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Author Topic: Pet Repeller Furniture Pad  (Read 7074 times)
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« Reply #15 on: September 27, 2016, 05:13:54 AM »

Humm but does it keep the pee off your bed?  Those cats of yours must be agile to pee like that. So it's only the two boys? Can you keep them separate?

You have more patience than I do I want to keep Sam because I just don't know who will take a 13 yo cat that pees on ladies shoes and needs to be the only animal in the place. And of course I love the little guy.

I seem to remember you bought some of the Jackson Galaxy essences, did any of them work for you?

Does the fizzion work to eliminate the smell of cat pee? Cat pee has to be the worst smell.  I have no carpet at all but a cat seems to find the worst place to pee or spray/mark.

Good luck with the pee at your place.
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« Reply #16 on: September 27, 2016, 04:26:38 PM »

Thanks, Ranger, for the good luck!  Same back to you!

Yes, apparently my boys are very good at peeing in odd places.  Cheesy   It's actually not that bad (not to imply I don't want it to stop  Tongue  ).  It's not every day and when it happens, I just rinse the cover off and dry it (yes, it keeps the pee in a little pool, but I do have a waterproof sheet under it just in case). 

I find cat pee doesn't smell bad until it has dried and lingered a bit.   There have been several times I didn't even realize my bed had been peed on until I was in my bed and actually felt it was moist.   Roll Eyes

The Fizzion is supposed to eliminate the smell nevertheless.

Yes, I did buy some of those essences but didn't feel they were really making a difference so I stopped.

Anyway, I'm hoping this is a seasonal thing that will stop, uh, next month.   Smiley

Larges born 5/07
Sunday born prob 5/09
Tinies born 3/10
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