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Title: Halo issue updated
Post by: mels on November 09, 2011, 06:39:25 PM
Hi all I posted a while back about the Halo dry food having something weird in it.
Well after I wrote that post I found some more of what ever it was so I called them back and told them they really should look into it cause something wasn't right.

Well this time she took the info off the bag and told me they'd check the bag they keep there and check it and get back to me. And that it could be a few days before they got back to me.
I said fine.

Well it wasn't even an hour later and she called back . She left a message on my voice mail saying they'd really love to get my bag back!
So I called her back a little later and she said they really wanted to get my bag back and that they would issue a return and all I had to do was box it up and put the case # and my name and info inside on a paper and Fed ex would be by to pick it up.
So I did it.
First she said they would send me another bag and once I hung up I thought that was Stupid cause I don't plan on feeding it to my guys anymore so I called first thing next business day and left a message that I preferred a refund.
So I called later and she said that was fine.

So then a week or so after that I got a call saying they recieved my bag and that it would take up to 6 weeks to get my refund check.

I plan to call back probably next week and see what they tell me about what they found in  the food.

I honestly don't think I'll get a satisfiable answer but I figure I'll try anyway.

I just thought I'd up date you guys since I had wrote that last post about the food.

One thing I don't understand either is when I called the first time there was no documentation at all on it. They still had the one from 2009 but not the most recent one. If I owned a company and someone called about something being in the food I would want to find out more from this person and call them back and at the very least at least document it.
Anyway just thought I'd pass this along.

I have gone back to total raw for right now and plan to start cooking some for my guys very soon.
I got some excellent info and help from a list member and really appreciate it.

Good night for now