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Title: Online Pet Pharmacies
Post by: GKit on March 29, 2019, 04:44:41 PM
So. Drs Fosters and Smith was bought out by Petco a while back, and they have finally merged their websites. It is not the same! The list of available medications seems much, much reduced. So if anyone is refilling meds, best to double check availability before running low. As of 29 March 2019, it seems they have not carried over any open prescriptions with available refills from the old website (at least this is what customer service knows), so it looks like a vet reauthorization is also going to be required for all refills.

I just also saw Chewy’s now has online prescription meds available. I have not tried them yet for meds, but have been happy with them on food, so I will be giving them a try.

In our particular case, Petco no longer seems to carry the brand name Simplicef (cefpodoxime) that Gypsy needs because she is allergic to the corn starch used an excipient in some of the generics. As an aside, Zoetis has been quite lovely about getting back to me regarding excipients; they can’t give you the whole list of what they use, but I have had positive experiences when calling the support number to ask if a specific thing is present or not.

Diamondback and Wedgewood compounding pharmacies have merged last year also.

Title: Re: Online Pet Pharmacies
Post by: Fizzy1 on March 29, 2019, 06:04:49 PM
Good info, GKit.  I just checked the online pharmacy that I’ve used in the past for Fizzy and Scooby’s meds, Thriving Pets, and they offer Gypsey’s med.  I never had anything but a positive experience with them.  HTH.

Title: Re: Online Pet Pharmacies
Post by: GKit on March 30, 2019, 12:15:58 PM
Thanks Fizzy!