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Title: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: JoMax on December 21, 2009, 01:33:29 PM
OK, I'm ready to go for it with Otto - he's such a pig I dont think homecooked will be a problem.

I do want to try cooked to start.  But I do find all the recipes, sites etc, etc a bit overwhelming.  And of course not everything is available here.  I can get chicken or course, but as far as organ meat goes liver tends to be lamb, pig or ox, fresh heart is really difficult to get - possibly some frozen, can get kidney - lamb beef or pig but guess thats a no-no cos I never see it mentioned.

I guess whats dazzling my head is how much of what to put with any of this - I've been searching through and ordered the Alnutrin taurine, and some of their supplement with calcium too - this one:
(They ship to UK but dont know how long it'll take.)

I can get salmon oil, which some of the recipes asks for - tho seems to be a lot of debate on that - also the recipes ask for it in mg.  but it comes in ml???

Which kinda leaves vit-E and B-50 to go.  But will the Alnutrin take care of that, or will I risk getting something out of balance? - I guess that's what scares me most, that i'll add something which gives too much of one vit, or mineral, or something.

And when I started discussing joint supplements on the Den thread, I then wondered if he's on nu-cat what else does he need in the food - again I dont want to overdose something!  And they are very expensive here - £15 for 100.

Sorry to sound so wimpish- I want to go to the butcher tomorrow & get 3-4 chicken thighs & maybe same of drumsticks. But liver/heart is down to what they have at the time.
What would you advise I get with that - do I really need veg too - raw recipes dont tend to use?

Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: JustMe on December 21, 2009, 01:42:43 PM

Are you doing raw or cooked?  Maybe start with Kaffe's Quick Poultry Feast as that one is the easiest one to make, just to see if they even like homemade.

Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: caylee on December 21, 2009, 01:45:48 PM
Before you sink a lot of money into supplements, why not just try cooking some of that chicken plain, not using any salt, pepper or onion of course, in the oven. Give Otto a taste to see if he will eat it as a treat. If all goes well, then start to buy supplements. If he rejects it, you can eat it your self and there is no waste. A little will not hurt him if he is still being fed his regular kitty food.


Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: bug on December 21, 2009, 05:32:57 PM
JoMax, if you ordered the Alnutrin supplement with calcium, all you have to add is meat and liver. Also, there's nothing wrong with beef, lamb or hog liver or heart. Pig heart is very high in taurine and if you managed to find one, it would last you quite some time. You can also continue to give him a NuCat every day for extra insurance without worrying that it's too much.

Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: lesliek on December 21, 2009, 06:19:06 PM
I would start with the Kaffe's quick poultry feast & see how he does. Then worry about regular supplementation. When & if he eats it,you may see Eppie wanting it too !

Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: JoMax on December 22, 2009, 06:52:07 AM
Thanks for your replies - I am going to start with cooked.  I just know Otto will eat anything so I'm not at all worried about him rejecting it. 
Sorry to ask, but which one is the Quick poultry feast - which thread - I can't seem to find it - search didnt come up with it?

Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: bug on December 22, 2009, 06:55:10 AM
It's reply #113:;msg39400;topicseen#msg39400

Let us know how you make out.

Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: JoMax on December 22, 2009, 09:30:00 AM
Thanks - it just wouldnt find that under a search.

OK so that calls for:

1 lb (around 450 grams)    Raw or cooked chicken or turkey thigh flesh only with the skin
                                          (ground or chunked)
50 grams            Raw or cooked chicken liver
200 grams          Raw or cooked chicken gizzards
2/3 tsp              Powdered or finely ground eggshell (NOT optional)
1 Big Jar (4oz)    Baby Food Stage 1 or 2 Vegetables WITHOUT onion (carrots,
                                         peas or butternut squash – try peas – many cats adore peas)

1. chicken liver is really hard to get - can sometimes find deep frozen packs but they prob come from mass-produced deep frozen poultry which I dont trust.  Good fresh chicken liver is considered quite a delicacy so gets snapped up by restaurants round here. - can I use 50g off a different animal liver?

2. gizzards - impossible.  I asked my local butcher who said none of their poultry comes with them. Again can I use other animal heart as substitute?  No - none of our supermarkets have tinned clams either! food - do I need this?  Do I need veg at all?  If so, can I just add some cooked-to-a-mush squash (courgette?) or (from frozen)peas?

4. eggshell & chicken thighs - no problem!

Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: bug on December 22, 2009, 09:59:41 AM
1. You can use any kind of liver you want.
2. Sure, use heart, it has the most taurine anyway.
3. No, you don't need the baby food but it makes for a nice consistency and yes, you can use pureed peas or zucchini or squash or pumpkin.

Title: Re: Slightly (!) confused
Post by: JustMe on December 22, 2009, 10:10:22 AM
Sorry, JoMax.

I forgot to give you the link to Kaffe's original recipe for Quick Poultry Feast.  This is the one I use.  She also made some with recipe variations for some of our cats.;msg37381#msg37381

Here is a fast and simple recipe for those who want to try something uncomplicated to test kitty with in the beginning or during the transition from commercial to home-prepared (raw or cooked).

Quick Poultry Feast

1 lb   Raw or cooked chicken or turkey thigh flesh only with the skin
             (ground or chunked)

1/2 tsp   Powdered or finely ground eggshell (or 850mg calcium supplement) NOT optional

1 Jar (71g)     Baby Food Stage 1 or 2 Vegetables WITHOUT onion (carrots, peas or
                   butternut squash)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Divide into meal portions, using freezer bags or ziplock bags or jars.  Freeze what will not be eaten immediately. 

As simple as it is, the ingredients in this recipe actually provides a carnivore all the key nutrients it needs.  The poultry thighs provide the complete amino acids spectrum, including taurine as well as vitmains including A, D and K and many of the B's.  The poultry skin provides the essential fatty acids.  The egg shells provide the calcium and trace minerals.  Theoretically, you can do without the vegetable baby food - but in my experience, it adds palatability to the food as well as providing needed fiber, starch and phytonutrients.