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Author Topic: Wellness Canned  (Read 336074 times)
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« on: July 19, 2007, 03:39:21 AM »

See Monthly Summaries Thread;msg66064#msg66064

Wellness canned, grain-free varieties.

Feeding since April, 2007, to 9 cats, aged 4 to 17.  So far, so good.  My cats love the food.  Don't see them drinking water now, except the early CRF cat.  Much less stool than when on dry food with grains. I alternate mostly chicken & turkey, occasional chicken/herring or turkey/salmon.

Overall, they give it 9 paws up.

Kitten:  1.15
Turkey:  1.05%
Beef & Salmon 1.06%
Chicken:  1.15%
Beef & Chicken:  1.17%
Salmon & Trout:  1.28%
Sardine, Shrimp, Crab:  1.30%
Chicken & Lobster:  1.31%
Turkey & Salmon:  1.44%
Chicken & Herring:  1.48%

anabelle_katie had an excellent idea while back about posters listing their Wellness can codes.  Excellent idea!

You can also check her original post here:;msg8485#msg8485

Wellness can codes posters have fed:
3 oz. turkey- ex. date 24 NOV 09, code: 7WTKC1 0128 ( I believe these last 4 digits are a time stamp and are different on each can)
3 oz. chicken- ex. date 23 OCT 09, code: 7WCCC1 1620
3 oz. chicken- ex. date 24 NOV 09, code: 7WCCC1 0620
3 oz. chicken & herring- ex. date 27 OCT 09, code: 7WCH1 0033
3 oz. sardine, shrimp & crab- ex. date 16 APR 08, code: 7WSSC1 0014
5.5 oz. turkey- ex. date 18 JAN 09, code: 7WTKS4 1845 
5.5 oz chicken- ex. date 18 JAN 09, code: 7WCCS4 1150
These are the Wellness cat can codes I am currently feeding.
* 3 oz. turkey- ex. date 10 July 09, code: 7WTKC1 0135
* 3 oz. turkey- ex. date 27 Sept 09, code: 7WTKC1 0731
* 3 oz. chicken- ex. date 24 NOV 09, code: 7WCCC1 0603
* 3 oz. chicken- ex. date 10 JULY 09, code: 7WCCC1 2037
* 3 oz. sardine, shrimp & crab- ex. date 13 APR 10, code: 7WSSC1 0645
* 3 oz. chicken & herring- ex. date 07 MAR 10, code: 7WCHC1 2215
* 3 oz. salmon & trout- ex. date 13 APRIL 10, code: 7WSTC1 0622
* 3 oz. turkey & salmon- ex. date 22 FEB 10, code: 7WTSC1 1221
* 3 oz. turkey & salmon- ex. date 24 MAY 09, code: 7WTSC1 2051

Updated per Jenny:  12/08/2007
Two of my three cats continue to eat Wellness and are doing fine. IBD cat cannot tolerate Wellness (or any canned food) so no longer feeding it to him.

As an FYI - the codes are: 
Turkey & Salmon -  Best by 13 Apr 10  7WTSC1 1143
Turkey                 - Best by 11 Apr 10  7WTKC1 1024

*  Turkey & Salmon:    7WTSC1    13 Apr 10
*  Turkey:                 7WTKC1     11 Apr 10
*  Chicken:                7WCCC1     11 Apr 10
*  Chicken & Herring    7WCHC1     02 May 10

Did have vomiting from one cat within 30 minutes of eating Beef/Salmon (other cat had icky but next day - long haired) but I think I rotated it too fast on them and they have not had any beef for several weeks: 
*  7WBSC1    07 Mar 10

Jenny updated; 11/25/2007
C1, 3-ounce cans
Turkey & Salmon  07 June 10
Turkey               05 June 10
Chicken              12 July 10

All mine are cases of 12.5 ounce cans (12 cans to the case)
Chicken & Herring: 
17 APR 10
7WCHS1  18:08

19 JAN 09
7WCHS1  05:13
Turkey & Salmon
17 APR 10
7WTSS1   23:32
11 OCT 09
7WTKS1  18:32

11 OCT 09
7WTKS1  18:27

7WTKS1  21:59
09 MAR 10
7WCCS1  07:42

23 MAY 10
7WCCS1  17:50

02 MAY 10
7WCCS1 01:02

These have different code styles than the above.

