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Title: Heartworm Prevent?
Post by: mels on February 22, 2012, 04:19:41 PM
Hello all I have a 6month old shih poo who is maybe 5lbs now. Got a script from my vet as I wanted to put him on Interceptor heartworm prevent but when I got home and called and looked on line it seems there is an issues with production so I called the company and they said they have no idea when they will be back up and running .
So its useless to put him on a prevent that I maybe won't be able to get when I need it sooo I was hoping to get some opinions , suggestions and advice as to what you guys use, recommend using and or any you don't recommend and why.

I will have to make a decision by Friday so Appreciate any and all the info and help you all can share with me.


Title: Re: Heartworm Prevent?
Post by: lesliek on February 22, 2012, 04:57:11 PM
I have used Revolution, Hearguard & Tri Heart with no problems. The vet wanted me to use Interceptor for Punkin's round worms, but I didn't because of the availability & problems with the plant. I used Advantage plus multi instead & it worked great for the worms. The Revolution is a spot on treatment, Heartguard & Tri heart are chewables. The Heartguard is softer & seems to taste better, the Tri heart is a round chewable pill. Trooper & Fragile will eat either, but Remy would only eat the Heartguard.