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Title: ZiwiPeak Canned Venison looks blue and green
Post by: catzmom on August 27, 2012, 08:36:36 AM
Having a lot of trouble with Ziwipeak in the last several months. I keep getting batches where the food looks green or blue or a combination of blue and green. I have 2 cats and have been feeding them this food since the 2007 recall problems. The weird food has made them get runny stools, peeing more than usual, drinking more water and a lot of vomiting so I contacted the distributor and returned food to the retailer. Retailer had nothing to tell me and I got no answer from Ziwipeak. Recently got this blue food problem again. Also with the bizarre color of the food have been noticing large chunks of pinkish grey material that looks like connective tissue about the size of a quarter or larger, but it is not edible for the cats. They choke on it and spit it on the floor. Have also pulled out a few larger than usual bone chards, sharp, not well cooked. I always mash the whole can to find things like this which turn up once in a while. If anyone else has had the same problems with Ziwipeak, have you had any answer from the company about it? I can't get an answer. I think the pet store I buy from is just putting the blue food out on the shelf again. I've discontinued this food and the cats have stopped vomiting and their stools are normal again.

Title: Re: ZiwiPeak Canned Venison looks blue and green
Post by: beans213 on September 16, 2012, 04:15:34 PM
wow thats horrible that the food looked like that. i cant believe the company never responed to u. im so glad u took ur cats off that food and that they are doing better. i just orderd a can of the ziwipeak venison  for my ibd cat. i wish i had read this before but am so thankful i read it before my order arrived. thank you for sharing ur experiences with ziwipeak.  if u think the pet store is putting the same food back out u might wanna switch pet stores to. that would be really shady of them to do that.

Title: Re: ZiwiPeak Canned Venison looks blue and green
Post by: GKit on September 17, 2012, 05:51:48 PM
Catzmom, you might be interested in this thread from early 2011:

Since then I have had sporadic luck with the Ziwipeak stuff;  I have not seen the off smelling blue green stuff since early 2011, but we have had a very uneven batches.  There was a batch I had to run through a fine sieve because there would be large pieces of pea sized bone pieces which did not crush.  There were also sizable hunks of what I presumed was tripe (pink, cartilidge material).  Then there was the batch I returned because as far as I could tell, it was giving Gypsy the runs.  To be fair, everything gives Gypsy the runs, most especially fish,  (but not the green lipped mussels, as far as I know)  so if there was any cross contamination in manufacturing, my girl's gi tract will tell you.  I stopped using it for six months, then tested a batch from their online store.   The current lot I have looks and smells okay, doesn't have any big hunks of bone, but I'm re-investigating whether our current diarrhea issues are food related (mixed in with other issues). Be aware though that when I talked to Ziwipeak about returning the lot I got online (early 2012) because it seemed to be causing the runs, they do not seem to have a mechanism for accepting returns, so if you buy online you might be stuck with what you get unless they've changed the policy.  Because Gypsy is an ibd cat, I can never say for sure the problem is the food and not her, so I've resigned myself to it as part of the cost of doing business.  I've had highly variable experiences talking to their customer service; but after the experience described in the old thread, I didn't bother to call them again about the big bone chunks because it was just easier for me to sieve it out.   I have relied on this food for a long time, and the stuff that was canned in NZ was a life saver for us, but now I am getting really discouraged. 

Title: Re: ZiwiPeak Canned Venison looks blue and green
Post by: BW on September 21, 2012, 05:45:17 PM
Catzmom, that is awful.  I am glad you stopped giving it to them and hope you don't give it to them again.  I would certainly not try and get them to eat something that is THAT peculiar looking, obviously there is something wrong with it and you don't want to make your cats sick.

Never try to feed anything to your pets that looks that weird.

You say: "The weird food has made them get runny stools, peeing more than usual, drinking more water and a lot of vomiting."  I am not surprised, and would not have even given it to them in the first place, if it looked as weird as you describe. Poor little things.  
I wish you luck getting something normal for them to eat before they get seriously ill.  I personally would not buy from that company again.  There are many other petfoods out there.  
Your poor little fuzzies have my prayers that this food didn't do them any permanent damage.  So many of us lost cats to the toxic petfoods back in 2007.  We all have to be very careful now.  I lost my Tommy to kidney failure after one can of tainted food, which was recalled a week or so after he ate it.