W10  09:03
Best By  120708

W10  11:35
Best By  010909

14 JUN 10
7WBCS1  00:58

09 MAR 10
7WBSS1  06:26

Case of 12
17 APR 10
7WBSS1 10:47

Cases of 12/all from S1 (USA)
Chicken  24JUL10
Turkey    24JUL10
Beef & Salmon  17APR10
Turkey & Salmon 7MAR10

Case of 24 from Canada C1
Kitten:  17AUG10

Turkey, 12.5 oz, case
7WTKS1 11:24

turkey, 12.5 oz
05 SEP 10
7WTKS1 00:35

Turkey 12.5 oz
19 DEC 10  NO GARLIC   
7WTKS1 04:46

Chicken 12.5 oz
7WCCS1 05:15

Chicken 3 oz
19 DEC 10 
7WBCC1 10:30

updated 04/28/2008

All 3 ounce cans

Beef & Chicken  19 DEC 10
7WBCC1 10:29

Chicken & Lobster 29 OCT 10
7WCLC1 2108

Turkey  03? (smudged) OCT 10
7WTKC1  time smudged

Chicken  02 OCT 10
7WCCC1 0956

First time for the Chicken & Lobster.  they loved it.


chicken 3 oz.  best by: 19 Dec 09  7WCCC1 2215

chicken 3 oz.  best by: 23 Oct 09  7WCCC1 1704

Turkey - case of 5.5 oz cans - 7WTKS4 12 Jun 10 - No problems to date.

Beef and Salmon 17 Apr 10 7WBSS1

Turkey 10 May 10 MW9 11:50

Chicken and Herring (and freshly eaten, Soggier than usual)
16 Apr 10
MW7 14:17.

No problems noted. Recap:
all 3oz cans

Beef and chicken
BB 13 Apr 10
7WBCC1 0239

Turkey and salmon
BB 07 Mar 10
7WTSC1  2237

Beef and salmon
BB 07 Mar 10
7WBSC1  2307

See also, monthly summaries:;msg66064#msg66064
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« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2007, 05:36:53 AM »

I tried Wellness grain-free for my recovering ARF cat Jessica who ate Special Kitty for most of her life and she immediately devoured it and she had trouble wanting to eat again after her illness until the Wellness and she looked the best she had since a kitty but then stopped eating it and I had to try other brands--she is doing this to all what I give her now---she only eats it for a couple weeks and then stops---I think this is from her renal failure as the vet said that cats associate the food made them sick and this may be her defense?  I also struggled with the fact that MF made this but to have my cat eat again was a blessing.  My other cat Smudge who was much more ill won't eat Wellness  Cry
(I'm from RI)
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« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2007, 08:29:52 AM »

My cats pretty much refuse to eat Wellness or any other canned food other than Fancy Feast. If I mix a spoonful of Wellness into their FF, they will not touch it. They do not starve, however, because they have grain-free kibble to fall back on, and they will eat that instead.

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« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2007, 03:07:42 AM »

I've been using Wellness canned products for many years.  My cat only likes the chicken flavor, but every once in a while he will eat the turkey or turkey and salmon.  I like the grain-free varieties.  I had an IBD kitty and it was all she ate and did very well for many years.

Carol in IL
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« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2007, 05:05:34 AM »

Baby/Buster is a striped mix with a fur heart on his head, 15 lbs and his home is in Massachusetts.

Wellness Complete Health, Indoor Health:  Took a while to get him on Complete Health from Hill's prescription C-D/S for crystals and blood in urine, but taking away the grains, the benefits were less shedding, not so fishy breath, fiesty and active - wants to play and chase the birds, does not sleep all the time and most importantly, weight loss and no repeated urinary problems.

Wellness canned, excluding sea food varieties that he won't touch.  Please refer to the dry food improved symptoms. 


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« Reply #5 on: July 20, 2007, 08:15:28 AM »

Trying to get my five (ages 4 - 11+) to try the Wellness cans.  The only hit so far is turkey and salmon.  Looks like the DWB numbers aren't good for my ARF girl, though.  Thanks for figuring them ~ hadn't gotten around to that yet.

