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Title: Raised food and water bowl hack
Post by: August on January 05, 2019, 04:07:49 PM
Our wooden raised stands became distorted from water so I wanted to replace them, but there are a lot of food and water dishes over here…

I ended up getting these acrylic display raised stands.  I’ve been using silicone kitchen scrubbers with the stands and the dishes stay in place and also the bottoms of the dishes dry really fast so it's great!  And it's kind of nice to switch up the colors now and then.   :)

The stands come in various sizes.  I got a set of 4x4 for the girls and a set of 5x5 for the boys, and the leftovers are being used for water dishes.  I should mention that the acrylic is rather thin and though I’ve not been rough with them, they have started to get … not cracks but,.. um, stretch marks?  Just tiny lines in the acrylic that I can’t feel but am able to see (though it’s not a problem at all).

Jusalpha Clear Acrylic Riser Stand Lot of 8

Silicone Dish Washing Brush?Food Grade Scrubber BPA Free?Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaning Sponges for Pot, Pan, Fruit and Vegetables
I use these for the water dishes so that the water on the bottom of the dish will dry more efficiently

Joy of Colors - Colorful Silicone Coasters, Set of 8, Ideal for Hot or Cold Drinks, for Indoors or Outdoors
I use these for the food dishes because they don’t budge


Title: Re: Raised food and water bowl hack
Post by: Fizzy1 on January 05, 2019, 05:00:34 PM
August, this is brilliant!  I wouldn’t have even thought of using the acrylic stands, that is a great idea.  I especially love the color burst of the scrubbers and coasters.  I want one, lol.  I wonder what Kozy would think of it.  He really doesn’t like change.   ::)

Good job!