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Author Topic: Baby Higgs has lost weight.  (Read 1335 times)
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« on: August 30, 2014, 10:07:25 AM »

I took Baby Higgs into my dr yesterday for blood work, since he has lost some weight over the last few months.
I feared hyper T since so many of my cat have that, (who are related).
Baby Higgs is about 9 years old, and is one of the last cats I rescued from the wildlife preserve before I moved up here.  He is NOT one of Sweetie Pie's babies, but may well be a nephew, or some other relative since so many of the preserve cats were interbreading all the time.  And all of  my cats are from there.  They crossed the street to my condo complex all the time to shelter in my storage area in bad weather.

SOoo, Baby Higgs's blood was in normal range for everything, not hyper T.
sooo, I am supposed keep an eye out for a chronically soft stool,
I will have to sequester him in the big pen to do that I guess, I have so many cats using the boxes.  And I must keep an eye on his weight.
she says that if he continues to lose weight, and his blood is normal, then we may have to dig deeper and perhaps an Xray or ultrasound may be called for.

I am hoping it is because he is not getting enough food.
 I can try to segregate him for his meals, since he doesn't seem able to hold his own at meal time with the larger cats.  And he gets too frazzled in the crowd to eat from a dish a little ways apart from them. He is always looking up to see if someone is coming to his private dish, and sometimes they DO.
So that is a realistic concern for him.  And he is a very hyper-kinetic cat, and always has been.
Sooo, since placing a dish to the side for him doesn't seem to work, and he's losing weight, I'll try closing him in a different room while they eat, (or in the big pen at meal time, if he allows that, I don't want him to feel punished) so I can feed him alone in there and then see if he gains any weight. I hope that is the problem.  Today, I just STOOD GUARD over him as he ate out in the sunroom. 
I do NOT need a 6th sick cat.   She briefly mentioned IBD, and that alarmed me when she felt his intestine, soft and squishing and gassy, I THINK she said.  Not sure about that part.  Smiley

However, my Life's Abundance is problematic at the moment.  NO ONE wants to eat it, and I am giving them Purina Naturals and some Purina INdoor.  they love them both, (probably the flavor enhancers in them) but I consider them garbage food.  Soooo when a major food change occurs bowels are sometimes upset a bit. A REALLY REALLY BAD TIME for this to happen when I have all my sick cats!!
I am really furious with the LA people, $92 and no one wants to eat it .  This happened a year or so ago, and they sent a new order and everyone loved that,  (they said the one no one liked was fine, they tested the samples of that batch that they had)  Hmmmm.  I also got 2 shipments a couple  months apart when the big bags were not sealed at all inside the zipper closure.
You unzip a bag and then have to cut below that zipper, so that after using some you can simply zipper it back up again. Lovely design when the interior closure is sealed correctly.  they said their sealing machine must have been malfunctioning. 
Still I will call them Tuesday, haven't had time before the holiday.
Everything happens at the same time, that's the way it all works.
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« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2014, 10:59:40 AM »

I'm sorry you are having problems with the Life's Abundance.  It's pretty much our staple here.  My cats eat the canned food (Instinctive Choice) - they really don't like any other canned food.  

I know you call the company, which is headquartered in Florida.  However, they also work by having distributors all over the country.  (The dry food is manufactured in Ohio).  

I always order online.  My food arrives within a day and a half, usually.  I'm in Michigan - my distributor is in Illinois.

I've been looking around, and there is a distributor in Mattawan, NJ. The number is
(732) 583-9598.  Here is her website:

I'm thinking you could get the food a lot faster this way.

Also if Higgs is pretty hyper - you might try feeding him in a higher spot, such as on a counter, or table, bookcase, or something like that.

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« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2014, 01:15:57 PM »

Oh my goodness, I had no idea there was a distributor in Matawan nj.
I'll look at the website online.
A friend of ours used to be a distributor down Manahawkin, but she doesn't do it any longer. 

Yes, Life's Abundance has been a staple food in  my house and in my friend's house for many years, ever since the problems in 2007.  Since the evo company was sold to Proctor and Gamble, and they  had a recall for salmonella, I stopped getting that, and L A has been my only dry food.

I tried one of their canned foods but my cats rejected it, maybe it was a particular flavor.
I get the 2 big bags delivered together.  The last time I got a bag no one would eat, the 2nd bag was to their liking and they gobbled it up.  I called Dr Jane and she said that not all bags from the same date are the same batch, so that was explained.  However, my cats are not eating from EITHER of these bags this time.

I can't drive up to Matawan, but perhaps she could ups it to me so I have something for over the holiday.  Altho I don't think UPS delivers on holidays, I think I recall.  However there may be  way.  Thank you.  I will check it out now.

BTW,  EVERYBODY eats on my counter!  Smiley  However, I do have a couple other options I will investigate.
 Since I am communicating with you anyway, ......
My Tiggerty is not doing well today. I am extremely worried AGAIN! Talk about roller coasters!!!   However, he did just use the litter box, and he did  just eat some ff tuna in gravy grilled, (a little bit) that has a lot of juice.  BUT He is NOT eating as much today, and that concerns me. Or maybe its the time of day.
I may have to bother her tomorrow if I don't see an improvement, however, since I can't give more stimulant for 3 days, even if she said 0.1 in EACH ear, I don't know if I could do it again so soon, but it's worth asking her, if he doesn't perk up. 
I wish I knew what he wants when he makes that pitiful little cry to me. Is he  saying "It  HURTS!!!  HELP ME!!"  If he is, the poor little thing, I'm not doing anything about it, so sad. 
He definitely was NOT ready on last Tuesday, and yesterday I used his appointment for Higgs because I didn't think he was ready yesterday really.

Just now when he did that little cry,  I brought him up onto the sofa and showed him my fanny pack belt and he bit that, and was MILDLY interested in the cat dancer, but didn't really hit them, just followed them with his eyes.  This is quite painful to watch when you don't know what he is feeling, or how to help him with whatever it is.

I DO have 2 Bup syringes left.  I only used 1.  But the holiday is 3 days long, so I hate to use one today.  and if I do, then he will space out totally again, and he won't really get any pleasure out of anything, (of course it might help if he is in pain)  and I wouldn't know how he really feels either. Last time it made him seem like he needed to be pts right away, and then it wore off after about 23 hours and he seemed fine again.  I don't know if he would even eat on the BUP.  Do you know?
The Bup she gave me was if I just wanted to tide him over until I could bring him to her. 

I am wondering if the stimulant could have a side effect in behavior, like the Cerenia did, and perhaps this is what that is.  Do you know about that?

Thank you very much, I will check out that website for the LA.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and thanks for replying.

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