our hearts, even though he is a major scaredy cat still.  I'm able to pick him up every once in a while if I'm seated, and every now and then he'll actually stay and purr.  I cherish those moments with him. ??

I'm thrilled to hear you are in contact with Spartycats.  Please tell her hi for me, and that we all miss her.

Ned, YAY on painting!!  Boo on broken toilet!!   :D  Yes, I miss catbird, too.  She hasn't even logged on since 12/2017. 

Mandycat, ditto what Ned said.  It's always brightens my day when I see a post from you.

Shadowmice, I'm glad to see your 3 cats are doing good!  I miss you on Flickr!  Be sure to let us know when your website is up and running.  Thank you again for keeping us alive online.  ;D

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: alek0 on April 25, 2019, 12:39:24 AM
Catmom, really nice to hear from you!

Mandycat, you have been great help on every topic dealing with sick pets, I just wanted to say big thank you.

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: Mandycat on April 25, 2019, 06:37:12 PM
Just want to say Thank You to everyone for your kind words.  I'm happy to help when I can. 

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: catmom5 on April 26, 2019, 09:45:19 AM
So happy to hear from some of you.

An update on Gracie:
She had her senior check up this morning and her kidney disease is progressing, late 3 or early 4. So she will be having fluids and a lower phosphorus food, hopefully that agrees with the other 2. I am feeling sad and overwhelmed, but we can take care of this.

I look forward to staying in touch more often. And, I will be sure to say hello to Spartycats. She does amazing work to reunite animals in this area, often making matches between the lost and found.

Take care, everyone!

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: alek0 on April 26, 2019, 09:49:54 PM
I hope Gracie will do well with the change of food and fluids. If you have trouble with food for other kitties, those Surefeed feeders are a lifesaver. With one elderly cat on Renal diet, one extremely picky cat who gets bloody diarrhoea from any kind of kibble food (but of course loves eating dry), and one young, always hungry cat those feeders ensure that every cat gets correct food and couldn't get into what they shouldn't eat. The feeder can be operated by microchip or RFID tag, and it is quite straightforward to use.

Btw, don;t know if I mentioned it anywhere else, but if anyone is looking for Omega 3 supplement for joints which is straightforward to give if a cat doesn't mind pills. It is a relatively tiny capsule compared to other supplements, and MItzie hates fish oil in any form and would refuse to eat food with fish oil mixed in.

this is green lipped mussel oil, and she seems to be walking easier. There is also a human version of this, I think it is called Lyprinol, I've tried taking it for wrist injury but I don;t think it makes much of a difference for me. Though it would probably help if I would stop exercising for a week or two and give the hand more chance to recover.

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: catmom5 on May 02, 2019, 02:04:15 PM
She is not nearly as accepting of fluids as the others have been (CJ was a rock star), but I just ordered some terumo needles and that should help. She will be still for 100 ml now, which is progress.

Thanks, aleko, for the other information. Haven't had CKD in several years, so getting reoriented to these things. Getting pretty comfortable with cancers, though.  :-\

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: GKit on May 05, 2019, 10:41:52 PM
I hope Gracie is continuing to get better about the fluids. Happy to see your update and hope all goes well with the new apartment(s). Missed having you around.

Title: Re: Checking In
Post by: catwoods on June 17, 2019, 01:53:44 PM
I am glad to see you here and find out how things are going for you, catmom5. I know those life transitions are hard and I hope everything will go smoothly for you. I'm so sorry about the kitties you have lost. We lost our little Ultraviolet last year too.

I'm also glad to hear about everyone else who has posted. I really miss everyone, including, of course, those who haven't been heard from in awhile.  I haven't been too healthy, which is one reason I usually don't log in although I do try to keep up with the posts.