Guess it's back to something else. (FF is definitely the favorite here, but they aren't getting any.)
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« Reply #6 on: July 20, 2007, 08:45:10 AM »

Just recently started introducing Wellness canned to my dry-addicted cats, who have never had wet food before. The two non-picky ones eat it without question, two others will occassional eat it, but it's hit-or-miss, and the fifth will have nothing to do with it. She's super picky though, so it's no surprise. So far, no problems to speak of.

We're in mid-Missouri.
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« Reply #7 on: July 20, 2007, 10:12:26 AM »

Two of my boys have been eating Wellness cans since April.  They previously ate only prescription weight control dry food.  When I moved them to the canned food I decided it was time for them to loose weight (loss of 1.5 lb for one and 2.5 for the other).  They are nicely loosing weight and are very healthy & happy on the new food.  They may get a little hungry due to less calories, but not grumpy like they would when I tried reducing the quantity of dry food.  They went from 235 calories/day to 218 or less per day.  The smaller one is about 6 ounces away from his weight target, the other is about 1 lb.   Have tried all of the grain free flavors.  What is interesting is there were some that I didn't think they cared much about early on but when I've rotated back to them they eat them now.  They normally eat (1) 3 oz can of turkey/salmon and (1) 3 oz can of turkey each per day.  I do rotate in some of the other grainless ones from time to time for variety.  I found I can rotate the turkey with chicken without any problems, but will have to do gradual rotation on the beef ones as one of the boys vomited when I just switched flavors too fast.

My third kitty with IBD, as I've posted elsewhere on here, got very sick - we think it was due to Wellness.  So still checking out other foods for him.

I'm in Wisconsin.
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« Reply #8 on: July 20, 2007, 10:20:31 AM »

My two boys did not the 1 can of Wellness I have offered to them so far. I had to throw the can out after a while.  I may try again sometime later.. in a few weeks.  They eat raw supplemented by a little comerical wet and dry cat food.
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Cake, Yum!

« Reply #9 on: July 20, 2007, 10:43:49 AM »

Never a problem-fingers crossed.  :)So far so good for my CRF cat and Chubby Cat.
Right now the cats are eating a rotating Turkey wet and Chicken and Herring wet.
The cats get Healthy Weight dry.

Never a problem-fingers crossed.  Smiley
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« Reply #10 on: July 20, 2007, 10:52:23 AM »

I just recently (in light of the Natura troubles) switched my cats to Wellness canned food.  I was suprised to find that they really seem to like the grain free flavors.  In the past I had tried the flavors with grain and they didn't like those at all.  So far, so good.  No adverse effects in the switch from Natura to Wellness.  So to recap: Wellness grain free is a go.  Wellness w/grain no go.
(Chicago, IL)
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« Reply #11 on: July 20, 2007, 01:11:32 PM »

I also just switched to Wellness. In the past my cat did not do well on it (she got covered with itchy sores from any flavor that had fish in it). However, I was desperate so I tried the grain free turkey & chicken flavors. She likes them better than the previous grain versions. It's been about a week now, and no problems so far. I will report if she starts having itchy skin again. We're in earthquakey California.

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We miss you KD

« Reply #12 on: July 20, 2007, 02:05:37 PM »

Have been feeding the Turkey and Beef & Salmon flavours. KD loves them both, but seems to prefer the Turkey - it also smells better to my human nose. So far no problems.

SW Ontario
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« Reply #13 on: July 21, 2007, 11:44:35 AM »

Both cats on Wellness for 6 weeks now, doing well, but yesterday my one cat puked up some after eating, no hair ball or anything, so not sure what to think, other wise so far so good.  They are fed Chicken, Turkey, and Beef and Chicken.  Canada.
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« Reply #14 on: July 22, 2007, 10:50:00 PM »

Two cats, ages 5 and 7, on Wellness Chicken wet for over four years.  No complaints, and my cat with allergies tolerates it well.

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. 

The texture of the food seems to have changed in the past five or six months.  The food seems moister/mushier now.  The food's texture seemed to change right around the time of the initial recalls.  My cats haven't shown any change in their preference for the food pre- and post-change in consistency.
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